Q: XWP fan fic has created a mythology all of its own - separate from the TV show. Do you find in your own writing that you try to stay true to the series or have you also added to the fan fic mythology?
That's hard to say. I've made a point to include characters of different cultures in my work (especially Kosima the Romany) and thus different mythologies. I really try to stay true to the characterizations we see every week; however, since my work is mostly about Joxer, we get a lot more character development on his behalf. The Black Horse trilogy is about Joxer's transformation into a true gentleman and hero, without any spells or outside influences. In a lot of ways, people would say it's far-fetched, but I think it's totally credible. As for the actual mythology, there's quite an element of fantasy in my stories inspired by numerous fantasy and romance classics.

Q: Many readers feel that the fan fic often surpasses the TV series in its appeal. What are your thoughts on this? Do you find yourself attracted to themes which are not normally explored on the TV show?
Yes, definitely. I've read some stories that have literally brought tears to my eyes. I've read gems that make you wonder why trash like "King Con" ever made it to the big screen. Fan fiction is more fun than the actual show since the sky's the limit. One can write whatever he or she chooses, from the sublime to the ridiculous. I've written the gamut from silly parody (Aphrodite's Secret) to heavy war drama (You and No Other.) I also enjoy writing since I really get to flesh out Joxer as a character; we see more of his true nature as in "A Family Affair" or "A Comedy of Eros." I also include a developing relationship between Gabrielle and Joxer, which has caused some to cheer and some to jeer. I leave it up to the individual reader.

Q: Do you read fan fic written by others. If so, do you have any favorite authors? Have you been influenced by any?
Yes, but I've read so many BAD stories that I find it harder and harder to search for the good ones. One in ten stories is a very good story. There aren't enough pro-Joxer bards out there, but our numbers are growing. My personal favorite authors include Natasha Lake, Nancy Lorenz, Phil Hernandez, and M'Lu, among others. I was definitely inspired by Natasha's work, and many have remarked how similar Phil's and my own style are. Truly, though, I think I've developed a unique style based on a good solid tale with subtle humor and witty wordplay. Think Piers Anthony with a good dose of Twain.

Q: Of the stories you have written which is your personal favorite and why?
I have several, but the one of which I'm most proud is "Kosi fan Tutte" simply because Kosima is my original creation. Other than that, "Anastasios" is my favorite since it was the first story I ever wrote, plus it got me addicted to writing fanfic. It's very addictive, and I haven't stopped since!

Q: How is the writing process for you? What is your "philosophy" of writing? Where do you get your ideas from? Do you pen a story in one sitting or have to work over several weeks?
I have a nasty habit of starting more things than I can finish. Currently I have about ten ideas in storage, and basically if I think of something new I have to write down at least part of it. Usually I just sit down and let my personal muse talk for me, and it tends to turn out fairly well. I NEVER edit except for grammatical errors, so what you see is the original. I get ideas from many sources: movies, a passage in a poem, maybe just a beautiful sunset. Like any writer, ideas come from everywhere (ie, the end of Anastasios is a direct takeoff from Beauty and the Beast.) The Black Horse trilogy has taken almost a year; whereas a vignettes like Aphrodite's Secret is written in a single sitting.

Q: Any other words for your fellow Xenites?
I offer my encouragement to all would-be bards, particularly pro-Joxer bards. Dont' be shy; there are plenty of outlets for you. After all, everyone starts as a beginner, and the more you write, the better you'll get. Write from the heart and just see what comes out. Bard on, warrior chums!


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