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by Melissa McMahan


Joxer started to sulk, so Gabrielle laid her head against his chest. He puts his hand on the back of her head. Stroking her blonde hair, he feels her flinch at his touch, then as she looks up his hand falls down her back.

GABBY: Joxer? I think we over did the drinking a bit.

JOXER: You think?

GABBY: Yep I think we need to walk it off too.

Gabrielle gets up with Joxer behind her, she gets to the bar. Then turns to find Joxer right behind her with a coy look on his face. After a few moments they walk out of the inn and stangger towards the woods. After they walk out of site Xena and Autolycus go into the inn looking for them. The serant informs them of their drunken behavior and soon they too head towards the woods calling for them. Gabrielle stops and forces Joxer against a large tree.

JOXER: Ow! Gabby you're hurting me.


Gabrielle then halls off and slaps Joxer across the face.

JOXER: Hey?! (Gasps) Why did you do that?!

GABBY: To knock some sense into that thick skull of yours.

Joxer grabs Gabrielle's arm as she trys to slap him again.


Gabrielle flips Joxer on his back and he grabs her ankle tripping her. She lands on her butt, she grunts and he crawls up to face her. Gabrielle then grabs his armor and the moment becomes still.

GABBY: Why do you have to be such a dork?!

JOXER: Why do you have to be such a bitch?!

GABBY: If you don't get off of me you'll find out what kind of a bitch I can really be all right?!

JOXER: Shut up or I'll shut you up.

GABBY: Oh?! (Scoffs) And how do you intend to try that?

Joxer then without a word started kissing Gabrielle, she was very angry and tumble him over landing on top of him. He looked up at her, as she pins him down. Joxer was wondering what part of his body the was going to rip apart first. To his dismay this tiny blonde had him right were she wanted him.

GABBY: First leason, don't you ever do that to me again. (Yells) Now for your punishment.

JOXER: Zeus Gabby, what are you going to do to me?! (looking sheepish)

GABBY: Don't look at me that way, you asked for this.

Gabrielle started to tickle Joxer and got stronger with it as she went along.

JOXER: Cut it out! (Laughs) I'm sorry!

GABBY: Nah, sorry Joxer. (Giggles with delight) I'm enjoying watching you squirm. Mmm. (Sighs) Let me see just ho ticklish you really are?

JOXER: No! (Laughing) Please stop?! (Laughing) Please?!

GABBY: Don't tell me what to do Joxer, just for that...

Gabrielle found herself tickling Joxer everywhere, his breathing became too heavy to laugh anymore. Even though he hated to be tickled, he was enjoying having her hands all over him. Then he became aware of another problem that her tickling was causing. Trying to roll over, he found he rolled right into her lab instead of the gound. Gabrielle snickers as she keeps Joxer from moving, he starts to wonder about what she's planing to do to him.

GABBY: No I've gotch! (Giggles) You're not going anywhere.

JOXER: Come on, Gabby? (Moans) Let go?

GABBY: Let go?! (Giggles) Alright I will.

Gabrielle moved one of her arms, but Joxer found out it was not because she was letting him go. She started spanking him as Xena walked up, with her eyebrow cocked.

XENA: Gabrielle?! (Scoffs) What do you think you're doing to Joxer?

GABBY: Punishing him. (Xena chuckles) He's been bad.

JOXER: Xena, make her let go of me?!


JOXER: Xena, Gabby?! (Gabrielle hits him harder) Ow!

XENA: Oh come on, Joxer? (Chuckles) You know you like it.

GABBY: Yeah! (Hits Joxer) He told me and he said you knew all this time?

XENA: Yep. (Autolycus walks up with a strange look) Found them.

AUTO: Don't you mean cault them?!

GABBY: Ha?! (Pauses) Why don't you two spank each other for not telling me that Joxer is... That he...

AUTO: Well Xena I'm all for that, what do you say?

XENA: Touch me and you'll be so... (Sexily) Very sorry.

AUTO: Oh?! (Xena pats him on the head) Well can't blame a guy for trying.

JOXER: Hello?! (Gabrielle hits him really hard) Owww!

GABBY: Shut up, Joxer! (Rolls him over) Well you two go away I'm not done.

XENA: You heard her? (Grabs Autolycus by the arm) Lets go.

JOXER: Hey?! (Xena and Autolycus walk off) Come back?!

GABBY: No I'm sorry Joxer, you'll have to take your punishment like a man.

JOXER: Ok... I'm sorry, maybe I should of asked?

GABBY: Always! (Crawling over to him) Or else!

JOXER: So your just mad at me for not asking? Not because I...

GABBY: I didn't say that. (Pauses) Now sit up.

JOXER: Should I roll over and play dead too?

GABBY: Maybe later. (Helps Joxer sit up) That's better. Ahem, now just sit right there nice and quite. (Sits next to Joxer) Until I tell you you can move or talk. (Smiles) Nod if you understand?

Joxer nods, but then pouts. Gabrielle watches him closer than she was, so he doesn't move. He wonders how long he will have to sit this way and what will happen next, as he notices her looking him over. She giggles and he only moves his eyes to look her way.


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