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The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal and Renascence Pictures. This story is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun. Explicit scenes of fem-sex follow...if this is illegal where you live, or you are under 18, please give this story a miss.
BTW, I'd recommended you start from Gabrielle's Fantasy Part I first, or you won't follow what the heck is going on.

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Gabrielle's Fantasy - Part III

By Amazon

Strong hands flowed over Gabrielle's body. Fluid movements that carried the warmth of her skin into the very marrow of her bones. She sighed as she felt another palm sweep across her back, while strong fingers kneaded her calves and backs of her thighs.

She wondered at the apparent co-operation between Xena and Ephiny, now kneeling either side of her on the bed. Without speaking they seemed to have divided her body between them, marking out exclusive areas, sharing others. At one point some territorial unpleasantness broke out, but it was quickly resolved without Gabrielle's intervention. Just a bit of growling when a stray hand roamed over an invisible border.

The warriors flipped her over and started again at her feet. Moving instinctively together, they rubbed her ankles and shins, each taking their time over a thigh, then ignoring her throbbing sex and passing directly on to her abdomen. From time to time one or other would pause to drink from her lips, slipping a warm tongue inside but always withdrawing before Gabrielle could get her fill.

From outside they could hear the rhythm of pulsing drums in the night, punctuated by girlish cries of pleasure. The other amazons were now turning to each other for comfort. The celebratory mood would have mellowed as the wine-skins ran dry and the old stories reached their close. Hands would reach out for a chosen lover, mouths and tongues would explore new tastes and sensations. Bacchus himself would blush to see such abandon, the remains of the meal swept to the floor as young bodies claimed a place on the table to take their pleasure.

It was getting hot.

"Do we have any wine?" Gabrielle asked.

Xena stretched over to retrieve a wine-skin from where it hung around the bed-post. She pulled out the stopper and sniffed. "Kaltakka. That's better for you. You don't want to get dehydrated."

They each took a swig of water from the skin while the two warrior-women silently regarded the naked young queen lying on the bed between them.

Gazing up at her beautiful companions, Gabrielle couldn't help a writhe of pleasure. She cautiously spread her legs slightly open.

"Look at her. What a minx!" Ephiny smiled down at Gabrielle.

"Like a little blonde cat on heat," Xena agreed.

"You know, there's something else I'd like you two to do for me." Gabrielle ventured quietly.

Xena raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"I'd like to watch you kiss. A proper kiss, with tongues and everything...."

Gabrielle lay back on the bed and looked up at the muscular movement of Xena's throat as the warrior pushed her tongue into Ephiny's mouth in regular thrusts. The Amazon took this onslaught eagerly, gripping Xena by the hair and pulling her hard. The women battled, kneeling above her, and Gabrielle watched the tightening of Xena's stomach muscles as she instinctively pushed her hips against the smaller woman. That body that was so lethal on the battlefield was aching to penetrate flesh, she knew - not to kill but to satisfy a bloodlust nonetheless. Gabrielle could always read the signs when her lover was in need.

"Can I touch you?"

"Hmm? What?"

"Whatever you've got going on in your head is driving me crazy, Gabrielle." Xena pouted in that way that said she wanted something and wasn't sure if she'd be allowed it. "I just need to touch you." She ran an experimental hand up Gabrielle's thigh, just under her skirt.

"Oh, OK," Gabrielle was surprised at the huskiness of her voice when she spoke. "Just promise me you won't make me cum, OK? I need to be inspired, do you understand?"

"Yeh, fine, OK." Reaching around her small companion, Xena pushed her hand further up Gabrielle's skirt and lightly brushed her fingers against her britches. "Just like that. Is that alright?"

"Hmmm. Lovely," said Gabrielle, shifting her position in the saddle, pulling her feet up to rest on Argo's neck. "Yes, just stroke my pussy with your fingertips. Don't.. mmmm, that's good... don't go inside my panties tho', promise?"

"Yeh, 'kay," Xena breathed softly. She closed her eyes, bathing in the sweet scent of Gabrielle's sex and giving Argo a reassuring pat with her free hand, trusting the mare to carry them on towards the Amazon village.

"Ok, that's enough."

On her command Xena and Ephiny broke their kiss, breathing hard and gazing into each other's eyes with suprised but undisguised desire.They leaned back on their heels and regarded each other as if for the first time, their expressions betraying their confusion and passion.

The golden-haired warrior recovered herself first, turning to Gabrielle with a smile. "So what would you like to play now, miss?"

"Ehm, dunno. How about 'Naughty Amazon Girl, Angry Regent'?" the queen suggested nervously, half sitting up on the bed.

"OK," the Regent's eyes twinkled. She thought for a second. "So, Amazon, why have you been sent to see me?"

"Oh, I-I, er," Gabrielle's creative skills failed her as she quickly tried to think of a crime that would suit the punishment she hoped for.

"I caught her masturbating when she should've been on night-watch," Xena intervened, reclining back on one elbow behind Gabrielle. "She was at her post in the tree on the south side alright. But when I got closer I could see she was rubbing herself, sitting astride a branch."

Gabrielle gave Xena a look, but was given no opportunity to suggest a more dignified alternative.

"Really? So, you'd put the safety of your tribe at risk while you pleasured yourself, would you?" said Ephiny, working hard to hide a smirk.

"No, I-I, I mean," Gabrielle started to stutter out a defense.

"Stand up, girl." Ephiny voice was suddenly harsh and Gabrielle rose quickly to obey her.

Ephiny got off the bed, pulled out a chair into the center of the room and sat down. "Well, what have you got to say for yourself?"

Gabrielle couldn't help her eyes feasting on the Amazon Regent, naked except for her britches, the warriors' loin cloths having long been ripped off and abandoned. She roused herself to answer. "I, I wasn't doing it for very long. I just got turned on, I mean aroused.. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I thought I'd better, um, climax quickly so that I could concentrate on my watch."

"She's lying," Xena interjected flatly. "I watched her for nearly a candlemark while she wriggled about on that branch. She was enjoying herself."

Gabrielle rolled her eyes.

"Well, Amazon?" Ephiny was clearly enjoying the way this interrogation was preceding.

"I'm sorry, Ephiny." the queen bowed her head in contrition. "I shouldn't have been masturbating on my watch. I was thinking of myself instead of protecting my tribe." Her voice trailed off. She was suddenly very aware of her nakedness before the two disapproving warriors.

"So, what should we do with you?"

"I should be punished," said Gabrielle quietly, still looking at her feet.

"Right then," Ephiny suddenly leapt up from her chair. "Come over here." She gestured for Gabrielle to come over and stand next to her at the table.

Ephiny rested her arm over Gabrielle's shoulders as they both regarded the collection of toys donated earlier by the warriors. "What should it be, Gabrielle? Hmm?" She picked up Xena's coiled whip and the queen shook her head vigorously. "No?" What then? You choose your punishment." The Regent leaned over the penitent girl and pushed her closer to the table.

Gabrielle's face was flushed pink now. She pointed with a shaking finger at the leather strap. She knew it belonged to Ephiny and guessed it was the implement she used to keep younger members of her tribe in line.

Ephiny picked up the strap and tested it with a loud swipe against the palm of her own hand. Gabrielle jumped.

"Well, as Xena caught you I think she should take some pleasure in your punishment." She turned to the warrior on the bed. "Would you like to hold her while I beat her, Xena?" Ephiny gestured to the chair with a nod of her head.

Xena didn't need asking twice. She went over to the center of the room and sat straight-backed, her legs apart and her feet flat on the floor.

"Go and lay across her lap, Amazon." Ephiny was warming to her role by the moment and Gabrielle was becoming more than a little afraid.

Xena just grinned and slapped her thigh by way of invitation. "Come along, little girl. We haven't got all night."

Feeling her legs trembling beneath her, Gabrielle walked unsteadily to where her lover sat waiting. She stood beside her looking down at Xena's beautiful, strong thighs. But, when it came to that moment she was unable to prostrate herself. Xena pressed her hand into her lower back and pushed her forward.

"That's better," the warrior murmured as she forced Gabrielle's head down towards the floor and rubbed her palm gently over the naked rear conveniently upended in front of her. "This is going to hurt you much more than it hurts me."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Gabrielle, puzzled.

"It's a Britannia thing, don't worry about it."

"Oh." From her upside-down vantage-point Gabrielle watched as Ephiny's bare feet approached her from behind. She was acutely embarrassed, well aware of the view she presented to her Amazon deputy.

"How many do you think, Xena?"

"Hmm? Oh, let's say ten to start with."

"Right," Ephiny stood over the helpless queen. She was clearly enjoying herself immensely, Gabrielle would never have guessed. "Now Amazon I want to hear you count each stroke, do you understand me?"

"Yes," Gabrielle replied miserably.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, Mistress."


Gabrielle braced herself as Ephiny raised her arm and Xena grasped her legs and shoulders.


"OWW!! GODS!! Aphrodite!!"

"Hold, Amazon! Steady." Xena put her arm between Ephiny and Gabrielle's vulnerable backside. "That's our safe-word."

"You use 'Aphrodite' as your safe-word?" Ephiny laughed, incredulous. "Gods, I hope the Goddess of Love sees the funny side of that."

"Was that too hard, baby?" Xena asked tenderly.

"Oh, yes. Please, not quite that hard. Not yet."

"Ok Eff? Not so hard."

"Ok, sorry. Guess I'm getting too enthusiastic. I haven't had the opportunity to give a girl a good hiding in moons."


"Ohhhh, gods. One!!"


"Ohh! Two!!"

Gabrielle's rear-end hurt bad already and she knew her skin would be red, but she craved each blow more and more as the merciless Amazon Regent took advantage of her voluntary predicament. She gripped Xena's calf and pressed her lips briefly against her shin.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Now she couldn't help herself from writhing around on Xena's lap, her hips bucking with unrestrained pleasure.

"Hold her still, Xena. I can't hit her if she's flailing around like that."

Xena grasped her more firmly and Gabrielle screamed in ecstasy as the sixth stroke landed across both cheeks.

"Ahhh! Six! Gods, harder Ephiny, please!!"

"What was that, Amazon?"

"Oh, mistress, please. I'm a bad girl. I deserve your punishment. Please thrash me!"


"Ohhhh!! Seven!!"

Gabrielle felt Xena reach underneath her leg to brush against her aching clit. She spread her legs wider to give her easier access and almost screamed with pleasure and frustration as the warrior found her target. "Oh rub my clit please Xena! Make me cum, I'm so close, please! I'll do it again later, I promise."

THWACK!!! Ephiny was using almost her full strength now as Gabrielle thrust her naked backside towards her to meet each stroke.

"EIGHT!!!" Gabrielle shrieked.

"You bad girl!" Ephiny was out of breath. "I'll teach you to play with your pussy on night-watch!"


"Ohhh! Ohh! OHHHHHHH!" Gabrielle's hips bucked almost comically as the combination of Xena's rubbing and the sting of the leather strap drove her to ecstasy. She screamed and sank her teeth into Xena's leg as wave after wave washed over her.

"Ohh, it's coming again! Oh Gods! Beat me again Ephin..."


"OHHHH! Ohh, Oh... oh yeh... oh gods yes... that's enough... Oh!" Gabrielle bucked a few more times then hung completely limp and sated over her lover's knees.

"Oh gods, Xena, I need to cum now! Put a finger inside me."

"Now hang on, you'll just tell me off if I do that."

"No, no I won't, I promise. It's my fault. Just do it, please!"

"Alright, but don't complain later if you don't get your story finished." Xena slipped her fingers under Gabrielle's soaking wet britches and rubbed between her slick folds. "Mmm, so wet..."

"Yeh, I'm a bad girl, aren't I?"

"Huh? Yeh, if you say so, Gabrielle. Bad girl!"

The bard leaned back against the warrior and pressed her face against her lover's neck. She inhaled the precious scent that was Xena and braced her feet against Argo's back. If the horse snorted her annoyance then the two lovers were much too engrossed to hear.

"Bad girl, Gabrielle. Bad slut. Your cunt is so dripping wet. I'm going to make you cum all over my hand," Xena murmured. She rubbed hard over Gabrielle's clit, sliding her fingers back and forth, taking wetness from her opening and lubricating the sensitive bud.

"Aaaowwhhh! OH, OH, OHHH!" Gabrielle arched her back, lifting herself out of the saddle and giving Xena full access to her pussy. The warrior reached under her, rubbing harder, interspersing her strokes with sharp slaps of her palm then slipping her fingers inside.

"Oh, yeh that's it. Oh, fuck me! Please!" Gabrielle arched her body higher, reaching behind to grip Xena by her hair.

"Like that? Bad girl! Bad girl! Bad girl!" Xena fucked her demanding little bard until she heard her cry out and felt her body spasm then shudder.

Gabrielle finally rested and Xena eased her back down into the saddle and into her arms.

"You ok?"

"Oh yeah! Gods, that was good!" Gabrielle could scarcely catch her breath. "Do you need..?"

"No, it's OK. I'll demand my reward when we get to the Amazons' place." Xena enveloped her Blonde Beloved in a big hug. "Why don't we just pass the time with this story of yours?"

"Don't nag, darling, please. I'll let you hear it one day. Promise..."

"Oh, that was intense. Gods, my butt hurts!" Gabrielle muttered, still hanging limply over her warrior's lap

"Let's get you over to the bed and get some ointment on you." Xena pulled the wobbly queen upright to stand on her feet. "Steady. Are you alright?"

"Yeh, phew, the blood's rushing to my head," she looked over her shoulder at her reddened buttocks, "from my ass by the look of it."

"I've got some ointment here," said Ephiny going over to the table. "Have I really hurt you? That was quite a beating."

"Oh, I asked for it. In fact.." Gabrielle frowned and put both hands on Xena's shoulders to prevent her lover from getting up out of the chair. "Hmm, yep, I'm gonna cum again."

"Oh, gods! What do you want me to do?" Xena looked up imploringly into her lover's face.

"Just put two fingers in me and rub my clit with your thumb."

Xena quickly obeyed. "Like that?"

"Uhmmmm, yes, that's it," she leaned her weight against Xena's shoulders. "Now kinda pull downwards with your fingers against the front of..Oh, yes, like that."

Xena watched her young queen's face intently as she did her best to follow her instructions. "See, I know where your special places are, don't I?" she smiled.

"Ohhh, yesss. Yes! Yes! YES!" Gabrielle threw her head back and tightened her grip around Xena's neck as she rocked herself back and forward on the warrior's long fingers. "Now! Really quick and hard!"

Xena grabbed Gabrielle round the waist with one hand and pumped three fingers as quickly as she could into her lover's hungry pussy. Simultaneously, she put her head down and flicked her tongue over the young blonde's clit.

"Ohhh! OHHH! I'm coming!! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!" Gabrielle's body rocked, tensed and then slumped onto Xena's back.

"Oh, that's it," she sighed. "All over now..."

Xena gently lifted her and sat up. She took her woman in her arms, tenderly stroking her face and kissing her hair. "Not for the night, I hope..."

"No, no, I just need to lie down for a bit," Gabrielle assured her in a small, dazed voice.

"Oh, I've heard that before. Next thing you know she's snoring in the arms of Morpheus," Xena grinned over at Ephiny who was standing by the bed opening a jar of ointment.

"This'll wake her up."

"Stings a bit, does it?"

"Just a little."


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