B.L. Miller

Q: XWP fan fic has created a mythology all of its own - separate from the TV show. Do you find in your own writing that you try to stay true to the series or have you also added to the fan fic mythology?
I believe that I’ve added with the enhancement of depth to several characters, mainly Artemis and the Amazons. I do my best to remain true to the show, but as an alternate writer, I find I have to go beyond the two-dimensional characters of television, although I do try not to change the basic personalities of the main characters. I have had to add several supporting characters that make regular appearances in my stories, such as Saras the healer and Trasis the cook.

Q: Many readers feel that the fan fic often surpasses the TV series in its appeal. What are your thoughts on this? Do you find yourself attracted to themes which are not normally explored on the TV show?
I personally enjoy the fan fic better than the show. There is no doubt that the fan fic is better thought out, more entertaining, and limitless in it’s possibilities. There are many situations that would be impossible to explore in the series that can easily be done within the realm of fan fic.

Q: Do you read fan fic written by others. If so, do you have any favorite authors? Have you been influenced by any?
I would say that my favorite fan fic authors are LN James, Patricia Ennis, Charmer, and M Parnell. I was influenced by Patricia Ennis’ ‘The Labrys’ and LN James ‘Breaking Bread’ when I wrote ‘The Show’. I am an avid reader and try to read all the alternate fiction I can.

Q: Of the stories you have written which is your personal favorite and why?
Uggh. What a dreaded question. It’s almost like saying which child do you like best? I guess my personal favorite is ‘The Silent Bard’. I asked myself ‘what would happen if Gabrielle lost her voice’ and that was it. The story seemed to just flow out of my fingers and onto the page. It literally ‘wrote itself’. I think it’s a wonderful portrayal of just how much the two women need each other in order to survive. Their interdependence on each other is a vital ingredient to their relationship and I think the story does a good job of examining that.

Q: How is the writing process for you? What is your "philosophy" of writing? Where do you get your ideas from? Do you pen a story in one sitting or have to work over several weeks?
It usually takes me about a week to write a story, sometimes less. I have so many ideas and plots in my head that there is no way I could work any slower. I write while at work and then every evening and all weekend (when I’m not goofing off). I’m an instant gratification junkie and have to post my stories as soon as they’re finished. It seems like just as soon as I post one story, another one starts to appear on my screen.

I get my ideas from several sources, the show, other fan fic, sometimes it’s just to answer a question in my mind. For example, I asked myself what would happen if Xena’s and Gabrielle’s mothers were to meet? That ended up being ‘Mothers’. For ‘The Show’, I asked myself what would happen if Xena and Gabrielle ended up in a strip joint <chuckle>. Then there was that stupid episode ‘Ulysses’. I just couldn't’t resist the opportunity. There are too many sources for good story ideas, I try not to limit myself.

Ahh, my philosophy on writing. As an alternate writer, my first goal is to show the deep love and bond between Xena and Gabrielle. I think I tend to spend more time examining their feelings and emotions than I do on the actual events that surround them within the story. To me, writing is an outlet for me, a way to relax at the end of a day. I can’t describe the pleasure it gives me to receive letters from people who enjoy my stories. Each one encourages me to continue writing. I think I will continue to write fan fic until the day comes when I no longer receive letters.

Q: 'What made you start writing Xena fan fic?
I started out writing Star Trek alternate fan fic and erotica. One day, while surfing for more Star Trek Stories, I came across a Xena story on a sci-fi site. After that, I searched all the Xena sites and became hooked, having never seen a Xena episode. When I ran out of new stories to read, my Muse went berserk and forced me to write 'The Cabin'. The rest, as they say, is history.

If I could, I would like to end this by thanking all the people have sent letters telling me how much they enjoyed my stories. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier or felt more fulfilled than since I started writing.


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