Q: XWP fan fic has created a mythology all of its own - separate from the TV show. Do you find in your own writing that you try to stay true to the series or have you also added to the fan fic mythology?
I do try to stay true to my own conception of how these characters react to each other and to the situations I which they find themselves. I try to create scenarios that not only entertain, but also maintain the relationship, honesty and respect these characters have for each other. It is difficult, some times, to ‘enlarge’ on what has happened on the air because the plots conceived by the writers change perspective so quickly. So, I usually rely on my own instincts to know if a situation or the basis of a story is ‘true’ to the two women we so admire.

Q: Many readers feel that the fan fic often surpasses the TV series in its appeal. What are your thoughts on this? Do you find yourself attracted to themes which are not normally explored on the TV show?
That’s the beauty of writing fan fiction ... you can truly search and develop your own themes, take the characters where you want to go without being uncumbered by what the show’s writers are doing. However, as I said before, it’s important to adhere to the high standard of friendship and trust that the characters represent.

Q: Do you read fan fic written by others. If so, do you have any favorite authors? Have you been influenced by any?
Yes, I try to keep in touch with what other ‘Bards’ are doing. I enjoy seeing what others’ point of view might be, but I also want to keep my own ideas fresh and original. It would be unfair to single out any particular bard, because we have so the work of so many wonderful artists available on the Xenaverse.

Q: Of the stories you have written which is your personal favorite and why?
My personal, all-time favorite is ‘Amity Reborn’, as a result of the history associated with it. I also have a fondness for ‘The Better Part of Valor’, because it was my first effort. But, each new story becomes the ‘favored’ until it is finished.

Q: How is the writing process for you? What is your "philosophy" of writing? Where do you get your ideas from? Do you pen a story in one sitting or have to work over several weeks?
My ideas come from my own imagination, such as it is. I seldom construct a story in one sitting, as it usually takes several drafts before I am satisfied with it, and having my very efficient 'Muse' check the copy for grammar and spelling goofs. Writing is a very personal experience; every writer approaches the process differently. In my case, I often ‘hear’ the story unfold in my head long before I move to the keyboard. And I like to at least have the general story line setteled in my mind before I move to the next phase of the creative process, putting it on paper. Sometimes I find a ‘thread’ of a story coming to me unexpectedly, but that doesn’t happen very often.

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