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The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. This story is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun. Explicit scenes of fem-sex, kink and rude words follow...if this is illegal where you live, or you are under 18, please give this story a miss.
BTW, I'd recommended you start from Gabrielle's Fantasy Part I first, or you won't follow what the heck is going on. Or at least try Gabrielle's Fantasy Part III

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Gabrielle's Fantasy - Part IV

By Amazon

Gabrielle curled up against the bank of soft pillows her warriors had fluffed up for her. Her butt was still stinging from the vigorous application of the ointment, but she'd been given no choice except to agree that it was for her own good.

"Please keep still, my queen. This will stop the bruises forming," Ephiny had insisted as she rubbed her palm over Gabrielle's small, writhing posterior.

"Ow! By the gods, it's burning."

"It'll sting for a few minutes, my queen, but honestly it's better than not being able to sit down tomorrow."

"Or the next day," Xena added helpfully.

Gabrielle had wriggled and whimpered as the women massaged the warm lotion into her sore behind. She knew they were right. Warriors were nearly always right about most things, she thought ruefully.

Finally released from the torment, she leaned back against the pillows and luxuriated in a warm glow of satisfaction, the stinging sensation in her rear now fading to a not unpleasant tingling. Ephiny had beaten the Amazon Queen severely, as if she were just a lowly young miscreant sent to her for correction. And Gabrielle's response had hardly befitted a monarch. Although it had seemed of no consequence at the time, she was now acutely aware that her cries of ecstasy, and the cruel slap of leather, would have reached the keen ears of her subjects partying just outside her hut.

Still, she would hardly be the first amazon to crave Ephiny's harsh reproach. The Regent had earlier confided in Gabrielle about her concerns for tribe discipline - the younger girls were becoming so creative in finding ways to qualify for a beating, it was harder than ever to get them to behave.

Smiling to herself at this thought, Gabrielle settled back and watched her two half-naked warriors turn again to each other.

Both women were now dangerously aroused. For candlemarks they had responded to every whim of their demanding queen - massaging and fondling her, kissing each other for her delectation. Finally they'd held her down and strapped her, finishing with a swift and brutal fuck as Xena obeyed Gabrielle's command to bring her queen screaming to climax again.

Ephiny, in particular, was close to losing control, Gabrielle noticed. The small amazon was kneeling on the bed, her arms wrapped around Xena's neck, rubbing her lithe, firm little body against her larger rival. She seemed almost girlish in her attempts to get the warrior's attention. She breathed in Xena's ear, then bit down on a lobe, sucking and pulling until the great Warrior Princess whimpered in response.

Sensing a victory of sorts, Xena pressed the golden-haired fighter down onto the bed to lie at Gabrielle's feet. She gently pushed Ephiny's legs apart then lowered her full weight onto her body. Ephiny immediately raised her legs and crossed her feet behind the warrior's back. Even knowing Xena would never agree to satisfy her so soon, she couldn't help bucking her center against her rival, pulling her in tighter with her legs.

Xena thrust and ground her hips a few times to meet the writhing woman beneath her, fighting to keep control and moaning with the effort. Then she reached up and pulled the amazon's hands from around her neck.

Ephiny groaned in frustration. "Wait, wait, my little amazon minx," Xena murmured. Gabrielle flinched, waiting for the Regent to rail against such condescension. But instead Ephiny obediently let go and, to Gabrielle's astonishment, almost batted her eyelids at the retreating warrior. They had obviously reached some kind of understanding.

"Get her ready for me, Gabrielle," Xena tossed the off-hand order over her shoulder as she strode across the room to the table laden with implements of pleasure.

Eagerly, Gabrielle got up on her knees and crawled over to take up her station between Ephiny's legs. Xena knew all about her bard's insatiable appetite - if her mouth wasn't full of food, it was pussy, she would tease. Gabrielle silently thanked her warrior for thinking of her pleasure at a time when her own needs must be so urgent.

She looked down at Ephiny and watched the Regent's chest rise and fall in fast, shallow breaths. Gabrielle locked her gaze on the amazon's gentle eyes and tugged on her britches. Slowly and deliberately she pulled them down, forcing Ephiny to lift her legs and bring her feet together. Removing them with a flourish, Gabrielle flung the garment carelessly over her shoulder. The debonair effect was somewhat lost when she heard "thanks" from Xena and realized she'd inadvertently hit the warrior in the face. But the hungry look in Ephiny's eyes never faltered, so Gabrielle simply ducked her head down to being attending to her needy Regent.

In truth, as they all knew, Ephiny was sopping wet already.

Gabrielle feasted greedily, lapping between folds and savoring a new deep and musky scent. Ephiny groaned, closing her eyes as Gabrielle's hands found her nipples and pulled. She lay back and pressed her hand to the back of Gabrielle's head then bucked her hips as a tongue swept dangerously close to her clit.

The Queen pulled away. "Slow, amazon. You're to be fucked by the Warrior Princess before you cum, understand?"

"Yes, yes, my queen. I understand," Ephiny replied between breaths.

"Get her in position, Gabrielle."

"Up on your knees, Regent."

Ephiny hesitated for a second, then with a faint sigh, she got up and turned around on all fours. Gabrielle pressed the warrior's head down to rest between her hands on the bed.



"Remind me again why that special position you like is called The Amazon Prayer."

Xena gave an embarrassed laugh and shrugged. "C'mon, Gabrielle. You know why."

"Yeh, but I like to hear you tell that joke." She slyly dug her warrior in the ribs.

Xena sighed, then in a high-pitch whiny voice she mimicked the distinctive burr of Gabrielle's tribe: "Oh, by Artemis! Take me now! Oh Artemis! Oh fuck me, please..."

Gabrielle playfully smacked her lover on the arm, but couldn't help laughing. "You are so rude."

From across the room, Xena smirked as she strapped on her leather harness and eyed up her prize.

"Have I got her wet enough for you, Xena?" Gabrielle asked innocently, as she ran her fingers along the dripping folds of Ephiny's entrance.

"Oh, yes, looks like you've done a very good job, Gabrielle," came Xena's husky reply.

"Good. Now get over here so I can watch you fuck her."

Xena strode quickly towards the bed, her large appendage sticking out slightly ridiculously in front of her and bobbing with each step. She took up Gabrielle's position, kneeling behind Ephiny who moaned loudly when she leant down to give the Regent another licking.

"Take it easy, Xena. She's very close." Gabrielle warned.

Xena obviously agreed and lifted her head, ignoring Ephiny's wail of disappointment. "Now, let's see what you're capable of amazon." Without ceremony, Xena pushed two fingers into the Regent's open pussy. Ephiny groaned with relief and raised her head. Xena pushed her back down again.

"Oh, gods, stop fucking about, Xena! Just stick it in me."

"Now, now," the warrior growled. "Be ni-ice. You'll get what you want soon enough. I want to know how deep you are first."

"I can take a centaur, warrior, so I'm sure I won't have any trouble with you," Ephiny spat back, causing Xena to raise an eyebrow.

Even so, Gabrielle saw Ephiny bite into the fur rug covering the bed as Xena finally relented and pushed her full length into her. The queen watched fascinated as her lover, with a roar of triumph, took possession of the amazon's body.

Xena's greater height suited their position perfectly as she lay over Ephiny, braced on her hands and knees. She held her own body almost perfectly still while her hips alone thrust hard, forcing the smaller woman to rock back and forth on the bed, writhing to meet each stroke.

There were many occasions when Gabrielle had been on the receiving end of Xena's passion in this way, kneeling, compliant in the same posture. And there were times when the warrior had seemed locked in her own rhythm, her need to penetrate overpowering her concern for her lover's pleasure. "Hey, hey." Gabrielle would reach round and slap Xena's thigh until she got her attention. "Hey, I'm here too remember?"

"Huh? Oh sorry."

"Slow down, you're not digging a hole."

"Sorry, sorry, baby..." the warrior would seem to shake herself out of a trance, then she'd relax and settle to a gentler beat, slowly grinding and rolling her hips in that motion she knew her lover adored.

Xena was certainly fucking Ephiny hard, thought Gabrielle, but on this occasion she seemed well aware of what she was doing. The sight was fascinating in its depravity.

"You are a beast, Xena."

"Gabrielle, I'm just... Uh!... Uh!...doing what you're always saying I should do," Xena replied without letting up the onslaught. Y'know... Uh!..Uh!... 'discover your inner dog'."

"Your inner child, Xena, your inner child..." Gabrielle shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, right, whatever."

"Hey, what are you giggling to yourself about?"

"Oh, y'know, just appreciating my own jokes."

Xena snorted. "Oh, it's a comedy as well is it, this story? I can't wait to hear it, you know, when you get around to finishing the bloody thing..."

"Sshh!" Gabrielle patted her lover's knee.


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