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by Melissa McMahan


Xena unpacks her gear, she is just back from a visit from her mothers place. Then she notices Gabrielle walking up very happy while she smells some flowers she was picking. She seems too happy to even notice she wasn't alone, as Xena cocks an eyebrow at her friend who had been depressed when she left the week before. Gabrielle's eyes grow wide as their eyes met.

GABBY: Xena?! (Stutters) Um, hi.

XENA: (Dryly) You're in a better mood since the last time I saw you.

GABBY: Um, hummm.... (Blushes) I've had a great week.

XENA: Gabrielle, you didn't kill Joxer did you?!

GABBY: Hardly. (Smells a flower) He's bathing in the river, I'll go get him if you really want me to. (Runs off)

XENA: No that's... Ok?! (Sighs) Weird!

Joxer swims around in the lake as Gabrielle walks up to the shore line.

GABBY: Joxer?! (Stern and cold) Xena's back you better get out, she wants to talk to you.

JOXER: Well I will if you let me get out and get dressed?

GABBY: So who's stopping you? (Scoffs) Get out!

JOXER: Could I have some privacy first?

GABBY: Why? (Giggles) Are you afraid I'll laugh?

JOXER: Are you afraid you won't?

GABBY: I'll leave. (Walking off) Bye!

JOXER: Huh?! (Getting out of the water) I wonder... (Chuckles) Nah!

Joxer dries off and dresses, he starts off down the path to camp. Then he stops in his tracks as he sees Gabrielle laying on her side sensually in a patch of flowers. He gulps as she rolls on her back, her skirt gathers up around her legs. Joxer could feel his heart beat in his head. Gabrielle writhed her hips up a bit. Then bend one of her legs with her knee pointing to the sky as she gazed up at it. Joxer's eyes followed the line of her shapely legs as far as he could. He felt very uncomfortable and deprived, he just wanted to grab her. His mind so much on that thought that he didn't even hear Xena clearing her throat behind him. Rolling her eyes, she whispered in his ear.

XENA: See something you'd like?

With shock Joxer stumbled and gasped. Xena scoffed at him as he faced her, he was flustered and very embarrassed about being caught.

JOXER: Xena?! (Gasping) How are you?!

XENA: MMM?! (Sighs) Joxer, as much as I hate to pull you out of the middle of your fantasies about Gabrielle. (Pats his chest) We need to go into town.

JOXER: Um, aright. (Looks at Gabrielle) Hey Gabby?!

Gabrielle sits up looking at Joxer and Xena. She slowly gets up and walks up to them, she notices how Joxer hasn't once taken his eyes off her. Xena was looking at him with a telling look too. Gabrielle pushed her lips over to one side of her face as she grabbed Joxer by the arms.

GABBY: Joxer?! (Sighs) Xena?! What's going on?

XENA: We're going into town, come on.

Xena walked behind her friends until they got back to camp. After gathering a few things they headed off down the dirt road. Xena watched her friends off and on as Gabrielle told a story. Joxer would interrupt her to interject his own view points on the story, yet for once Gabrielle wasn't getting mad at him for it. This was starting to make Xena wonder as they walked into town.

XENA: Gabrielle, I've eaten already. You know how my mother stuffs me, so how about you and Joxer eat alone?

GABBY: Um, sure why not?

JOXER: What are you going to do?

GABBY: Good point, Joxer. What are you going to do, Xena?

XENA: That's my business and none of either of yours. (Pauses and raises an eyebrow) Let's just say... I have plans.

With that Xena left Joxer and Gabrielle looking at each other. Joxer smiled at her as she sighed, then took his arm in hers. She pulled him along.

GABBY: Well lets not worry about her. (Huffs) Xena's just in a mood.

JOXER: Yeah, a really grumpy one.

Gabrielle giggles, getting to the door Joxer opens the door for her. She picks a table and he pulls a chair out for her too, she sits down.

GABBY: Joxer, sit!

JOXER: Yes, Gabby. (Sitting) Ok?

GABBY: Mmm. (Sighs) Joxer would you like a nice juicy thigh?

JOXER: Um?! (Grins) Yeah!

GABBY: Or how about some luscious breast?

JOXER: You bet I would!

GABBY: Then should we order it?

JOXER: Well what would you like? (Turning red) What do you want? Um, what would you like to eat? (Pauses) From the menu I mean?

Gabrielle goes over to the bar, as he watches her. She looks back at him and waves, after a few moments she comes back with two alcoholic drinks. She leans over to sit them down she notices Joxer isn't looking at her face and she gasp. Then she sits down and looks at her drink, then at the bar area.

GABBY: Um, Jox... (Sees Autolycus) Oh no!

Autolycus has been watching Joxer and Gabrielle from the time they came in. Gets up from the bar and joins them. Gabrielle rolls her eyes at him and then sighs. Joxer is unhappy he's no longer alone with his lady love.

AUTO: Sorry to interrupt this cozy little scene, but...

JOXER: Then why are you? (Gives Autolycus a look) Auto?

GABBY: Really?!

AUTO: Funny, but I'll think I'll wait for Xena's vote.

GABBY: She's not eating with us. (Looking at Joxer) I'll bet she's shopping.

JOXER: Xena isn't joining us! (Huffs) Understand? We're eating... All alone!

AUTO: Oh?! (Chuckles) I see. (Stands up) I'll go see if I can find her then.

Autolycus gives Joxer a knowing look and smiles at Gabrielle. Then he turns and walks out snickering. Gabrielle shakes her head and looks at Joxer.

GABBY: He's so pathetic I don't know wh... (Sighs) Well never mind, lets eat?

JOXER: Chicken sounds fine. (Sheepish) What do you want with it?

GABBY: As long as it's not a side order of Autolycus, anything. (Puts her hand on Joxer's shoulder) Thank you for getting rid of him, Joxer.

JOXER: Um! (Gulps) Gabby, you know I'd give you anything you want.

Gabrielle smiles and gives Joxer a small kiss near his mouth, she backs off after she recalls him looking her over just before Autolycus bothered them. A flood of memories came to her all at once, all of Joxer and herself. The bell spell. Cupids arrow. The time Xena and her were sick, when Joxer found her tied up. Her play. Then her birthday, when Joxer offered to take her place with Discord. All of it hit her like Roman chariot and she knew all to well Joxer loved her as more than just friends. He had to the way he looked at her and the way he always seemed to care about her no matter how mean she was to him. She blinked and then looked at Joxer, but as if she was seeing him for the first time. She looked at his brown eyes as he looked back at her. Gabrielle felt like a total idiot and scoffed at her blindness.


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