What is From The Bard's Quill about? This page is for the bards that contribute to this page to tell us the readers how they have gone about their work.

Have you ever wondered why Xena was put into a situation that required her to take some action? Or why Gabrielle was made to react in some way? I'm sure you were because I know I have spent many a time sitting in front of my monitor or printed page wondering why.

The bards spend a great deal of time on their work and feedback is great but we want to know WHY the bard did what she/he did! Those bards who write poetry, parodies or stories are welcome to contribute - we have so many talented and gifted writers that I think we would enjoy the thoughts of those that give us the fruit of their labors!

Over the coming weeks I would like to see this section grow and become a place where the Bards can tell us, the readers, what they think the universe of Xena & Gabrielle (lovingly called the Xenaverse) is about and delve into their mind...ooh scary thought eh? :-)

Just click on the name below to read the Bard's thoughts!

Enjoy! And if you have any suggestions or would like to see a particular question answered please email me at editor@xenafan.com

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