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Violence Warning/Disclaimer: This story depicts scenes of slight violence to extreme violence and/or their aftermath. Readers who are disturbed by or sensitive to this type of depiction may wish to read something other than this story.

Love/Sex Warning/Disclaimer: This story depicts a hint of love/sexual relationships between two consenting adults: Ares/Cyrene, Ares/Xena, and Hercules/Xena. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturbs you, you may wish to read something other than this story.


Xena: The Birth of A Legend
By: Sherry A. Hassler

~ Part II ~

Ares appeared in front of Atrius. He was not surprised by seeing Atrius at his temple. Ares smiled and sat down on his skull throne.
"What do you want, Atrius?"
"First, I want an explanation of the bastard you spawned off my wife! Then I want my revenge!" Atrius drew out his sword and his words spilled out with such venom that it was almost deadly.
Ares bust off his throne and stomped towards Atrius.
"I DON'T OWE YOU NO EXPLANATION! Yes, Xena is my daughter and she has a destined that I tend to personnally see to it. I take who I want and when I want. I AM ARES, GOD OF WAR!"
For hours, Ares and Atrius sparred neither growing tired. Ares didn't want to kill Atrius, because he had other plans for him.

Atrius returned home soaked in his own sweat. He was pissed off about what Ares did to him. He decided not to worship Ares any more. He would, also, killed off Xena.
Atrius walked by his confused wife. Xena tried to show her daddy a picture that she had drawn while he was away. He totally ignored both Cyrene and Xena. A two year old Lyceus toddled towards his father.
"Da! Da! Da! Da!" Lyceus showed his first two teeth while giving his smile.
Atrius ignored his own son and continued towards the bedroom. Toris went to his little brother and picked him up. With his other hand, he took Xena and looked at his mother for a second.
"Take them by the brook and stay there until I've come for you. Do you understand me, Toris?" She looked Toris straight into his eyes to make sure he understood.
"O.K. mom." Toris turned towards the door.
Toris toted Lyceus on one side and held Xena's hand on the other side. He took them to the same brook that their mom had taken him to. He let Xena run around. She had fun picking wild flowers. Lyceus squat down to examine some polished rocks. As for himself, Toris pickup rocks and tossed them across the brook.

Cyrene picked up her husband's sword that he had let drop down just inside the door. Atrius was outside in the barn sharping up his battle ax. He was planning to chop down Ares's spawn.
Cyrene dragged out the sword and when straight to the barn. She entered the barn and saw Atrius still sharping the ax. Taking one last breath, Cyrene walked up to husband and drove his sword to it's helt in his back.
Atrius took his last breath and then slid down to the ground. He had this shocked look and seem to be asking...Why. All Cyrene could do was drop the sword, stare at her bloody hands, and the blood that kept gushing oiut of her dead husband's wound. She started screaming off the top of her lungs.
It took couple of minutes, before Cyrene calm down. She ran into the house, washed her hands, and grabbed a big sheet to wrap her dead husband in.

Cyrene had Atrius buried, his sword cleaned and sharping, and went to find her children. Along the way, Ares appeared to Cyrene.
"That was a good job of killing your worthless husband. Personally, I would have been more dramatic."
Cyrene stopped and stared at Ares. "Ares. Go to Tartarus!"
Then Cyrene started walking again. As Ares vanished, his laughter echoed through the woods.

Xena was nineteen years old and had her own army that scared a lot of villagers all over Greece. She planned to fulfill Ares's plan to take over the world. By this time, she didn't know Ares was her father, but Ares knew. He doesn't plan to tell her, because she turned out to be a very beautiful woman. He actually started lusting after his own daughter.
Lusting after one's kin was nothing new to the Olympian gods, Ares's own parents were actually brother and sister. Ares didn't think it was odd that he was lusting after his own daughter.
Xena had lost her beloved younger brother, Lyceus. His death was the downfall of Xena, the Beautiful Woman. It made her insane and started a new side in her. Everywhere she went people would call her, Xena, the Warrior Princess.
Xena made her father very happy. Ares's plan was about to be fulfill until...

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