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The characters in this story are the property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. This story is not for profit and is not intended to infringe anyone's copyright. It's just a bit of fun. Explicit scenes of fem-sex, kink and rude words follow...if this is illegal where you live, or you are under 18, please give this story a miss.
BTW, I'd recommended you start from Gabrielle's Fantasy Part I first, or you might not follow what the heck is going on. Or at least try Gabrielle's Fantasy Part IV

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Gabrielle's Fantasy - Part V

By Amazon

Gabrielle watched in fascination as Ephiny was dragged face-down back and forth across the bed, willingly impaled on Xena's cock. The Amazon Regent made no effort to conceal her true desires, her legs splayed open behind her as Xena held her hips aloft and pounded mercilessly.

"Oh!... Xena!... Screw me... Uh!... Please!... Harder!"

Xena knelt behind her prey, her eyes hooded, her teeth barred, her long black mane of hair slick with sweat. Gabrielle recognized this animalistic stage in her warrior's arousal - Xena was beyond words, her natural language reduced to a limited repertoire of grunts and groans as she thrust into her grateful victim.

Gabrielle had heard Xena's guttural poetry many times, but this was the first time she'd been able to observe her lover's features as she gave in to feral desire. She marveled at the primitive impulses that drove her, possessed her, made her the terrifying and magnificent warrior and lover that her bard adored. The warrior's face was contorted as if in pain as she drove relentlessly onwards towards the release that would never come, or at least not for her, not like this. The Elsyian Fields would first welcome Ephiny who was yowling now with pleasure and need. Gabrielle reached a hand out towards her Regent and it was immediately gripped in a tight fist.

Then, without warning, Ephiny braced her feet against the bed and straightened her legs, forcing Xena to scramble to her feet and stand upright over her. Xena quickly regained her balance and leaned into the woman to meet the butt pushed up towards her. A few short, perfunctory thrusts, the sharp sound of Xena's muscled stomach slapping against Ephiny's buttocks, then a tremor in Ephiny's legs became a uncontrolled shudder. She screamed again and again then roared, a fearless Amazon warrior in full battle-cry.

"Need it now." A husky whisper interrupted Gabrielle's complex choreography.

"Huh? What, darling?"

"Need it. Need some bard."

Gabrielle rolled her eyes. "You've just had some bard, darling."

"Need more. More bard. Now. Please?"

The last entreaty was so mournful - as if the great warrior princess truly expected to be refused or scolded - that Gabrielle felt her heart melt.

"Are you saying you can't wait until we get to the Amazon village?"

"I was just thinking that... well, they'll all want to talk the girl-talk. Catch up on the gossip and all that. It'll be dawn before we get any time alone."

"Yes. I suppose you're right. By then they'll be drunk and they'll want to show you their latest fighting techniques...."

"I need it now," interjected Xena, a little more boldly.

"Alright, darling. You've made that very clear. Well, you've got the reins."

Xena grinned with relief and quickly coaxed Argo off the road and into the woods.

With her faultless talent for finding discreet clearings, Xena soon found suitable spot. She slid from Argo's back and held out her arms to her bard-love. Once safely on the ground, Gabrielle took her lover's hand.

"Come here."

Bemused, Xena followed as she allowed Gabrielle to lead her through the leafy dell.

"Gabrielle, where are we going?"

"Hush, my love."

Gabrielle led her woman deeper into the wood until she found what she was looking for - a large redwood tree that would suit her purposes wonderfully. She stopped and pushed the warrior backwards against the trunk. Xena for her part made great play of being pushed around by her diminutive lover.


"Now, this has to come off." Gabrielle briskly started unhooking Xena's armor.

"Hang on, I thought I was going to get some..."

"No, no, my love. I'm gonna give you a good licking instead. When I'm quite ready. Now help me get this armor off." Gabrielle's hands were shaking and Xena took them between her own and held them still for a few steadying moments. Gazing into each other's eyes with longing, they silently agreed to drop their play-acting for now. Xena bowed her head and leaned towards her lover. Their lips met and Gabrielle eagerly took her tongue in her mouth. The warrior gathered the smaller woman in her arms and held her tightly as they kissed and grappled with each other like drowning women gasping for air.

When they finally broke apart, Gabrielle quickly regained her forceful demeanor. She stripped Xena of her upper armor and started on unlacing the slip beneath. But again her shaking hands made the task impossible. Gabrielle whimpered in frustration as her fingers struggled to loosen the ties holding the garment closed over Xena's bosom.

"Here, here, let me." Xena gently pulled the bard's hands away and swiftly undid the ties. Gabrielle whimpered again as the warrior slid her hand into her cleavage and pulled out one breast. "Here, suck on me," Xena whispered.

Gabrielle greedily accepted the invitation and brought her mouth to the offered nipple.

"Oh, yessss." Xena sighed and smiled down at the contented look on Gabrielle's face. The young woman's eyes were closed, her mouth pumping and sucking loudly. "Good girrrl," Xena purred. "Suck me. That's right. That feels so good."

"Mmmph!" Gabrielle nuzzled her face into Xena's soft bosom.

Xena reached again into her short leather dress and pulled out the other breast. Gripping her lover tightly by her long, blonde locks the warrior princess attempted to dislodge the limpet clamped to her chest. "Hey, hey, c'mon baby, suck the other one for me now."

With some persistence she managed to persuade Gabrielle to release her hold and suckle from the other nipple. Xena groaned at the first touch of warm, wet lips and then from a deep pulling sensation as the hungry mouth started feeding again.

Xena let herself be carried on rolling waves of pleasure as she slowly exhaled and contemplated her situation - half naked in the woods, her breasts hanging exposed out of her dress, her young blonde lover suckling and moaning in her arms. She closed her eyes and imagined being discovered in such a compromising position by her enemies - by Ephiny, who if not an out-and-out enemy was at least a rival, by that kooky bitch Najara, by Ares, by Callisto... hmm, Callisto.

Xena allowed herself to muse on the forbidden fantasy that she'd battled against, unsuccessfully, for nearly a moon now. It had sprung, unbidden, one night as she lay spread out on her back on her bedroll, her legs stretched wide open, Gabrielle fucking her fiercely with her whole hand. Just as the warrior had started her rapid ascent to climax, she'd seen her blonde nemesis standing over them both, laughing, mocking Xena for her submission to the young bard. The very idea had been enough to drive Xena to ecstasy and only her warrior-training and strength of will had stopped her shrieking Callisto's name instead of Gabrielle's.

Now she was too excited to fight it. She wanted to relive this fantasy again, but this time to keep it under her control. She closed her eyes and opened them again, willing herself to see the luscious figure of her arch enemy leaning against the opposite tree, languid and dangerous.

"Xeeeeenahh! You slut. Look at you, with your breasts hanging out like a common whore. You like having them sucked, don't you? You like what your blonde bitch does for you."

"Oh, yes, yes!" Xena moaned out loud in response to her imaginary adversary.

"Mmmm, you're really turning me on, Xeennah." The warrior could now clearly see her enemy, leaning back against the tree and reaching under her short leather skirt. "Yes, you're right, I'm not wearing any panties. I never do." Callisto rolled her head back and closed her eyes. She had clearly just pushed her fingers into her pussy. "Oh, Xena, yes," she breathed. "Let me hear you beg the Irritating Blonde to suck you harder..."

"Gabrielle, please, suck me harder.." The blonde bard replied with a closed-mouth moan and obediently switched breasts again and started sucking and chewing on the wine-colored nipple.

"Ohhh!" Callisto was now fucking herself vigorously, one leg bent forwards, her foot braced flat against the tree, her whole body jerking with each self-administered thrust.

Xena moaned in frustration as Gabrielle suddenly pulled away from her rigid teat. "Shh, my love! I said I would give you a good licking..."

The young blonde lowered herself slowly to her knees, marking her progress with gentle kisses to her lover's hands. Lifting the leather strips of the short skirt, she pressed her face against warm britches and savored the woman-scent that enveloped her. Xena responded by grinding her hips in a slow, undulating movement.

With one hand reaching behind, Gabrielle took hold of Xena's britches, tugging them at the same time from the front with her teeth. With agonizing slowness, she pulled them down to Xena's feet, where the warrior was able to step daintily out of them.

"Hook one leg over my shoulder," the Amazon Queen commanded.

Xena obeyed and couldn't help looking over to see her enemy's reaction. Callisto jeered in a voice only the warrior could hear. "Xeeenaa. Oh, yes, lift your leg so I can see your snatch. Gods, I wish it could be me kneeling there and tasting you instead of your little bitch!"

Xena was jerked out of her daydream by a wicked tongue that whipped expertly around her opening. "Ahhh! Gabrielle, that's so good."

Gabrielle had her mouth full and could only reply with the lewd slurping and lapping noises she knew her lover adored.

Xena could feel her cum flooding over her young love's face. Her hips started bucking and she knew she could not contain the climax that had been building in her for candlemarks.

Gabrielle knew it too and did not attempt to slow her lover's progress. Instead she thrust three fingers into Xena's soaking wet cunt and fucked her hard and fast, while letting her thumb take up the task of tormenting the warrior's clit.

"Ahh! Ohh! Uh!" Callisto rubbed herself furiously and threw her head back as she came.

Xena finally allowed herself release.

Her scream startled birds into flight for miles around, it sent small animals scurrying for their underground homes and caused larger ones to stop in their tracks, cocking their ears to the roar of an unfamiliar creature.

Gabrielle, pleased with herself, grinned up at her warrior-love, gathering her into her arms as Xena's legs failed her and she slid down against the tree to the ground. They sat for some time, arms and legs entwined around each other, waiting for their breathing to return to normal.

"I love these private times we have together," Gabrielle leaned contentedly against her lover's shoulder.

"Yeh, just me and you. No-one else to bother us."

"No-one trying to kill us, or compete with you..."

"Or steal you from me..."

"Y'know sometimes I wish we could run away somewhere where no-one could find us."

They contemplated this in silence for a while. Then both of them started laughing uncontrollably.


"You're right..!"

"We'd just get bored!"


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