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The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal and Renascence Pictures. This story is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun. Explicit scenes of fem-sex follow...if this is illegal where you live, or you are under 18, please give this story a miss.
BTW, I'd recommended you read Gabrielle's Fantasy Part I first, or you won't follow what the heck is going on.

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Gabrielle's Fantasy - Part II

By Amazon

The curtain flapped as the girl ducked out through the door and the two women entered. Gabrielle swiftly arranged herself stretched out on the huge bed in what she hoped was a casually regal manner. Then for the second time that night she nearly gasped aloud.

Her Chosen Ones had also followed her instructions to the letter. Naked except for the loin cloths the tribe donned for ceremonial dances, the tall, dark warrior and the small, lean Amazon stood silently before her, solemn and slightly sheepish, awaiting her approval.

Gabrielle was shocked that her proud fighters had been willing to walk across the village and past the drunken Amazons in such a state of half-dress. But then, she reasoned, she hadn't allowed for Warrior Ego. They looked magnificent and they knew it.

Unable to trust her voice, Gabrielle gestured for the women to step toward the flicking orange tongues of candle-light.

Ephiny stood in front, the flames licking over her smooth, pale skin. Golden curls tumbled over her shoulders, a soft counterpoint to her wiry, almost dainty body. Gabrielle noticed the intricate tattoo on her hip - the deer symbol of Artemis the Hunter - and saw that it was echoed in the outline of the small, metal charm tied around her neck. Below, firm round breasts and hard, dark-red nipples pointed accusingly at Gabrielle. Yes, she remembered the feel of those buds hardening in her virgin mouth. Like Xena said, you never forget your first time. Finally, the Queen let her eyes roam down her Regent's long, slender legs before looking up again to meet gentle hazel-green.

Gabrielle let her unhurried gaze shift next onto the sacred form of her lover. Statuesque, carved in muscle, from long limbs to sculpted jaw and cheekbones, the sight was breathtaking even as it was familiar. Xena was tall and powerful yet equally - effortlessly - as graceful as the Amazon. The loin cloth hung loosely over her lean thighs, her breasts stood out proudly, large and full, her skin glowed darkly in the firelight framed by Ephiny's whiteness. Xena had tied her hair for the occasion in the style Gabrielle favored, a section of her dark tresses bound into a pony tail. Her 'evil warlord look', they called it. Another nice touch - she'd tied a thin leather thong just above her left bicep.

It was as if the two rivals had rehearsed their precise posture and bearing beforehand, so perfect was the vision presented to their Queen.

What did I do to deserve this? Gabrielle wondered. Whatever it was, it must've been in a previous life, she mused silently, answering her own unheard question.

"Turn around, please."

For the blink of an owl's eye, Xena and Ephiny hesitated, as if considering whether to obey or not. Then both seemed to inwardly shrug. Without looking at each other they turned and Gabrielle had to stifle a giggle with a hand over her mouth - two more perfect bottoms it would be impossible to find in all Olympia! Thongs passed between muscular buttocks leaving nothing to the Queen's over-heating imagination. Taking her time, she dwelt on each hemisphere at her leisure, letting her gaze stroke back and forth and imagining her tongue tracing the same course. Looking up at last she let her eyes rest awhile on powerful backs and shoulders.

"You can turn around now." Gabrielle could almost hear the relieved sighs as they relaxed, freed from her scrutiny.

"So," she looked from one impassive face to the other, "we'll start with my bath then."

Ephiny immediately went over to the steaming tub by the fire and tested the water with her hand.

"Is it hot enough?" asked Gabrielle walking towards her.

"I would judge so, my queen."

My queen, my queen... Gabrielle vowed to make Ephiny sing out that irritating phrase before dawn broke over the ceremonial hangovers of her Amazon tribe.

She took the Regent's offer of an outstretched hand and allowed her to undo the wrap of orange material that served as her dress. In an gesture all the more touching for being out of character, Xena carefully gathered up the cloth from the floor and neatly folded it on the chair beside the bed.

Taking Ephiny's arm, Gabrielle stepped into the tub and lowered herself into the water. She lay back, sighing as the heat and scented oils enveloped her.Then she closed her eyes and smiled to herself.

"Scrub me."

Gabrielle heard the sound of warriors scrabbling for soap and flannels then became aware that they kneeling either side of the tub. Without another word, her subjects started rubbing wet cloths along the Queen's proffered arms and shoulders.

"Hmmm... nii-iice"

From outside the sound of drumming began, a driving beat, soft and deep, rhythm overlapping rhythm...

"S**t!" Gabrielle cursed as she only just managed to avoid stepping into a large deposit dumped unceremoniously in the road by Argo who had hardly bothered to even slow her stride.

"You really are lost in a day-dream aren't you?" Xena laughed from the safety of Argo's back.

"She didn't give any warning! I wasn't ready."

"No, you're not ready for anything are you? Come on," insisted Xena without waiting for an answer. "Get up here now, missy." The bard acknowledged to herself that she was now feeling a little hot and bothered, and in dire need of the touch of her lover - even if several hands high in the saddle.

She took Xena's arm and swung up in front.

"There, that's better. Now I know where you are and we can get a move on."

Gabrielle nearly swooned as Xena pressed her face into her neck by way of welcome. Leaning back into the warrior's chest, she closed her eyes as she felt a strong arm slip around her waist.

The Queen felt thoroughly clean and pleased with herself. It was all working out very well so far, she agreed. She looked up at her lover, who had not yet spoken a word - and caught a twinkle in an azure eye. Rewarding her with a warm smile, she settled back in the water again. She closed her eyes once more.

"Now I want you both to do something for me." Gabrielle paused and inwardly steadied herself. "I want you to take the heated oils and anoint each other's bodies with them. You know," she added quickly without opening her eyes, "like young heroes in Sparta." She dared to peer through her lashes and saw that Xena's twinkle had been replaced with a cold stare.

Xena held her young lover's gaze just long enough to see worry creep across her features, then silently she got up and dipped her fingers into a dish of warm oil. "Come over here, Ephiny."

"What are you smiling at?"

"What? Oh nothing. Just happy."

"Funny little bard you are."

"Shh... Just enjoy the sun. It's not like you to be so chatty."

"Chatty?" Xena laughed and shook her head bemused.

Gabrielle leaned back in the tub and swallowed hard. Briefly, she wondered if she'd overdone it this time. Well, too late now...

Ephiny and Xena stood before her, running their greasy hands over and over their greasy, half-naked bodies. Strong fingers grasped and squeezed well-toned muscle, upper torsos leaning against each other for support. Gabrielle thought she heard Ephiny sigh as she rested her head against Xena's shoulder. The Amazon had hold of one of Xena's thighs and was being meticulous in ensuring every part of it was covered with oil. At the same time Xena was running her hands across Ephiny's back, massaging her vigorously and nuzzling - yes, nuzzling - the smaller woman's neck.

Gabrielle realized she needed to exhale. She felt the pulsing between her legs become insistent and slipped a hand beneath the water. Stroking herself slowly, she studied the scene and listened to the exquisite sound of naked warrior-bodies sliding slickly together.

"Ahem," after some time she coughed nervously. "I am here, you know?"

The women looked at her with hooded eyes and dopey expressions.

"I think I need to get out of my bath now, or I'll be a prune."

The next thing she knew she was swooped up in Xena's arms and carried over to the royal bed. Gabrielle couldn't stop the broad grin that spread over her face as she was lowered onto the fur covers and taken into the slippery embrace of her Amazon Regent.

Gabrielle giggled as she squirmed happily between the two oily bodies. Her warriors smothered their Queen in kisses and the subtle smell of pine oil could not overcome the unmistakable scent of aroused woman-flesh that emanated from each of them. Down her neck, over her chest then, boldly, Ephiny pressed her lips to Gabrielle's.

"Are you at a sexy bit in this story then?"

"Mmm? What makes you ask that?"

"I have many skills."

"Oh, your precious over-sensitive nose!"

"I can't help it."

"I'll stick eucalyptus leaves up your nostrils one of these days! It's not fair. It's like you're reading my mind."

"Aren't I in it then?"


"Your story."

"Oh yes, you're in it alright."

"So why can't you tell me about it and let me enjoy it too?"

"It's not written yet. I want to get it right. It takes time, y'know?"

"OK, OK." Xena sighed deeply making strands of Gabrielle's blonde hair billow with her exhaled breath.

Now, where was I?

The Queen gladly took the Amazon's tongue in her mouth and caressed it with her own. Sliding over each other, they settled to a gentle rhythm as Ephiny pressed into Gabrielle's mouth in a lewd suggestion of what she intended to do elsewhere.

For the time being Xena seemed content enough to let her erstwhile enemy seize her young lover's mouth. She busied herself, running her tongue in an agonizingly sensual path across Gabrielle's tightly-muscled stomach until she decided it was time to reassert her authority. Gently nudging Ephiny out of her way, Xena claimed the Queen's mouth with a conquering thrust.

"Mmmm-hh," Gabrielle groaned in delirium. Without pause for complaint, Ephiny switched her attention to the breast that wasn't obscured by Xena's writhing body.

"Mmmmmhhhh!" Gabrielle wallowed happily, as she slipped over her head into a warm lake of sensation.

Time passed, unheeded...

"Time for your massage, my queen." From somewhere far away, Gabrielle could hear Ephiny's soft voice.

"Oh yes..." said Gabrielle groggily, pulling her mouth away from Xena's breast while her hand continued to fondle one of Ephiny's. "My massage... Ow!! That hurt!"

Xena slapped her hard on the butt. "Lie down on your front, your majesty!"

"Mmmm!" sighed Gabrielle as she acquiesced. "Do that again."

Xena held back for a heartbeat - then attacked.

"Ow!! Ohhhhh! That's so *good!*" Gabrielle moaned, her eyes clenched shut, her body writhing of its own accord. "More. Please?"

"Time enough for that later, my queen," Ephiny whispered, planting a soft kiss on Gabrielle's shoulder to seal her implied promise.


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