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by Cruise


Disclaimers: This is an ongoing uber story of which the characters are of my creation. It deals with a relationship between two consenting adult women and if this offends you or you are not 18 years old...please find a story more suitable.

Sex: Yes, there is sex and it is not recommended you read this story while walking on treadmills or at work.

Violence: Yes, there is sex and it is not recommended you read this story while walking on treadmills or at work.

Language: Moderate.

Special Thanks to Stoley for all her support and for keeping my mischievous little mind in line.

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Rayne’s adrenaline pumped and her heart raced as she ran towards the trio who held Lark. She tackled one assailant at full speed knocking everyone to the ground. Rayne head butted him knocking him out cold and back flipped off the man to take care of the other assailant who still held Lark.

Rayne swung her leg around and kicked him in the face as he attempted to stand, sending him back to the ground in a heap. Rayne rushed to Lark’s side who lay on the ground crying hysterically. "Are you okay?" Rayne asked as she knelt beside her. "Come on...I’ll help you up." Rayne told her as she took Lark’s hand and felt her trembling uncontrollably.

"Rayne!" Lark cried with fear in her voice as she moved closer to Rayne and cried harder.

"Hey, it’s okay baby I’m here." Rayne answered compassionately as she gathered Lark into her arms to calm her down. Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck tightly burying her face in her neck as she continued to cry.

Rayne hated it when Lark broke her heart every time. "Come on now...calm down...I’ve got you. You’re going to be okay Lark." Rayne whispered reassuringly in her ear as she stood up with Lark in her arms.

Rayne reached into her pocket to grab her phone and struggled to hold Lark as she turned the phone on. She was finally able to turn the phone on and hit speed dial to contact Danielle.

"Where the fuck are you?" She shouted angrily in the phone. "We’re at exit three where you’re suppose to be! Get back here I’ve got two assailants out cold waiting to be cuffed!" She shouted as she clicked the phone off.

Rayne noticed one of the assailants waking up and she walked over and to reacqaint him with the bottom of her foot assuring he would be fast asleep once again as the limo screeched to a halt in front of her.

"What the hell happened?" Danielle asked as she rushed out of the limo pulling her handcuffs out.

"She was attacked. What the hell were you doing?" Rayne asked with agitation as she watched Danielle handcuff the one assailant.

"I was at the exit that was on the paper I got at breakfast this morning." Danielle informed her.

" was the wrong one Danielle!" Rayne shouted with agitation as she walked over to the limo and to put a slightly calmed Lark into it.

"No...please don’t let me go I’m terrified Rayne." Lark pleaded as she cried harder and clutched her tighter.

"Aah...okay...just settle down it’s going to be alright Lark...I promise." Rayne answered softly as she tried to calm the hysterical actress down while she sat inside the limo with Lark still clinging tightly to her.

Rayne called in back up to pick up the suspects as Danielle finished handcuffing them. Within minutes back up arrived and escorted the men off for interrogation.

Lark had fallen asleep, much to Rayne’s delight, the crying finally stopped as Lark kept her tight hold on Rayne. Rayne still cared for Lark...she knew that as she held her in her arms. As much as she hated what Lark had done to her she didn’t want to see her physically harmed she thought as they pulled up to the entrance of the hotel.



"Lark...hey." Rayne whispered to wake Lark as she brushed her long blond hair off her face and noticed her sleepy green eyes look up at her. "We’re at the hotel." Rayne informed her as Lark moved off of Rayne’s lap.

"I’m sorry Rayne." Lark answered nervously as she ran her fingers through her long hair and pulled it off her face.

"It’s okay...come on." Rayne answered caringly as she took Lark’s hand and helped her out of the limo.

"Rayne...I’ll brief you later. I’m heading off to the interrogation to find out what’s going on." Danielle informed her.

"Yeah...let me know what happens." Rayne answered with a slight smile as the pair headed up to the suite. Rayne had instructed Lark’s staff that everyone was to leave the hotel with them therefore, decreasing the risk of bugs being planted while they were gone. The hotel staff was informed that the suite would be cleaned when they were present so, there was no need to do a sweep for bugs every time they entered the room.

Rayne unlocked the door and turned on the light to see Lark looked a mess from crying. "You okay?" She asked with concern.

"No, I’m not okay! I was nearly kidnaped tonight because of you!" She shouted with anger.

"Because of me?" Rayne asked with anger and disbelief as she pointed to herself. "You’re blaming me for this?" Rayne asked with mounting agitation.

"Yes, you didn’t need to say what you did Rayne and for being an assface!"

"Incredible Lark! You’re to blame for everything that has happened between us!" Rayne shouted with anger as she moved closer to her. "I’m here to help you despite the fact that I hate being here and now you want to blame me for this? I don’t think so!" Rayne shouted back with fiery blue eyes.

"You hate being around me that much?" Lark asked with anger as tears filled her green eyes.

"More than you would ever want to know Lark!" Rayne shouted as Lark’s hand swung around to slap her face, but was stopped as was the other hand that attempted to do the same. "What do you want from me Lark?!" Rayne asked in a raised voice as she held her wrists and pulled her closer.

Blues met with greens and the desire for one another was evident. Rayne was pissed at Lark but she wanted nothing more than to take her right there and then. She was hot for her and this latest argument excited her for some reason. "Is this what you want?" Rayne shouted as she pressed her lips against Lark’s and aggressively explored her mouth her tongue. "Or is this what you want?" She asked through the kiss as she slammed her against the wall and deepened the kiss.

Lark’s passion mounted and her heart pounded through her chest. It was exactly what she have her sexy lover’s lips and body pressed against her. Rayne’s excitement heightened and she wanted to take her right then and there as she continued the deep, moist kiss. It had been a long time since she had sex and that’s just what she sex she told herself...nothing more.

Rayne let go of Lark’s arms that were pinned above her head and ripped open the front of her blouse to find two perky breasts with already hardened nipples ripe for the taking. She groped both breasts roughly as she sank her teeth into Lark’s neck sending a rush of desire straight to Lark’s center.

Her gentle and caring lover was replaced by a rough, aggressive lover, which scared her... yet, excited her. Maybe it excited her because it was Rayne back in her arms again she wondered, as she wished her caring, attentive lover was back. She wasn’t going to complain now that Rayne was pressed against her.

Rayne ran her tongue down Lark’s chest to capture an erect nipple in her mouth and began to suck the hard nipple as she pinched her other nipple between her fingers, sending waves of pleasure throughout Lark. Her breathing increased and she ran her fingers through Rayne’s raven hair as Rayne moved her mouth to the other breast to work her magic with that one, which was eager for her to pay it attention.


"That feels so good Rayne." Lark moaned as she watched her attractive lover suck her breast. She loved to look at her dark features and how sexy Rayne’s mouth looked wrapped around her breast... not to mention how incredible it felt to have her there she thought as her body burned with desire.

Rayne slipped her hand up and under Lark’s skirt moving it to her firm backside. As expected by Rayne, Lark wore a thong making it easier for Rayne to slide her hand under the material in her quest to find a moist opening to insert her finger.

Rayne’s tongue worked it’s way back up Lark’s neck stopping in her mouth for a deep, moist kiss as her finger found the slick opening and slipped inside as Lark gasped in delight at the penetration. Lark wrapped her legs around Rayne’s waist who walked towards the bed as she continued her kiss. Rayne slid her finger in and out of Lark’s moist opening, which wrapped snugly around her finger as she approached the bed. Lark sank her fingernails into Rayne’s back encouraging her to penetrate her deeper. "Oh, make me feel so good." Lark moaned through her kiss.

Rayne lay Lark back on the bed never breaking the kiss and slid her finger out of her as she positioned Lark where she wanted her. Once in position, Rayne slipped Lark’s thong off along with her skirt as she lightly nibbled on her erect nipple. Lark pulled Rayne’s shirt up over her head until she removed it along with her sports bra.

Once Lark was naked Rayne pushed two fingers inside the tight, wet opening and lay on top of Lark straddling her thigh. Rayne kicked her shoes off as she moved her fingers almost out of Lark and slid them back deep inside of her. ‘I am so turned on and want to devour her so bad.’ She thought as her passion and wetness increased.

"Ooh, Rayne!" Lark exclaimed in pleasure. Rayne’s aggressiveness was rough but it felt ‘oh, so good.’ Lark thought to herself and knew she could deal with it as long as it was Rayne inside of her.

Rayne was turned on beyond belief and Lark was just what she needed to satisfy her months of pent up sexual frustration. She didn’t want to take time to make love. She just wanted sex, she wanted satisfaction in a hurry she thought to herself, and her heart raced faster at the thought of achieving her goal.

Rayne sat up and continued to finger Lark’s sex as she unbuttoned her pants and then unzipped them with Lark’s help. Lark pushed her pants down her hips to her legs and Rayne lay back down on Lark and wiggled out of her pants using her opposite leg to remove them. It was quite a feat, but she finally achieved her goal. After all...she does have many skills.

Lark’s hands roamed Rayne’s muscular, sexy, sweaty body as she nibbled on her neck and moved her hips faster to match Rayne’s rhythm with her fingers in and out of Lark’s slick opening. She was in heaven from what Rayne was doing to her as her arousal peaked and she felt Rayne spread her folds... pressing her wet, hot, sex against her thigh.

"Oh, feel so good." Lark whispered in Rayne’s ear as she felt Rayne’s wetness on her thigh. Rayne sucked her hard nipple and stroked her sex against Lark’s leg. Lark could hear Rayne’s labored breathing and put her hands on Rayne’s backside squeezing it, which excited Rayne even more.

That feels so good.’ Rayne thought as she felt Lark’s thigh against her hard clit. The movement was satisfying her urge to release her sexual tension. She moved her mouth to Lark’s neck and began to lightly bite her neck. Rayne took Lark’s free hand and guided it down between her legs. "Touch me." She whispered before biting down hard on her neck and driving her fingers deep inside of Lark, who gasped out loud moving her hips faster as she felt her climax drawing near.

Lark ran her fingers against Rayne’s slick, hot and hard clit as she moved her hips in rhythm with Lark’s ministrations. "Oh, Rayne...I can’t hold it any longer...I’m going to come." Lark moaned cuing Rayne to thrust her fingers in and out of her faster as her thumb massaged her swollen nub while the first wave of her climax began.

Rayne’s sex was on fire and her climax began as she pressed her sex against Lark’s hand and stroked her hips faster to reach her orgasm. Rayne felt Lark’s opening tightening and knew her release was near as she sank her teeth into Lark’s neck again feeling her sweet nectar release.

"Aah...oh, Rayne!!...yes...yes!" Lark yelled as one orgasm after another racked her body. "Oh, Rayne...I want to feel your orgasm." Lark moaned as she felt Rayne’s hot, labored breath against her neck as her orgasm released sending another shuddering wave of orgasm throughout her own body.

"Aah...oh, aah." Rayne gasped through her breath as she removed Lark’s hand from her sex leaving her swollen nub throbbing against Lark’s thigh. Rayne laid her head down on the pillow next to Lark’s neck spent and tried to catch her breath as she slowly removed her fingers from Lark’s opening.

"Oh,...Oh, Rayne." Lark moaned as another wave of her orgasm released and she tilted her head back in pleasure as Rayne pressed her hand against her pulsating nub to calm it’s passion.

Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne tightly and kissed her shoulder as their breathing calmed to a steady rhythm.

"Oh, Rayne...I love you so much." Lark declared as she held her tighter and turned to look at Rayne who quickly closed her eyes to pretend like she was asleep. Lark reveled in the wonderful feeling of having her love wrapped tightly in her arms. She felt the beat of Rayne’s heart against her own and she knew this is exactly where she belonged. She thought about how ecstatic she was that Rayne was back as a satisfied smile slipped across her face.

'Bite me! This is not what I wanted! I only wanted sex nothing more and certainly no declarations of love from her.’ Rayne thought to herself as she felt Lark kiss her lips lightly while she continued to pretend she was asleep. ‘Not very smart there think you would learn. What in the hell are you going to do now?’ She asked herself as she lay on top of Lark still. ‘Just play it off like it was a one night stand...that’s what you’re going to do.’ She told herself.

She regretted what she had just done, but damn it she couldn’t contain her desire for Lark. She peaked Rayne’s arousal and her hormones took over... making her lose all her self-control. ‘I may have just made the biggest mistake of my life.’ Rayne told herself as she waited for Lark to fall asleep so she could get up and get away from her.

Rayne lay completely still and waited, knowing it wouldn’t be long before Lark was sound asleep. She was took about fifteen minutes before the woman was fast asleep. Rayne rolled up on top of Lark and looked down at the peacefully sleeping blonde. She watched her momentarily and wondered if maybe she still loved her.

She did still love her but she just couldn’t get past the fact that she slept with another woman. The thought disgusted her and it disgusted her more to think she just kissed the same lips and body parts the other woman kissed. It nauseated and pissed her off to think about it. She got up out of the bed and rushed into the bathroom to get Lark’s scent off of her.

Rayne took a long shower scrubbing herself and her teeth to make sure Lark was completely off of her. ‘Damn it...that was stupid Rayne.’ She admonished herself as she climbed out of the shower, despite the fact that it felt great to have sex again. She toweled off before dressing in a T-shirt and boxer shorts for bed.

She went out and laid on the couch wide awake...unable to fall asleep as she thought about how stupid she was. 'Just get your non-caring, sex only, no love involved attitude back. The one you had before you lost your heart to Lark and decided to love someone. Life was much easier then with a different woman every night...less attachments and heartache', she thought to herself as she finally drifted off to sleep.

Rayne slept for a few hours and woke up before Lark. She wished she could just get out of there and away from Lark. She didn’t want to face her first thing this morning because she knew Lark would take last night differently than what she had done. She was stuck there and decided to concentrate on her morning Martial Arts workout. Rayne poured herself into her workout and cleared her mind of everything except her movements she went through.

Lark woke to the sunlight peaking through the blinds and she smiled as she was filled with joy and happiness. She stretched and rolled over to find Rayne was not in bed. She was disappointed, but not too much after last night’s love making with Rayne. It was wonderful and she felt glorious...there was no way her smile was coming off of her face she thought happily to herself. Lark was happy her lover was back and wished she would join her in bed for round two, as a mischievous smile crept across her face as to what she had in mind for their next round.

Lark rolled over and saw Rayne going through her routine and smiled as she watched the tall, raven haired beauty move with so much gracefulness. She reveled in how sexy her muscles looked when they flexed with each movement. Lark always loved to watch Rayne workout and knew she hated to be interrupted so, she decided to just lay there and enjoy watching her.

Rayne turned and faced Lark as she closed her eyes with her hands posed in front of her. She knelt her head and inhaled deep breaths as Lark looked on with a loving smile. Lark noticed Rayne had a navel ring now which she found to be incredibly sexy on Rayne’s well toned and tanned abdomen. Lark smiled and wished Rayne was in bed with her so she could place soft kisses on that sexy abdomen. She had tried to convince Rayne that a small silver hoop navel ring would look very sexy on her but Rayne would never give in...until now. She wondered what had made her change her mind about one.

Lark’s trance was broken as she heard a knock at the door and saw that Rayne’s peaceful demeanor turned to one of agitation from the intrusion. Rayne answered the door to find Danielle waiting there. "Good morning." Danielle replied with surprise at Rayne’s outfit of her sports bra, boxer shorts and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She didn’t mind the outfit at all she thought as she found it hard to concentrate on what she needed to tell Rayne.

Rayne wiped the sweat off of her body as she opened the door wider for Danielle to enter. "Hey, what happened with the interrogation?" Rayne asked as Danielle sat down on the couch.

"It’s still going on. They’re pretty stubborn and won’t talk." Danielle answered looking obviously tired from being up all night.

Rayne grabbed a bottle of water and looked back at Danielle. "Hey, do you want something?" She offered as she pointed at the small refrigerator.

"Yeah...a coke please...maybe it will wake me up." Danielle answered with a laugh as Rayne sat next to her and handed her the soda.

"No luck with the interrogation huh?" Rayne asked with disappointment as she sipped her water.

"No...maybe we should have you go in and rough them up." She answered with a laugh and found it hard to keep her eyes off of Rayne’s scantily clad body.

"What went wrong last night?" Rayne asked with confusion at the turn of events and miscommunication.

"I’m not sure. Here’s the paper I got with the exits marked and which one would be the target exit for Lark to use." Danielle explained as she handed her the paper.

Rayne looked it over and realized it wasn’t the one she had had been changed. "Damn...where did you get this from?" Rayne asked confused.

"It was sitting on the counter by the food when I grabbed breakfast yesterday and I thought it was my copy that you left for me." She explained as she sipped her soda.

Rayne noted the scribbled handwriting on the paper was a sorry excuse for her precise handwriting. She thought back as to who was in the room that day and noted the people...Hazel, Kim, Danielle and her brother. She scratched him off the list and wanted to do the same for Danielle but was hesitant to do that just yet.

"Can I get a copy of your report you wrote up from last night?"

"Sure...I just finished it, but I must warn you it’s not typed yet and my handwriting is hideous." Danielle laughed with a shrug of her shoulders.

"No problem...I’ll just make a copy of it and add some things that I can remember about the incident before you type it up." Rayne explained to her.

Danielle pulled out the report from her folder and handed it to Rayne to make a copy, which Rayne scanned through the fax machine. "I’m heading off to bed to get some sleep...what time do you need me?"

"I’ll give you a call when we need to head out....sleep well." Rayne answered as she walked her to the door as Hazel and Kim approached the suite to begin their daily routine.

"Good morning." Rayne greeted the two women who entered the suite.

"Good morning." They both answered as the headed into the suite to get started as Rayne grabbed her cell phone and went out onto the balcony for some privacy with her phone call to her director.

Rayne informed her director of the events that took place the previous night and of her suspicions as to the people she considered to be the insider in the kidnaping conspiracy. She told him she had ruled Lark’s accountant and her agent out but was suspicious of Kim, Hazel and unfortunately, Danielle.

She didn’t like to have to believe that Danielle was involved but after the incident last night she couldn’t effectively rule her out. She informed the director that she would fax a copy of Danielle’s report along with a copy of the changed itinerary for a handwriting analysis to rule her out.

Rayne knew Danielle would know a handwriting analysis would be done and wouldn’t be foolish enough to change the itinerary in her own handwriting. But, on the other hand, she may think that Rayne wouldn’t check her because they had worked together before and she knew Rayne trusted her she thought to herself. She decided it was safer to have her checked just in case.

Rayne also informed him she would send a sample of handwriting from the other two suspects to be analyzed as well. Director Bailey assured her he would take care of everything and get back to her as soon as possible.

Rayne clicked her phone off and entered the spacious suite once again to a lot of voices. Rayne rolled her eyes and sighed as she walked towards the other room wishing it was quiet again. She grabbed a pear and sank her teeth into the tasty fruit as Hazel prepared the coffee.

"Hazel...I need a list of supplies that you might need so, I can have them delivered okay?"

"Sure...I’ll make one out in a few minutes." She answered as she put the coffee grounds into the machine.

"Great...thanks." Rayne answered as she took a few more bites of her pear and watched as Lark went through her exercises. She noted that Lark’s body was more tone and that her work with the personal trainer had paid off. She was surprised Lark was so serious about her workouts because she never wanted to do it before.

Lark looked up and saw Rayne watching her and smiled happily flashing her a wink as she moved into position for her next exercise. Rayne rolled her eyes and shook her head as she headed towards the shower. ‘Great! She acts as if everything is back to normal.’ Rayne thought to herself as she climbed in the tub to take a shower. Rayne couldn’t understand why Lark acted as if nothing happened and as if what she did wasn’t wrong.

Lark didn’t even acknowledge that what she had done was wrong and it was as if she blamed Rayne for her turning to another woman. ‘Why?’ She wondered and decided to stop thinking about it because it only angered her.

Rayne finished her shower and dressed in a black T-shirt and Khaki pleated mid thigh shorts before exiting the bathroom. She opened the door to find Lark standing before her naked. She was stunned and averted her blue eyes away from the attractive blonde. "Why did you lock the door?... I was going to join you." Lark replied seductively as she moved closer to Rayne who side stepped her advance of a kiss and walked past her.

"I locked the door because I didn’t want company." She answered gruffly as she exited the room, leaving Lark standing in total disbelief from Rayne’s bad mood.

What in the hell was up with that?’ Lark thought to herself as she closed the door to the bathroom and was overwhelmed by the familiar scent of Rayne’s lotion and cologne. Rayne was a creature of habit and wore the scented "juniper breeze" lotion from the Bath and Body Works... always... along with her perfume "Curve."

After Rayne left her, she had purchased the woman's favorite lotion and perfume to remind herself of Rayne. She knew it was silly to do but she felt it gave her a connection to Rayne and besides, it put a smile on her face she thought to herself as she climbed into the shower absorbing the fresh aroma.

Rayne sat at the desk and flipped on her laptop computer to get some work done. She wanted to do her own handwriting analysis to make sure no one, including Director Bailey, was involved in the conspiracy at headquarters. She entered the handwriting samples of Hazel, Danielle and Kim’s that Lark provided when she gave Rayne a copy of Kim’s exercise program she had written out for Lark when Rayne was doing background checks on everyone previously.

Rayne plugged in all of the information and would have to wait for the computer to do the rest of the work. She had a buddy in the agency, who provided her the handwriting analysis program and was grateful he gave it to her.

"Aah...Rayne." Kim stammered as she entered the room reluctantly to speak with Rayne. She didn’t trust Rayne for some reason and didn’t like the uncomfortable feeling she got when the two of them were near one another. She didn’t know why she felt that way but she did.

"Yes." Rayne answered as her blue eyes peered up from the computer and looked at the personal trainer.

"I have an appointment with a potential client tomorrow and I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t be leaving before then."

"No..we will be here tomorrow so, you won’t need to worry about missing you’re other appointment." Rayne answered cordially as she looked back down at her computer.

"Okay...thanks...I’ll see you tomorrow then." Kim answered as she headed out the door.

"Yep...bye." Rayne answered without looking up and wondered why in the hell her computer was taking so long. She looked at her watch and realized they were behind schedule for the photo shoot. "Shit! Lark! We have to go!" Rayne shouted out as she stood up from the computer. ‘I’ll have to leave this running until I get back.’ Rayne thought reluctant to leave the computer running, but she had no choice if she wanted the program to finish.

Lark and Hazel entered the room as Rayne hurriedly gathered her things. "How did we get so far behind?" Lark asked with bewilderment.

"I totally forgot about the photo shoot." Rayne answered as she headed to the door and held it open for the women as they passed through.

Hazel headed back to her room as Rayne and Lark made their way onto the elevator. Lark made a move closer to Rayne as she wanted to kiss her sexy lover because she hadn’t had a chance yet, but Rayne squatted down and opened her briefcase. She pretended to be looking for something in there to avoid the contact she knew Lark wanted from her. Lark stood twiddling her thumbs and watched Rayne wondering why she was being so evasive this morning.

"I’m glad you agreed to do this photo shoot Rayne. I didn’t think you would agree to it when you knew I would be in it too."

The anger filled Rayne as she took in what Lark had just said to her. "What?" She snapped with anger. "He didn’t tell me you would be in it or that you were even involved with the shoot." She shouted with agitation. "You knew about this all along and you put him up to it didn’t you?" Rayne asked angrily as she closed her briefcase and stood up with fiery blue eyes.

"Yes...Rayne I knew about it but I told Sal to ask you. I didn’t want to answer for you." Lark answered with surprise at Rayne’s nastiness. "He didn’t tell you we would be doing it together?"

"No...but I’m sure you knew he wouldn’t anyway." Rayne answered with angered sarcasm as she exited the elevator when the doors opened.

Rayne stormed over to the counter to pick up the rental car keys with Lark in hot pursuit. " have to believe me that I didn’t tell him to hide it from you." Lark pleaded with her.

"Whatever Lark!" Rayne snapped as she turned and walked toward the lobby doors to exit and waited for Lark to catch up to her.

"I’m sorry for the misunderstanding Rayne." Lark replied regretfully.

"There’s always a lot of misunderstandings with you isn’t there Lark?" Rayne answered sarcastically as she held the car door open for her to get in the car. Once Lark was in the car Rayne slammed the door behind her and walked to the driver side to take control of the car.

"Rayne." Lark whined as Rayne put her hand up to stop her conversation.

"I don’t want to hear it Lark." Rayne snapped as she stomped the gas and sped out of the parking lot. Rayne checked her mirrors frequently and took unnecessary turns to ensure they weren’t being followed, which she saw no evidence of, while Lark sat quietly looking out the window wondering how Rayne could change so much from last night when they made love. Maybe she read too far into it, but she couldn’t believe that considering she felt so much love from Rayne when she made love to her last night.

Lark’s cell phone rang and she clicked the phone on. "Hello?...hi daddy!" She answered with excitement from her father calling her. "Yes, I’m okay and yes, Rayne is taking care of me...well, sort of." Lark answered as she glanced over to see if Rayne heard what she had said which she found Rayne to be lost in her thoughts.

Rayne cussed herself for being so weak and having sex with Lark the previous night and ignored Lark’s phone conversation. It was stupid of her and now she sent the wrong message to Lark that all was forgiven... which was far from the truth. ‘That was a pretty dumb mistake you made Rayne. You know better.’ She admonished herself as she steered the car in the parking lot of the small photography studio.

"Here...daddy wants to talk to you." Lark replied as she handed the phone to Rayne who reluctantly took the phone from her.

"Hello." Rayne replied enthusiastically as she put the phone to her ear to talk to the Congressman.

"How’s my other favorite daughter?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Could be better sir." Rayne answered reluctantly.

"Is my daughter giving you hell?" He asked with concern.

"Yes, sir and I don’t know how much more I can take of it to be honest." Rayne answered knowing she could talk to him honestly despite the conversation being about his daughter.

"I understand how hard it is for you Rayne and I’m sorry my daughter has hurt you. I didn’t want to take any chances with her life and I wanted you to be the one to protect her. I’m sorry that this is so hard for you."

"I can’t imagine how you would know that sir." Rayne answered with agitation and wondered ‘how the hell does he know how hard it is for me?’

"Rayne...I know...believe me. Lark’s mother cheated on me and I had the same feelings as you do." He explained as Rayne was shocked at the revelation and glanced over at Lark who was staring out the window. She was glad she didn’t look at her because she would have seen a look of total disbelief.

‘I guess like daughter on that one.’ Rayne thought still in shock from the fact that Lark’s mother cheated on her husband.

"All I can tell you is that I’m glad that I decided to forgive her because my life is nothing without her. I hope maybe you can do the same because I truly believe that you two are meant to be together forever."

"I’m not too sure about that sir." Rayne answered evasively.

"Give it a chance hun...listen, please don’t say anything to Lark about her mother and I...she doesn’t know."

"No...problem sir...we’ll talk to you later." Rayne answered with happiness that the conversation was coming to an end.

"Yes, and thank you very much Rayne." He answered as he clicked the phone off followed by Rayne who still had a dumbfounded look on her face as she exited the car.

"Everything okay with daddy?" Lark asked with concern.

"Aah...yeah, he just wanted to check on his little girl." Rayne answered with a slight smile as Lark did the same at the thoughtfulness of her father.

"Rayne...why didn’t we take the limo?" Lark asked as Rayne opened the door for her.

"I have my reasons." Rayne answered coldly as the pair walked towards the door and Rayne held it open for Lark, as she passed with Rayne scanning the neighborhood for anything unusual.

"Lark...Darling!" Sal exclaimed happily as he approached and kissed her.

" should have told her everything! She’s pissed." Lark replied with agitation towards the man.

"I totally forgot hun." He answered with a chuckle as he moved to greet Rayne. "I know you’re mad at me sweets, but it was an honest mistake on my part...I’m sorry...please forgive me?" He pleaded with Rayne as he gave her a puppy dog look.

"Just don’t let it happen again little man." Rayne answered sarcastically as she pointed at him with agitation to make her point, while she passed by him to get the photo shoot over with. "Okay...let’s get moving." Rayne instructed the photographer. "I’m eager to get this finished." Rayne informed him.

"Why don’t you go ahead and get changed. Lark is already in that room changing." He answered as he pointed to the dressing rooms. "Everything you need is in the room next to hers."

"Okay." Rayne answered as she entered the dressing room only to find a towel. ‘What the hell!’ Rayne thought to herself as she exited the room at the same time Lark did and looked at the photographer.

"Where’s the clothes?" Lark asked with slight agitation and looked at Rayne who gave her a disgusted look. "No way! I had nothing to do with this Rayne." Lark informed her adamantly as she held her hands up in protest to the impending argument.

" will be covered in the front...I promise." Ian informed the two to reassure them.

"This is really fucking pissing me off and if it wasn’t for a great cause I would be out of here!" Rayne announced loudly as she entered the room and slammed the door. ‘Why didn’t I just walk out that door when I had the chance so I didn’t have this freaking assignment. It’s not like you need to work Rayne. You have plenty of money to retire now and just chill. You could be sitting at a Red Sox baseball game right now instead of this freaking torture.’ Rayne told herself as she stripped down to her birthday suit and threw her clothes on the chair in disgust and wrapped the towel around her muscular body.

She walked out with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face to let Sal and Ian know she wasn’t pleased. "Come on Lark what’s taking so long?" Rayne asked impatiently.

"I’m not very fast at taking my clothes off unless you’re standing in front of me." Lark shouted back with a snicker to lighten the mood, which she hoped it did and wouldn’t piss Rayne off more.

Rayne chuckled as she crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. ‘I know this is a nightmare and just isn’t happening to me. I wish I would wake up if it is a damn dream.’ Rayne thought to herself as Lark walked out of the dressing room with a mischievous smile. "You just love this don’t you." Rayne whispered as Lark passed by her.

"Beyond belief." She answered as she looked back over her shoulder with a sly grin and a wink.

Rayne rolled her eyes and followed her to the set and waited for her instructions. "Okay Lark...I need to get a few of you alone and then I’ll have Rayne join you." Ian instructed them as Lark approached the set to begin her photo shoot.

Rayne moved to the window and checked the area again for anything out of the usual activities. She had a really bad feeling about this trip and wasn’t sure why but she didn’t like it. She noted a black van at the corner in front of the bank and watched to see if anyone exited or entered the van.

No one did after a few minutes of Rayne watching the van which she surmised was unoccupied, and Rayne thought maybe she was just being overly protective because of the bad feeling she was having today.

"Rayne!...Rayne...I need you now." Ian hollered at her to get her attention and watched as the tall blue eyed beauty casually strolled over.

"I need you to lay on your stomach right here...please." He instructed her as she waited for Lark to cover herself and move over so Rayne could take her position.

Lark saw that something was bothering Rayne by the concerned look on her face as Rayne lay on her stomach where Ian instructed her too. "Now...Rayne I want you to rest your head on your arms which need to be crossed in front of you okay?"

"Sure." Rayne answered absently as she was lost in her thoughts as to which person was involved in this whole fiasco and did as Ian asked her too.

Rayne felt Lark slip her leg between her own legs and pressed her naked body against her back. Rayne turned her head over her shoulder and gave a sideways glance to look at Lark. "Are you okay?" She asked softly with concern.

"Not really...did you tell Kim about this photo shoot?" Rayne asked with curiosity.

"Hmmm..." Lark answered as she tried to remember if she did or not and went back through her conversation with the woman. " I didn’t why?" She asked inquisitively.

"I was just curious." Rayne answered as she laid her head to the side resting it on her arms.

"Okay Lark...bring your left hand to the side of Rayne in front of her breast and then lay your head against her back." Ian instructed her.

Lark slid her hand along the bed and brushed it against Rayne’s breast. Rayne raised an eyebrow and looked back at Lark. "Sorry." Lark whispered sheepishly as she put her hand in position and Rayne laid her head back down.

Lark lay her head against Rayne’s back and Ian positioned Lark’s long blonde hair so it was draped across her back. "Almost ready ladies." He announced as he readied his camera.

Rayne felt Lark’s racing heart beat against her back along with Lark’s curls against her firm backside. ‘This feels so good.’ She thought to herself as her heart began to beat faster, and her body temperature rose from her arousal. ‘Oh, how she wanted to take Lark’s hand and place it between her legs to satisfy her throbbing sensation down there. Knock it off don’t want to go there again. Get those thoughts out of your head!’ She told herself with agitation as she inhaled a deep breath and exhaled slowly to calm her arousal.

"Nervous?" Lark asked softly.

"Beyond belief...I don’t know how you do this kind of stuff on a regular basis." Rayne answered with a chuckle and a better understanding of Lark’s line of work.

"You’ll get used to it." Lark answered with a laugh.

"That’s just it Lark...I don’t want to get used to it." Rayne answered coldly.

" we go...give me a couple of really sexy looks." Ian instructed them.

‘Oh, bite me with the sexy looks crap! ‘ Rayne thought to herself as Ian began to take their picture.

", give me a sexy, mischievous smile...oh, yes fabulous." He replied with enthusiasm as Rayne and Lark obliged. " are such a natural at should consider a career in this field.

"No...thanks...I’m happy with what I’m doing now." Rayne answered with a chuckle.

‘I am so hot for Rayne. This is driving me nuts to lay here naked with the woman that I love and not be able to touch her.’ Lark thought as her desire and need for Rayne peaked.

‘He’s a lucky guy to get to photograph naked women all day. Maybe I should take up photography.’ Rayne thought to herself with a laugh. ‘Geez, how many pictures can he need in one position?’ She asked herself as she grew more agitated staying in this position, she just didn’t want that closeness with Lark.

‘I hope that Rayne can’t feel how wet I am right now.’ Lark thought to herself slightly embarrassed. ‘Well....maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.’ She thought mischievously.

", Lark... I want you to lay on your side with Rayne on her side behind you." Ian instructed her.

They both moved into a ‘spooning’ position with Rayne behind Lark and her head resting in her hand with the sheet draped across Lark’s sex. "Now, Rayne take your hand and place it on Lark’s breast to cover it for the picture.

Rayne’s touch sent a rush of warmth throughout Lark’s body and she swore she had an orgasm at that moment. Her touch was so gentle and caring that Lark could hardly contain herself.

"Ladies...come on... you look so,...aah...mechanical. You’re in the camera that." He enthusiastically told them.

"If he only knew what was going on he’d be really embarrassed by that statement." Rayne whispered in Lark’s ear with a chuckle.

Lark didn’t think it was funny, in fact, she was offended by it but didn’t say anything. It was terribly hard for her to be in the arms of the woman she loves with all her heart, and for that person to not reciprocate it. She was confused as to the message that Rayne sent last night and she was saddened by it.

Ian finished his pictures for that pose and had Rayne lay on her back with Lark on top of her. Lark’s arms were crossed over Rayne’s chest and her chin rested on her arms as she gazed into Rayne’s deep blue eyes.

Lark stared into her eyes and wondered what Rayne was thinking. She wondered if she was thinking the same thing that she slide down south and devour her sex! She knew she hurt Rayne beyond belief, but hoped she would forgive her and thought she had done just that last night. Lark knew there was still an undeniable attraction that Rayne had for her...she could see it in her eyes.

Rayne wondered as she stared into Lark’s beautiful emerald green eyes how someone who had professed their undying love to her could sleep with another woman. No matter how many times she asked herself that question she couldn’t come up with an answer. It only pissed her off more, as usual, which is exactly what it was doing right then. ‘I have really got to stop dwelling on this crap and cut this Sybil act of...I love ya...I hate ya bit completely out.’ Rayne told herself.

"Okay...I’ve got all the shots I need of the two of you together. Now, I need shots of Rayne." Ian informed the pair as he reloaded his camera.

Lark couldn’t stand it anymore. She had to feel Rayne’s lips pressed against her own because she was driving her absolutely crazy. Lark moved in for a kiss and sought entry with her tongue, which was denied by an unsuspecting raven haired woman. She looked at Rayne with bewilderment as Rayne slipped out from below her to sit up. "Don’t do that again Lark." Rayne replied as she looked over her shoulder at her with disdain.

Lark wrapped the towel around her, slightly embarrassed by the unreciprocated advances and headed to the dressing room to redress. ‘I just keep setting myself up with her for failure. I can’t take it any longer and I intend to have this mess hashed out once and for all.’ Lark thought to herself.

‘She just doesn’t get it that she was wrong and that I shouldn’t want anything to do with her. Well...she might have if you would have stayed out of her pants you idiot!’ Rayne told herself as she finished her individual pictures. She still loved Lark and wanted to be with her but she couldn’t. She knew it would never work because she wouldn’t be able to trust her again. It was better for both of them this way and it would be less painful Rayne thought to herself sadly.

She knew she had to do something so Lark would get it through her head that their relationship is finished. Rayne figured it might take some very hurtful words from her to get the point across that their relationship was dead. Rayne hated the thought of what she was going to have do by being nasty, but it had to be done. Rayne looked outside the studio and noticed the van was gone which put her more at ease. She headed into the dressing room and put her sports bra on as Lark walked in the room already dressed.

"Do you mind?" Rayne asked with agitation at the intrusion.

"You didn’t mind it last night." Lark snapped back sarcastically.

"That was a mistake." Rayne answered angrily at Lark’s attitude as she turned to face Lark defiantly.

"We need to talk Rayne." Lark answered with anger as she put her hands on her hips.

"Not now...not here." Rayne answered with increased anger in her voice.

"No, are being very unfair..." Lark replied as she tried to finish but was interrupted by Rayne.

"What?" Rayne shouted without care as to who heard the conversation.

"Fair?" Rayne asked as she moved closer to Lark with only her bra on for clothing. "You want fair?... Try this on for size Miss thing!... How fair was it for me to find the woman that I loved more than life itself in bed with another woman on our anniversary?... How fair was that?... How fair was it for me to have to deal with that on top of the fact that my partner and grandmother who was very close to me died in the same week?" Rayne shouted with angry blue eyes as she leaned closer to Lark and was unable to control her anger anymore as he emotions consumed her.

Lark began to cry as Rayne shouted at her and didn’t know what to say in response. What could she say?

"Stop crying and tell me damn it! You wanted to talk so talk! Tell me how it was fair for me to fly half way across the country with no sleep to come back from an assignment on our anniversary to surprise you and ask you to be my partner for life? Tell me...I’d really like to know." Rayne shouted as Lark cried harder as her guilt overwhelmed her and she was speechless. She felt horrible for what she had done to Rayne. "’s over...we’re finished." Rayne informed her as she moved her hands horizontally in front of her to emphasize her point.

"I...aah...I don’t understand? What was last night?" Lark asked through her tears as she looked up at Rayne.

Rayne laughed that she still just didn’t get it and there was nothing else she could do to get the point across. "You were just a good fuck last night Lark!" Rayne shouted with a sarcastic grin on her face. She knew that would hurt Lark and hopefully end everything between them even though it hurt her deeply to do it. She felt awful about what she said to Lark especially when she could see that her comments devastated her when she looked into her green eyes. But payback is a bitch and she kicked herself for feeling bad about what she said to her...afterall, she’s to blame for everything Rayne thought to ease her guilt.

"You don’t mean that Rayne." Lark answered shaking her head in disbelief.

‘She is so hard headed!’ Rayne thought to herself as her anger mounted. "It hurts to know you were just a good fuck and to be tossed aside like a piece of meat doesn’t it?" Rayne asked in a raised voice and was caught off guard by the slap across the face she received from Lark who ran out of the dressing room. ‘I guess she finally go it.’ Rayne thought to herself as she tasted blood in her mouth from biting her tongue when Lark slapped her. ‘Damn...why did I do that?’ Rayne asked herself with anger and regret as her tears welled in her eyes.

‘I seriously think I’m going to have a breakdown from all of these conflicted emotions I’m having. One minute I love her more than ever and I want her back then the next minute I hate her and can’t stand to look at her.’ Rayne thought to herself as she inhaled deeply to settle herself.

"Lark...honey...let me drive you back to the hotel." Sal replied with sadness and concern as he approached the crying woman after hearing the argument.

"No!...just give me your keys." Lark answered as she grabbed his keys and walked out of the studio. She had to get away from Rayne as her head pounded and her heart ached from Rayne’s biting words. The truth hurt like hell especially when it came from Rayne. Lark had held out hope that they would reconcile but there was no chance of that according to Rayne and it devastated Lark. She wished she could remember what happened that night when she was in bed with the other woman.

Lark had gone over it a million times but couldn’t remember that night. She had a huge surprise anniversary party planned for her and Rayne, but got, wasted when she became upset with Rayne who phoned her to tell her she wouldn’t be able to make it home. Rayne’s job forced her to be away quite frequently and Lark felt like she wasn’t there for her so, she got ticked off when Rayne said she wouldn’t be able to make it home for their anniversary. Little did she know...Rayne was on her way home to surprise her.

Lark couldn’t remember leaving the party or after it until she saw Rayne walk into their bedroom with the other woman sitting next to her naked. ‘How could I have done something so stupid even if I was totally out of it?’ She asked herself as she fumbled to get the key in Sal’s car door. Her hands shook uncontrollably and she dropped the keys. Lark began to cry harder as she bent down to pick the keys up.

"Rayne!" Lark is leaving with my car!" Sal shouted to get her to go out and stop her.

"Fuck!" Rayne shouted as she threw her shorts on quickly and grabbed her shirt as she exited the dressing room in a hurry.

"What the hell is going on?" Sal asked angrily.

"Don’t ask." Rayne answered as she ran to the door but forgot her shoes. She headed back to them when she saw the black van pull up and a man grabbed Lark pulling her into the van. "Shit!" Rayne yelled as she ran out the door. "Lark!" Rayne yelled as she saw Lark struggling with her captors.

"Rayne!" Lark screamed with fear, which scared the hell out of Rayne as the van pulled away.


To be continued...

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