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by Melissa McMahan


Gabrielle puts her finger to her lips and Joxer lowers his eyebrows. She notices his mouth starting to move a bit.

GABBY: Shhh! (Laughs with an evil glint) No matter what you have to stay put and not say a word. (Pauses) Now lets see what to do, what to

JOXER: (Thinking) I hope it's worth putting up with this.

GABBY: Hum? (Singing) I know what you're thinking... (Points and in a sexy voice) And you should be ashamed of yourself!

Gabrielle giggles as Joxer turns red. She gets up and looks around making sure that they are really alone, she then walks around Joxer
slowly in a circle. Joxer is confused at this point, but he remains still.

JOXER: (Thinking) This has gotta be some kind of test or she's just adding to my torment. (Sighs)

GABBY: Ah, what's the matter Joxer?

Gabrielle stops in center of Joxer's sight, she puts her hands on her hips but she's still to drunk to stand still. Joxer just sits only
blinking his eyes.

GABBY: Am I boring you? (Joxer bits his lip) Uh, huh?! I saw that! (Turns away from Joxer) I bet I know what you'd like see.

Gabrielle starts to untie the laces to her top, as Joxer starts to get up and falls flat on his back. She turns and walks over to him, she
bends over carefully so he can't see anything.

GABBY: Ooops! You moved... So I win.

JOXER: Are you finished humiliating me for your own amusement yet?

GABBY: Oh, but Joxer?! (Giggles) Nobody else takes my abuse as well as you do. (Puts her foot on Joxer's chest) See what I mean?

JOXER: Gabby, this really hurts! (Grunts) Please stop?

Gabrielle removes her foot and sits next to Joxer, she then lands on top of him passed out. Joxer sits up, having her land face down in his

JOXER: Gabby?! (Shakes Gabrielle with his hand) This might be fun if you weren't out cold.

Joxer slowly gets up and rolls Gabrielle over on her back, ending up with her laces in his hand. He looks at the laces and at Gabby, trying
to figure out what to do. He puts the laces on his person and picks her up in his arms. He then heads back to the inn. After entering he sits
her down and pays for a room. He then halls her off and once in the room lays her down on the bed. As he looks down at her, he can't help
himself and lays down next to her. He runs his fingers in her hair and down the side of her face. Her lips part as he slides them over them,
he remembers all the times she kissed him. The best time was when cupid's arrow shot her, a big grin came over his face.

JOXER: The way you wouldn't let up. (Sighs) Hum, why not?

Joxer leans over and kisses Gabrielle lightly on the lips, then guilt hits him. He lays back and just looks at her, until her eyes open.

GABBY: Joxer?! (Sits up) What are you doing in bed with me?! (Looks around) Wait, how did we get here?!

JOXER: I paid for a room because you passed out.

GABBY: So you thought it would be aright to crawl in bed next to me?

JOXER: So?! (Sighs) We're still dressed aren't we?

GABBY: I know you would just love it we weren't! (Sarcastic giggle) Right?

JOXER: Well... (Pauses) Only if you want to finish your strip tease for me?

GABBY: I'm not Meg so don't get any ideas about me acting like her!

JOXER: Ah, ha! (Points) You are jealous of Meg.

GABBY: No! (Huffs) I am not!

JOXER: No other woman holds a candle to you, not even Aphrodite. You are my goddess and I love even the blades of grass your feet walk upon.

GABBY: Well are you erecting a temple for me, so that you can worship inside? (Catching on to how she put that) Never mind don't answer that.

JOXER: So... Um, how do you feel about how I feel about you?

GABBY: Joxer, come on? (Sighs) You know how I feel about you.

JOXER: That I'm a big dork or an idiot or both?

GABBY: Yep! (Sighs) But... (Takes Joxer's hand) A big sweet dork and a kind hearted idiot. You know I care about you, that I value you...

Joxer stops Gabrielle with a small kiss, she backs off and looks at him.

GABBY: Joxer, you know about me and Xena...

JOXER: Huh?!

GABBY: I mean... I have to stay with her, she needs me to keep from returning to her dark side. Unless you wanna stay with us all the time
I don't see how this would work. I'm torn by my feelings for the both of you. Xena likes you, at first I didn't think so and she...

JOXER: How do you really feel about me or do you need Xena to tell you what to think and feel?

GABBY: You're right. (Pauses) I don't. Um, but I don't know what I... I... I...

Gabrielle gives Joxer a big, long hug and a small kiss next to his lips. Joxer moves slightly and kisses her full on the lips, her eyes
grow wide with shock. She lets go of him, but their lips remain locked and she ends up with her back on the bed again. Joxer then backs away
leaving her silent.


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