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Violence Warning/Disclaimer: This story depicts scenes of slight violence to extreme violence and/or their aftermath. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this type of depiction may wish to read something other than this story.

Love/Sex Warning/Disclaimer: This story depicts a hint of love/sexual relationships between two consenting adults: Ares/Cyrene, Ares/Xena, and Hercules/Xena. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturbs you, you may wish to read something other than this story.


Xena: The Birth of A Legend
By: Sherry A. Hassler

~ Part III ~

Hercules and Iolaus helped Xena crossover from being a blood thirsty warrior to being a legendary heroine of her own. They helped her get over the sorrows about Atrius' and Lyceus' death.
One day while Iolaus went off scouting the area. Hercules and Xena had started talking about the days when she tried to hunt Iolaus and him down and kill them.
"I remember when I tried to play you both off each other. That was the begining of the end of my old life." Xena looked at Hercules at the end of her speech.
"I'm glad I seen right through you."
Xena lend closer to Hercules. "I see a lot of things."
Hercules swallows. "You do?"
Xena pressed her lips against Hercules's lips. At first, it shocked him, but he continued the kiss. They slowly undress each other.
"Do you think Iolaus will show up soon?" Xena looked up at Hercules.
"No. He will be out there for hours scouting out the area." laughs Hercules.
Hercules took his time with Xena. He covered her with his length.

Hercules and Xena were both dress and a fire was going. They were both talking about this and that when Iolaus showed up with a couple of rabbits and a string of fish.
"Did I miss anything?" Iolaus looked from Hercules to Xena.
Hercules started coughing and Xena started laughing. Iolaus looked confused with the replies that he was getting from AHercules and Xena. Somehting wasn't right and it didn't look like either would tell him a thing that went on.
Iolaus knew that he should have stayed instead of scouting out the area. "O.K. I know when to butt out. I caught the rabbits and fishes for dinner tonight."
The next day, Xena parted company with Hercules and Iolaus. She hoped to make up for all the wrongs she had done in the past nine years.
Hades suddenly appeared in front of Xena. She was surprised that he gave personal appearances to anyone.
"Xena, you have to help me get the Scales of Justice back from Calamus. He escaped from Tartarus and took the scales with him." Hades really looked worried about the missing piece.
"Don't worry, I will find Calamus and get your Scales of Justice back to you."
That seemed to satisfy Hades, he lefted as dramatically as he had arrived.
Xena stopped to make camp. "O.K., Ares show yourself. I know you're around."
Ares still didn't know how Xena did it, but she always sense him. Xena didn't look like she had much patiences to wait until Ares decided what to say. Ares being a god of few words.
"How could you've slept with my brother?" Ares raved.
"Are you finish? I can sleep with anyone I want. I belong to myself. I make my destiny. Ares is there something you need, because I've got to get some sleep. Hades needs me to hunt down Calamus and get his Scales of Justice back."
Xena waited patiencely for Ares's answer. Ares just stared at Xena, before he left dramatically. Xena thought if she could only know what is going on in Ares's mind; she might finally get some peace. She got a funny feeling that peace was not to be found just around the corner. The next small village was unknown to her. It didn't mean the people there didn't know about her or how her army burned down small villages like theirs.
Next morning, Xena rode into the small village to buy some supplies for her long journey and new shoes for her horse. The villagers stared openly at the strange warrior woman. Xena thought they mustn't get too many travelors there, if the way they stared at her is nay clue. She decided that Calamus didn't come through here. The sooner she got her supplies and get out of this village the better. She never did like being stared at like a cage animal. It made her uncomfortable.

Xena had been on the search for a month and came close twice at capturing Calamus. She discovered that she was pregnant aobut a week ago. This was going to make her search that much more difficult on her. Xena had to think like Calamus to be able to be a step ahead. Since the first plan didn't work maybe this plan would work. It couldn't hurt.
Xena started to think about who wanted the Scales of Justice the most. Then she recalled how King Menelaus was pissed off about Paris of Troy stoled Helen and how he wanted to paid the Trojans back. Calamus was a greedy devil and Menelaus would be willing to paid any price for the object like the scales. She needed to get to Sparta fast.


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