Missy Good

Q: XWP fan fic has created a mythology all of its own - separate from the TV show. Do you find in your own writing that you try to stay true to the series or have you also added to the fan fic mythology?
That's hard to say... I try to tie in my stories to the general structure of growth that the series presents - Gabrielle and Xena have grown during the last three years, so I feel like I want to reflect that in what I write. I know I have put things in that have nothing to do with the show - the forest dwellers, Ares the wolf... but I like to keep the main focus where it belongs - on Xena and Gabrielle, and their relationship.

Q: Many readers feel that the fan fic often surpasses the TV series in its appeal. What are your thoughts on this? Do you find yourself attracted to themes which are not normally explored on the TV show?
Hmm.. well, I think fanfic is very popular because of a couple of things - firstly, because there are as many flavors of fanfic as there are species of insects..you can almost always find what you want in the wide array presented. As an altfic bard, I definitely explore themes not presented on the show - but I also like the freedom that writing gives to expand on things they do present, and explore in detail the ramifications of some of the things we see, without the restriction of having to cram it in 44 minutes.

Q: Do you read fan fic written by others. If so, do you have any favorite authors? Have you been influenced by any?
I really, really hate to admit this, but no - I don't read much fanfic at all, and it's not because I don't want to - it's because I just don't physically have the time to do that. I spend about two to four hours a night writing - and the rest of the time I have to do what it is that I do, which is work, and take care of the house, and stuff like that. I know there are lots and lots of really great works out there, and I know I'm missing a lot of it, but there are only 24 hours in a day.

Q: Of the stories you have written which is your personal favorite and why?
Hmm. Usually.. the one I'm working on at the moment. I do really like Leap of Faith, for some reason.. I hated writing Darkness Falls, especially the first two parts, and I'm in the middle of rewriting At A Distance, now that I more or less know what I'm doing.

My favorite section of any story I've written is part 4 of At A Distance, which includes the kiss in the rain part in the Centaur Village.

Q: How is the writing process for you? What is your "philosophy" of writing? Where do you get your ideas from? Do you pen a story in one sitting or have to work over several weeks?
Weeeell...my stories average 200 pages, so in one sitting would be asking a BIT MUCH... (laugh) I try to write a chapter a day, between 4 and 7 pages, and post a part of about 30 pages every weekend. I get my ideas from my commute every morning - I have to do something to pass the time while I'm on the expressway.

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