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by Cruise


Disclaimers: This is an alternative uber fanfiction story about two consenting adult women in a sexual relationship who resemble the two hot babes on Xena: Warrior Princess. If this offends you or if you are under the age of 18 please search out a new story. The characters in this story are my own creation.

Violence: Moderate.

Special Thanks: To my bud Stoley who has to keep an eye out on me constantly and to Kat for her proofreading prowess!

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Danielle saw the man fire at Rayne as she made her way up the stairs too late to stop him, but not late enough for retribution as she shot the man...killing him instantly.

"RAYNE!" Lark screamed in horror as she struggled to get up and rush to Rayne’s side but was cut off by Danielle who beat her to Rayne who lay motionless on the ground with her head against the wall.

", no this wasn’t suppose to happen." Danielle replied with worry and concern as she checked Rayne over. She opened her shirt to find the bullet had lodged in her bulletproof vest directly over her heart.

"Rayne." Lark replied with fear as she knelt beside her wounded lover and began to cry when she saw how motionless Rayne looked.

Danielle was unable to find Rayne’s pulse and checked to see if she was breathing which she was not. "Lark! Get that vest opened!" Danielle shouted with urgency as Lark did as she instructed her to. Danielle ripped her headset off knowing she was going to have to start CPR and didn’t need a hindrance. Danielle slid her body down on the floor flat and held her nose closed, tilted her head back to blow two breaths into her lungs.

Danielle moved her hands down Rayne’s chest and positioned them over her sternum to begin chest compressions. She counted off fifteen compressions and put her ear to Rayne’s nose to assess her breathing.

"Come on baby...breath." Lark replied nervously through her tears as she squeezed her hand.



Danielle checked her breathing again. "She’s breathing!" Danielle answered with a smile and a sigh of relief as she checked her pulse and found it.

One of the team members ran up the stairs. "Get an ambulance!" Danielle shouted as he nodded in acknowledgement of his orders and radioed the van with the communications team member to get the ambulance.

Danielle checked Rayne’s eyes and pulse before checking for a head wound which she found as she pulled her hand back which had blood on it. "She must have hit her head when she fell." Danielle surmised as she applied pressure with her hand while she sat Rayne up to decrease the swelling in her brain and cradled her in her arms as she sat behind her. " Hold on baby...helps on its way." Danielle whispered with worry.

Lark moved Rayne’s hair off her face and lightly rubbed the back of her hand against her cheek. She pulled Rayne’s hand up to her face and lightly kissed the limp extremity. She cried harder as she held Rayne’s hand against her cheek. "Come on honey...don’t leave me." Lark pleaded through her tears, as her whole life lay motionless before her. Rayne was everything to her and she didn’t want to lose her this way...she didn’t want to lose her in any way she thought to herself as her heart pounded with fear of losing Rayne.

Danielle kissed the top of Rayne’s head. "It’s is here." She whispered as she heard the paramedics enter the house while Lark bore a hole through Danielle with her piercing, angry green eyes as to her kissing Rayne. "I performed one cycle of CPR before getting began to breathe again and I was able to find her pulse." Danielle informed them as they approached.

"Excuse us!" The paramedics responded as they moved Lark out of the way to examine Rayne. Lark stood out to of the way with worry as she watched the paramedics check Rayne’s vital signs, applied an oxygen mask, hooked her up to a heart monitor, and started an IV. "Okay...she’s got a strong heart beat and a pulse." The paramedic replied as he checked the heart monitor. Once they felt she was stabilized they transferred her onto the stretcher. The paramedics wheeled her down the stairs and out of the house to the ambulance as Lark tried to step in for the ride to the hospital with Rayne, which they would not allow.

"I’m her lover." Lark pleaded to no avail.

"You’ve hurt her enough Lark." Danielle snapped as she stepped into the ambulance. "I’m her partner." She informed them as she flashed her badge and closed the doors as the ambulance drove off.

Lark rushed over to the Director who had just arrived on the scene. " have to take me to the hospital." She cried as the tall man turned to her.

"You’re Lark Morgan right?" He asked as Lark nodded yes. "Okay...let’s go and you can explain to me what happened on the way." He replied as they headed to his car and drove off.

Lark wasn’t sure if she made any sense when she informed the Director of what she knew regarding the incident that happened in the house because all she could think about was Rayne. He pulled up to the emergency room entrance and Lark was out of the vehicle and into the hospital before the car came to a complete stop.

She rushed in to find Danielle arguing with the nurse at the desk. "I don’t care if you’re her’re not allowed in there." The nurse snapped back.

"Excuse is Rayne Donnovan?" Lark asked with urgency as she approached the desk.

"Are you family?" The nurse asked with agitation, as Danielle looked on not too pleased that Lark was there.

"Yes...I name is Lark Morgan." She answered out of breath and agitated with all the questions.

"Oh, yes...Miss. Morgan...we’ve been trying to contact you. We got your name from Miss. Donnovan employers and she has you listed as her emergency contact." The nurse answered with an improved demeanor about her. "Follow me...the doctor would like to talk to you." She answered with a smile as she led Lark towards the examining rooms leaving a very agitated Danielle in the waiting room.

"Damn it!" Danielle thought to herself with anger as she watched Lark being led down the hallway to see Rayne.

"Agent Bridges...we need to debrief you." The Director replied as he walked up behind Danielle.

"Not now sir." She answered with anger and nervousness.

"! Let's go." He ordered and nudged her towards the door, as Danielle was reluctant to go with him.

The doctor explained that Rayne had a concussion along with a hematoma on her chest from the impact of the bullet hitting her there and that her previously sutured wounds had reopened. He advised Lark that a plastic surgeon was nearly finished suturing her wounds and that the reason she required CPR was from the force of the bullet hitting the vest causing her heart to stop. He also advised Lark that Rayne would be held for observation and they wanted to make sure she didn’t have an epidural hematoma. He ordered a CAT scan to check for the epidural hematoma as a precautionary measure which he explained in laymen’s terms as a skull fracture with the pooling of blood in the dura mater or lining of the brain as he noticed the confusion on Lark’s face.

"So, she’s going to be okay?" Lark asked with guarded relief.

"She’ll be fine just as soon as she wakes up and provided the CAT scan comes back negative for an epidural hematoma which I believe it will. I have found nothing unusual with the EKG that monitors her heart which is very good news." He answered with a reassuring smile.

"Oh, thank you doctor...can I see her please?" Lark asked with excitement and relief as her nervousness calmed slightly.

"Sure...the nurse will show you in." He answered with a smile as he motioned for the nurse to show her to where Rayne was sleeping.

The nurse escorted Lark in to the curtained area where Rayne lay peacefully sleeping. She stood just inside the curtain and stared at the love of her life who laid extremely still...too still Lark thought to herself with worry as the tears trickled down her face.

"We are going to take her down for the CAT scan and she’ll be moved to her room within forty-five minutes. Talk to her and see if you can get her to wake up." The nurse informed Lark as she stepped out.


Lark stood next to Rayne and lightly brushed the back of her hand on Rayne’s cheek as she lovingly looked at her still soulmate. If it weren’t for the monitors attached to Rayne signaling a heartbeat she would believe that she was dead she was that motionless. The rise and fall of Rayne’s chest when she would breath was barely noticeable and it scared the hell out of Lark.

Lark cried harder at the thought of losing Rayne forever. She could deal with Rayne not being in her life...well, somewhat...because she would know she was alive and well but if she was dead...well... ‘Stop thinking that way...she’s alive.’ Lark told herself as she ran her fingers through Rayne’s disheveled raven hair. Lark wished she could trade places with Rayne to take away her pain... ‘I owe her my life.’ Lark thought to herself as she wiped away her tears. "Hey, baby...I’m here." Lark whispered through her tears as she leaned down and lightly kissed her cheek.

Lark leaned her cheek against Rayne’s as the tears flowed freely. "Rayne...wake up honey." She requested as she held Rayne in her arms. "Please’s time to wake up."

"I’m sorry ...we’re here to transport her for the CAT scan." The transport tech replied as he opened the curtain.

Lark looked back startled and nodded in acknowledgement kissing Rayne’s cheek before she stood up wiping away her tears. "I’ll be waiting for you in your room Rayne." Lark told her as she squeezed her hand before they wheeled her off for her test.

‘Lark...can’t you hear me?’ Rayne asked as she thought she was saying that to her outloud. ‘Can’t she feel me squeezing her hand? I'm so tired and I feel like I was hit by a train...sleep...I need sleep.’ Rayne thought as she drifted off from her thoughts.

Lark called Rayne’s brother to let him know what had happened and he told her he would be there just as soon as he contacted his parents in Greece to let them know also. She called her agent to let her know the turn of events so she wouldn’t go out of her mind looking for her. Elaine, her agent, said she would handle the media if word got out of the incident and would come to the hospital tomorrow. Lark also called Director Cady to let him know of Rayne’s status at this time. She waited anxiously in Rayne’s room and was relieved when they wheeled her in into the room.

Lark sat next to Rayne in a chair and held her hand. "Hey,’s time to wake up...are you going to sleep all night?" She teased as she ran her fingers through her hair. Lark’s heart skipped a beat every time she looked at the cuts and bruises all over Rayne’s body. Her chest tightened along with her throat at the pain Rayne endured for her. She went through total hell for her and she owed Rayne her more. Lark’s guilt consumed her and she covered her face with her hands and sobbed at the pain she has caused Rayne.

"I’m so sorry Rayne for everything. I love you so much and I don’t ever want to be away from you. I want us to be together again...without your love in my heart my life is nothing." She sobbed harder as she lay her head down on Rayne’s lap. "Maybe I don’t deserve your love Rayne...maybe you would be better off without me." Lark cried harder at the confused thought, as she wasn’t making sense through her grief.

Rayne was finally able to open her eyes but found it hard to focus. She turned her head to see a familiar blond figure laying in her lap was blurry but she knew it was Lark. She smiled happily knowing that Lark was alive and well. "I’d be better off without the crying." She teased through a whisper as she softly stroked Lark’s blond hair.

Lark thought she imagined she heard Rayne’s voice until it was confirmed by her touch. She turned her head around quickly and smiled as she saw Rayne’s stunning blue eyes looking at her. Rayne’s hand rested on Lark’s cheek and she turned to place a kiss on the palm as she moved up closer to her. "Baby...I was so worried about you." Lark replied as she clutched Rayne’s hand and kissed it again.

"I know...I could hear you." Rayne answered hoarsely. "I heard all the crying too...didn’t you know I was trying to sleep?" Rayne teased as she tried to lighten the mood and focus with more clarity.

Lark laughed through her tears of happiness that fell as she moved closer to Rayne hoping she wouldn’t reject the kiss she wanted to give her. Lark hesitated and searched her blues for acceptance, which she didn’t see until Rayne ran her hand through her long blond hair. She stopped her hand behind Lark’s neck and pulled Lark down to her chest hugging her closely as possible without causing herself pain from her tender chest. Lark was disappointed that she didn’t get the kiss that she wanted and looked up at Rayne.

Rayne lovingly wiped away Lark’s tears with a smile and Lark leaned back down burying her face in Rayne’s neck as Rayne hugged her close to her. "I am so sorry for you getting injured to save me." Lark replied as she cried.

Rayne kissed her head. "I know you are...come on...please stop crying you know I can’t stand to hear you cry." Rayne replied softly as she rubbed Lark’s back to comfort the sobbing woman. Rayne felt Lark’s sobbing calm as she continued to rub her back and held her close taking in the sweet scent so specific to her lover. ‘Oh, how I love to feel her in my arms.’ Rayne thought to herself as her own tears slipped down her cheeks from her blue eyes. ‘Do I have it in my heart to forgive her?’ She asked herself as her brother rushed into the room and she quickly wiped away her tears.

"Rayne!" He exclaimed with excitement to see her awake as Lark sat up and wiped her tears away.

Rayne looked at Lark with a smile and squeezed her hand as her brother hugged her. "You okay?" He asked with concern as his matching blues met Rayne’s and he pushed her hair back off her face lovingly.

"Well...other than feeling like I was hit by a train I’m doing okay." Rayne teased with a smile.

Her brother smiled with relief once he was convinced his sister was going to be okay. He looked her over and was overwhelmed by all of the bruises and cuts on his baby sister. "Damn Rayne! What’s the other guy look like?" He asked with a sly grin.

"Aah...I’m not sure." Rayne answered with a bewildered look and turned to look at Lark for an answer.

"He’s dead." She answered dryly as she looked at Shayan with red eyes and a tear-streaked face.

"I should have known that would be the case if someone tangled with you." He answered with a smile and proud that she was tough from all of his self-defense techniques he taught her growing up so she could take care of herself.

"Well...I don’t remember killing him." Rayne answered with confusion as she held her hands out with her palms up and shrugged her shoulders.

"That’s because Danielle did it." Lark answered reluctant to bring up her name and she also saved your life by performing CPR on you." Lark informed them as she was upset that she had to stand by and not help because she didn’t know CPR.

"She did?" Rayne answered with a chuckle. "Where is she anyway? I thought she would be here. I need to thank her." Rayne asked as she looked between her brother and Lark.

Lark looked down at her hands. "I’m not sure but she was talking with the Director when I came in to see you...aah...I’m gonna go let the nursing staff know you’re up and awake." Lark answered feeling uncomfortable discussing Danielle. She realized Danielle was in love with Rayne and it seemed like Rayne might be interested in her as well.

"Okay...thanks." Rayne answered as she watched Lark leave the room and looked back at Shayan.

"Is she okay?" Shayan asked with concern.

"Physically yes...but I don’t know about emotionally." Rayne answered with concern for her sexy blonde lover.

Lark alerted the nursing staff that Rayne was awake and headed to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee. ‘What’s Rayne’s deal with Danielle?’ Lark asked herself. ‘Is she in love with her or just dating her?’ She wondered sadly and Lark hoped that she wasn’t in love with Danielle felt as she sipped the hot beverage and walked back to Rayne’s room.

"Okay Rayne...I want you to stay awake as much as possible tonight. I didn’t see any evidence of a skull fracture on the CAT scan which is positive news but your brain has some swelling present."

"Great! Just what I want to do for the rest of the night." Rayne answered sarcastically.

"I’ll keep you awake." Lark answered as she entered the room and sat next to Rayne on the bed sipping her coffee.

Rayne smiled and rested her hand on Lark’s thigh sending a warmth straight to Lark’s core from her soft touch. "Thanks...but you don’t have look tired...go ahead and get some sleep." She answered with a pat on the leg appreciative of her offer to stay.

"No...I’d rather stay. I can sleep in the chair." She answered nervously thinking that Rayne didn’t want her there and besides, she wanted to be there in case Danielle showed up. She didn’t like the woman and for obvious reasons.

" don’t have to ...really." Rayne answered with a raised eyebrow-knowing Lark was ready to fallout at any moment by the sleepy look in her eyes.

"Rayne...I want to...please don’t make me leave." She pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Okay...I’d love the company." Rayne relented with a slight smile and wondered why Lark was so adamant about staying. She knew that Lark never gave up an opportunity to sleep and Rayne found it hard to believe she was going to miss this one.

"Hey, bro...get back to your family...I’m fine...really." Rayne replied with a smile and a wink.

"Are you sure?" He asked seeking surety from Rayne.

"Positive and tell mom and dad that they don’t need to come back from Greece...I’ll be fine." She answered reassuringly.

"I’ll call them and tell them to give you a call...they were very worried." He answered as he kissed her on the forehead. "I love you." He whispered in her ear followed by a kiss to the cheek.

Rayne smiled and hugged him. "Ditto." She answered as she released the hug.

He stood up and walked over to Lark. "Take care of our girl... Lark." He replied with a kiss to her cheek.

"You can count on it." Lark answered with a smile as he began to walk away.

"Hey, Rayne...I like the shiner you’ve got." He teased with a wink.

"Is it like the one I gave you when we were kids?" She teased back with a smile.

"I fell on your fist and you know it!" He answered with a laugh and a wave goodbye as he left the room.

Rayne laughed and thought about how much better she felt already. She looked her arms over to see there were small cuts on them from the glass and pulled her gown away from her chest to see the huge hematoma on her chest. "Whoa!...that’s huge...look." She exclaimed with amazement as she looked at where the bullet hit her vest causing the trauma to her chest and leaned forward to show Lark as she peered down her gown.

"Oh, my god it’s huge...and the hematoma too." Lark teased with a laugh referring to her perky breast that she would love to wrap her mouth around.

Rayne looked up at her and laughed along with Lark. Rayne pulled her gown back to check the wound in her side and found it had been bandaged. Lark couldn’t keep her eyes off of Rayne’s bare, muscular abdomen not to mention the dark curls that peeked out from underneath the gown. Rayne glanced over and saw the look of lust in her eyes. "Do you see something you like?" She asked mischievously as Lark looked at her with embarrassment and a flushed face, which was turning a crimson color by the minute.

"Well...aah...yeah." Lark admitted with a sheepish grin as she lowered her head with embarrassment and tucked her long blonde hair behind her ear...something that Rayne found to be very sexy.

Rayne laughed at her shyness and embarrassment. "I can understand your dilemma Lark...I’m sexy...what can I say?" Rayne teased with mock arrogance and a laugh shared by Lark. She slid her foot up towards her to look at the wound on her foot and leaned forward becoming very dizzy.

Lark saw her loss in balance and grabbed her to steady her. "Rayne...are you okay?" She asked as she leaned her back against the upright bed.

"Oh, man...I got wicked dizzy. Lark hand me the bedpan...quick! I’m gonna get sick." Rayne replied with urgency as she gagged and covered her mouth to fight the hyperemesis.

Lark grabbed the bedpan and handed it to her as Rayne barely got it to her mouth before becoming very sick. Lark looked on with concern and went into the bathroom to wet a washcloth and returned as Rayne finished. Rayne lay against the pillow breathing deeply to calm her nausea.

"Feeling better?" Lark asked with concern as she lovingly wiped her face off with the washcloth.

Rayne stared into Lark’s green eyes and thought about how much she loved the care Lark was giving her. She wanted that compassion from Lark six months ago when she was upset about the tragic deaths of her grandmother and partner. Rayne put her hand on Lark’s who stopped wiping her face and shifted her green eyes to meet blues. "Lark...why couldn’t you have been this caring months ago when I needed you?" Rayne asked softly as she searched her eyes for an answer.

Lark looked down at the hand that lovingly held her own and was regretful as the tears filled her eyes. "Because I was being selfish Rayne. You were withdrawn and I didn’t think you loved me or wanted to be with me anymore." She answered as her green eyes met confused blues.

Rayne shifted her head to look more directly at her. "Rayne how could you think that? I loved you more than life itself." She answered with disbelief at her confession.

Lark’s tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. "I felt like you were pushing me out of your life and when you didn’t come home for our anniversary it confirmed my suspicions Rayne. I had a surprise party all set up with our friends and when you called me saying you couldn’t make it I was devastated. I just felt like you didn’t care enough to come home for our anniversary. So, I got wasted to drown out my pain." She explained as she cried harder and was glad that at least Rayne could talk with her about it without yelling or being harsh.

Rayne reached up and wiped away her tears as Lark leaned her face against her hand. "Lark...I told you I wouldn’t be home because I wanted to surprise you but it backfired on me when my plane was delayed. I knew about the party and I intended to surprise you by coming there late. I wanted to ask you to be my partner for life. I ended up at the party about fifteen minutes after you left." Rayne explained with sadness at the misunderstandings of that evening.

Lark cried harder as Rayne pulled her down and hugged her. "Rayne...I’m so sorry." She sobbed against Rayne’s neck.

"Me too." Rayne whispered as she kissed the blonde on her head.

"Can you ever forgive me Rayne?" She asked through her sobs.

"I don’t know Lark...I just can’t get past what happened and I don’t know if I can ever look at you without feeling those painful emotions of betrayal and deceit." Rayne answered as she tried to sort out her feelings for Lark.

Lark looked up at her. "Do you still love me?" She asked through her tears.

"I always have and I always will Lark you know that."

"Do you still want me? Or do you want Danielle? I know that she’s in love with you." Lark asked with sadness and fear at the thought that Rayne would choose Danielle over her.

Rayne hesitated with her answer and felt overwhelmed like she was being pressured into an answer she may regret giving. "Lark I do still want you but I don’t know if I can forgive you and if I can’t do that then we will just continue to hurt each other more. I want to look at you with nothing but love instead of what I see now...betrayal. I don’t want that. There is no feelings on my part for Danielle other than her friendship." Rayne explained and didn’t feel like Lark was truly sorry about her indiscretions.

"As much as it hurts Rayne...I understand and I can only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me so you can love me without hesitation or doubt again." Lark answered as the tightness in her chest increased. It wasn’t what she really wanted but she had to give Rayne the time she needed and by what she read from Rayne’s blue eyes she knew they would be together again...someday. She was glad that Rayne’s feelings for Danielle were on a friendship only basis. "I guess I should leave now and let you rest." Lark answered as she moved to leave.

"No." Rayne answered as she grabbed her hand. "I would rather you stay with me." Rayne replied as she looked at Lark who was confused.

"I thought you wanted to be alone?"

"I do but I don’t feel comfortable with you leaving by yourself. I still don’t have a very good feeling about everything that’s happened and I’d rather not be alone tonight and besides, you said you would stay to keep me awake. I’ll think about everything tomorrow." Rayne answered with a smile not wanting Lark to leave until she knew everything was cleared up or she could have someone escort Lark home.

"If that’s what you want...then, I’ll stay." Lark answered as she wiped her tears away and moved towards the chair.

"You can stay right here." Rayne replied with a smile as she patted the bed next to her for Lark to lay there.

Lark’s heart skipped a beat at the thought of Rayne holding her in her arms and was confused as to what was going on but she didn’t want to be away from her. She figured if Rayne wanted her to be there it confirmed that what she saw in Rayne’s eyes was true that she did still want her or did she misread her?

Lark crawled up in the bed with Rayne and tucked her head in the crook of Rayne’s arm as she snuggled close to her and wrapped her arm around Rayne’s waist.

Rayne gently stroked her long hair gently enjoying the feeling of having Lark back in her arms again. Before long she felt Lark’s soft breath against her chest and heard her shallow breathing and knew she was fast asleep. ‘So much for helping to keep me awake.’ She laughed to herself and shifted to look at Lark as she clutched her arm in desperation for closeness through her sleep. Rayne was taken back by what Lark had done and thought as if Lark was saying ‘please don’t leave.’ Rayne laid back in place and kissed Lark’s head and felt Lark’s grasp on her arm release in relief that Rayne wasn’t going anywhere.

Rayne watched TV and listened to Lark’s light snoring throughout the rest of the night as she thought about what she intended to do with this whole situation. She wanted to be with Lark...that much was true...but she had to figure out just how she was going to do that without looking at Lark with feelings of betrayal and without wondering each time she is around another person if she is having an affair with them. She wanted to make sure she could love and trust her whole heartedly once again. If she couldn’t then they would be better off without each other in their lives because they would just make each other miserable.

Lark was awakened by Rayne talking on the phone to her brother Jayce who Rayne tried to convince that she was fine. Rayne looked at the sleepy blonde next to her and smiled. "Can you talk some sense into him?" She asked as she handed the phone to Lark.

"Jayce...she’s fine...don’t worry so much." She replied with a laugh at his nervousness.

"Are you in bed with her?" He asked with shock and disbelief.

"Aah...yes, I am." She stammered with slight embarrassment.

"You guys...aah...didn’t." He stammered nervously not wanting to just blurt out his question.

"No...we didn’t do it in the hospital bed if that’s what you’re asking." Lark teased him as she heard a sigh of relief from him.

"Good!...I was going to be jealous that my sister would be one up on me for unusual places to have sex." He laughed.

"Oh, really?" Lark teased. "So, have you done it in first class on an airplane?" She asked with a laugh.

"Lark...give me the phone." Rayne replied with shock and embarrassment as she grabbed the phone while Lark and Jayce laughed. " You two need to knock it off." She answered feeling uncomfortable with the conversation.

"Well...what’s his answer?" Lark asked with a laugh as she strained to get her ear near the phone to hear his answer. Rayne shook her head no with a mischievous smile. "She’s one up on you Jayce!" Lark shouted into the phone with a laugh.

"Yes...little brother...I told you...I’m fine! So, I can’t talk you out of coming? careful then. I love you , bye." She replied as she clicked the phone off. "Well...Jayce is on his way out." Rayne answered slightly defeated that she didn’t convince him she was fine but she was happy that he was coming. She hadn’t seen him since he began his last year of law school at Harvard and missed hanging out with him.

"It will be great to see him again." Lark answered with a mischievous smile.

"What’s up with the two of you?" Rayne asked skeptically with a sly grin and a raised eyebrow as she looked down at Lark who went back to resting in the crook of Rayne’s arm.

Lark laughed. "Nothing." She answered as she looked up and saw that Rayne didn’t believe her. " know his biggest fantasy is to be with two women and I just love to tease him by giving him something to think about."

"He’s a dog isn’t he?" Rayne asked with a laugh.

"Like someone else I know." Lark teased with a smile as she looked at Rayne and tried to get up but was grabbed by a couple of strong arms and pulled back down. Lark flipped her hair off her face and giggled from Rayne’s playfulness. Lark turned to face Rayne and their eyes locked telling each other what they both felt for one another. Rayne’s smile turned serious as she looked at Lark. "You are so beautiful." Rayne whispered once she caught her breath and traced Lark’s lips softly with her finger before sitting her back up in the bed as the painful memories came rushing back from that fateful night.

Lark and Rayne looked at one another with an uncomfortable silence as the doctor entered the room. "Miss. Donnovan...I see you’re feeling better." He replied with a smile as he approached the bed while Lark stood up beside it.

Lark couldn’t take the mixed messages...they were driving her nuts. ‘As much as I don’t want to...I have to stay away until she makes her decision. I can’t take getting my hopes any more to only have them squashed if she decides she can’t forgive me.’ Lark thought sadly as she watched the doctor examine Rayne.

"I have never met someone who has healed from a severe concussion as quickly as you have." The doctor exclaimed with surprise.

"You’ve never met me before doc ...that’s why." Rayne answered with cockiness and a laugh.

"Even still...I want another CAT scan done just to be on the safe side and if everything looks good that and your latest EKC I’ll release you later today." He instructed Rayne much to her delight.

"Well...let’s get going doc...I’ve got things to do." Rayne teased as she was anxious to get the test completed and get out of the dreadful hospital.

"Someone will be in shortly to take you down." He answered with a chuckle as he walked away shaking his head.

"Tom! Hey!...good to see you again." Rayne exclaimed with happiness as her team member Tom entered the room and at the latest news that she would be sprung from the joint not to mention getting out of the hideous hospital gown.

"Rayne...I’m glad to see you’re okay. We thought you had a date with the grim reaper." He chuckled and shook her hand.

"Dude...I’m too ornery for that guy...Did you meet Lark?" She asked as she pointed in her direction.

"’t." He stammered nervously at meeting a celebrity. "I saw you at the scene last night but didn’t get a chance to meet you. Hello...I’m Tom." He repeated nervously Rayne’s introduction as he shook Lark’s hand.

"Nice to meet you Tom and thank you for your help. I really appreciate it and if there’s anything I could do to thank you please let me know." Lark answered cordially with an appreciative smile.

He smiled at the thought that a celebrity was so appreciative towards him. "Well...aah...there is one thing you could do. The guys and I are big fans of yours and I was wondering if I could get my picture taken with you along with an autograph...if that’s not too much to ask?" He asked shyly as Rayne snickered behind him.

"I’d be happy to but I would like to do it when I’m looking a little better if you don’t mind?" Lark asked with a smile referring to her haggard look and red eyes from crying.

"Anytime is fine with me. I want the other guys to eat their hearts out." He answered with a laugh.

"I have some free time tomorrow around noon if you can meet then."

"Unfortunately, I’ll be knee deep in paperwork from this latest case at that time." He answered with regret.

"No problem...I can come down to headquarters with my photographer for the picture and I’ll have him develop it, I’ll autograph it and send it back to you." Lark explained as his eyes widened with disbelief that she was so nice and personable to go through all of that for him.

"Excellent...thank you." He answered with excitement as he turned to see Rayne laughing at him for his over exuberance with Lark. "Oh, cut it out." He replied with embarrassment.

"That’s weak man...if you wanted an autograph I could have gotten it for you when we worked together in Florida dude." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"Yeah, but I felt funny asking you to do it and seeing as how she offered... it didn’t bother me so much."

"What’s up with the suspect?" Rayne asked changing the conversation.

"Aah...the suspect has been apprehended and is in custody as we speak." Tom answered hesitantly knowing that the Hazel was a close employee of Lark’s.

"Hey, can you wait outside while I talk to Lark for a minute...please?" Rayne asked knowing she should be the one to tell Lark of Hazel’s involvement in the whole kidnapping scheme.

" problem." Tom answered as he lowered his head and headed outside to wait.

"What’s going on Rayne...who’s the person on the inside?" Lark asked with worry as she approached the bed.

Rayne held her hand for comfort. "It’s Hazel...I’m so sorry." Rayne answered sincerely as she saw the hurt and pain that she was so familiar to in Lark’s green eyes.

", I can’t believe it." Lark answered as the tears flowed and she shook her head in disbelief at the woman’s betrayal.

"I’m sorry Lark but it’s true."

"I can’t believe this whole thing...I mean Hazel? I’m totally floored. Why did this whole thing happen to me in the first place?" Lark wondered as she paced the floor next to Rayne’s bed trying to figure everything out.

"I’m not sure what Hazel’s motives are but if I had to guess it would probably be for money ...and a lot of it. As far as you being the target, it’s because of who your father is and because of who you are. He is the deciding vote to sway Congress either way in the situation with Kosovo and you’re a very high profile actress so, they figured you would be the best target to get your father’s vote to go in their favor." Rayne explained as Lark stood next to Rayne’s bed and Rayne clasped her hand.

"This is just so unbelievable." Lark answered not knowing what to say and feeling totally betrayed as she ran an absent hand through her long hair.

"Lark...I’m going to have Tom take you back to the hotel to see that you make it there safely...okay?" Rayne asked as she squeezed her hand for comfort.

"Okay...I...aah...guess I’ll talk to you whenever?" She asked Rayne unsure of what she should say or do next regarding their situation.

"Aah...yeah...I’m gonna hang out with the boys, Shay, Holly and Jayce for a couple of days while I recuperate. You can give me a call on my cell phone if you want’s my new number." Rayne answered as she jotted it down on a piece of paper and handed it to Lark. Rayne looked up at the TV and saw Lark’s agent being interviewed by a TV station. She turned the volume up to listen. "Lark...I think the vultures have found out what happened." Rayne replied as she looked up at the TV.

"Is it true that Lark Morgan was killed in the kidnapping attempt?" A reporter asked her agent.

"That is totally untrue. She is alive and well." Elaine answered with disgust at the stupid question as she tried to make her way through the crowd from her car. "Lark Morgan will issue a statement in the near future." She informed the reporters.

"Great...that means I’m going to be mobbed getting out of here." Lark answered with disdain at the thought of having to answer a million questions from nosey reporters.

"Well...maybe not. We can get Tom to sneak you out." Rayne answered to calm her nervousness, which she felt in her hand that shook like a leaf as she held it.

Lark fought the tears that wanted to fall as she looked at Rayne and hoped she would still be a part of her life as she sniffed the tears back. "I’ll be okay." She answered reluctantly before engulfing Rayne in a hug.

Rayne was surprised but wrapped her arms around her for a comforting hug. "Just give me some time Lark to work my feelings out." Rayne whispered in her ear causing the knot in Lark’s stomach to tighten as she kissed Lark’s cheek lightly.

Lark stood up with her head down unable to look at Rayne and headed for the door wiping away her tears before disappearing as Rayne watched her leave.


To be continued...

© Cruise, June 1999

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