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Violence Warning/Disclaimer: This story depicts scenes of slight violence to extreme violence and/or their aftermath. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this type of depiction may wish to read something other than this story.

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Xena: The Birth of A Legend
By: Sherry A. Hassler

~ Part I ~

Atrius was off fighting the Spartans in a long, tiring battle. He was very faithful to the god of war, Ares. Whenever there was a battle to be fought, he was the first to enlist.
Ares had arranged a battle, so Atrius would be away from his wife, Cyrene, and young son, Toris. Ares lusted after Cyrene and he had to have her.
Ares waited for four months, before he visited Cyrene in the disguised of her husband. When she opened the door and saw her husband in front of her. Thinking that her husband's commander gave him a short leave; she wasted no time in greeting him. During a great battle, it was rare to get any kind of leave. Cyrene didn't think nothing of it.
"Husband. I'm so glad you are home. Here, sit down while I fix your dinner." Cyrene rushed around the kitchen.
"Don't worry about that Cyrene." Atrius (Ares) grabs Cyrene around the waist and pulls her close.
Atrius (Ares) started kissing Cyrenee and slowly undressing her. "I don't have much time, before my leave is up and I want to spend some time with you, wife." He gives her a seduced smile. "And I've missed you, wife."
Atrius (Ares) picked Cyrene up and carried her to bed. He laid her gently down on the mattress. He got undress very undramatically. Ares was impatient to feed his lust for the mortal woman, Cyrene.

When Cyrene woke up the next morning, she found that she was alone. She didn't know what to believe. Did she dream all this up or did her husband really appear last night.
Cyrene walked into the kitchen and found that her young son, Toris, was up.
"Mommy. Where is daddy?"
"Daddy had to be back to work. It won't be long, before he comes back from war." Cyrene inwardly was confused about her husband's quick departure. He didn't stay to eat breakfast with his own son.
Cyrene noticed her young son's lower lip trembling. She went over to him and cuddled him. Toris dugged his head into his mother's shoulder and cried his little heart out. He missed his dad very much. Cyrene noticed her son was finished crying, because he was mostly hiccoping then sobbing.
"Let mommy make you breakfast. Then we can go for a walk." Cyrene knew tha tit would cheer him up.
Cyrene went to work in the kitchen and whipped up Toris's favorite breakfasst. Afterwardds, they wne tdown to the brook. Toris was happy, because he had his mother's full attention. She was always busy doing housework or marketing. At this moment he felt that he was on top of the world.

Toris was a really worried young boy. His mother had been real sick in the morning times lately. Was his father died from the war and was his mother going to die from what she was suffering from? Was he fated to grow up alone?
Toris woke up early in the morning to heard his mother being sick once more. He came rushing towards her.
"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! What's wrong? Are you going to die? Please...mommy dont die!" Toris cried out. His tears stain his face and it showed the worry he had yet to learn how to hide.
Cyrene washed up and tried to find a way to tell her young son that he would be a big brother soon. After her unexpected visit from her suppose husband, she knew she disn't sleep with her husband. It had to be the god of war himself who had fathered this child that she now carries. Her husband was going to kill her, if he finds out. How was she going to hide this? You don't go off to war and have unpregnant wife and come back home to find a new baby in your household.

As Cyrene grew big with child, she started to notice that the child seemed to love to do a lot of backflips inside her. Toris seemed to be very proud of becoming a big brother and couldn't wait to have a playmate. He would get into a mood and come rushing up to her. He would hug and kiss her round stomach and tell his unborn brother or sister, "I love you, baby. Come out soon." Those were the times Cyrene loved the most.
Cyrene still worried about telling her husband of the way she got pregnant. As the months pass on, she fell in love with the child within her and she made suree that Toris wasn't left out. She and Toris came up with a game of naming the unborn baby.
One night Ares visited the young Toris.
Toris woke up rubbing his eyes. When he found that someone was in his bedroom. The shock was visible on his face.
"Who are you? Whatya doing my bedroom?"
Ares tried his best at coming up with his most friendly smile. "I'm a friend of you folks. You can try Xena for your name game that you have with your mother."
The next day...
Cyrene and Toris started playing the name game. Toris suddenly came up with "Xena!" He seem happy that he remembered the name that the nice man from his dreams told him to say.
"Xena, it's a very nice name. O.K., Toris. If the baby is a girl, we'll name her Xena." Cyrene smiled.

Cyrene held her beautiful daughter. Xena was born on a stormy night. She had a headful of black hair and bright, bright blue eyes that would dim just slightly when she would grow up. She was twenty-one inches long and weighed 8 lbs. and 4 oz.
Toris loved his sister and talke to her daily. Cyrene could tell Toris would be a great big brother to Xena. There was no signs of sibling problems.
Very late a night, Ares would come to see his daughter. "Some day, you will concord the world and we will rule this world side by side."
Xena cood and wrapped her tiny fingers around her father's pinky. She loved looking at her father's face. He was very expressive when he talked to her. Everytime, weither visible or invisible, Xena knew her father was around. Ares thought this was very strange, but he never put much thought into it. All he could think about is the time when hsi own daughterr would concord the world. Then he could overthrow his own father, Zeus. His plan started with the birth of Xena.

Atrius had finally arrived back home to discover that his wife had had a child by another man. He tried to pretend that he didn't know that Xena wasn't his daughter. After all, she was just an innocent baby and he wasn't a cruel man.
Xena seem to like looking at this strange man's face, also. He was so much different from her dad. He seem much kinder; it showed in his eyes.

Xena and her supposed father, Atrius, had a rocky relationship as father and daughter and it didn't even lasted for five years. Atrius started to see a little bit of Ares in Xena.
The signs were to disturbing that Atrius couldn't keep up with the pretense of a happy family live togehter any more. He went to Ares's temple and demanded his audience.


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