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The Quicktime Library

These are the older movie clips available for download. All are fairly hefty, so expect a long download. I'll be making an anonymous FTP directory mirror site soon to provide an alternate location for downloading.

promoclip.movXena Syndication Promotion A clip from Compuserve's Edrive that is a promo for stations to carry the show Xena. Contains interviews, behind the scene shots and other goodies., 6,896 kb, 156.10 seconds
bacus.movXena... It's been too long Baccus in Girls Just Want to Have Fun., 2,537 kb, 22.83 seconds
bite.movThe bite Gabrielle bites Xena in Girls Just Want to Have Fun., 2,271 kb, 20.43 seconds
ifonly.movIf only you were human Xena comments about a warlord in Orphan of War., 2,404 kb, 24.03 seconds
justaboy.movHe's just a boy Xena kills a boy and reflects in Orphan of War., 2,813 kb, 37.83 seconds
manners.movWhere are your table manners? Xena kicks hinder in Orphan of War., 832 kb, 7.50 seconds
message.movMessage to Xena Gabrielle tries to save Solen in Orphan of War., 2,414 kb, 24.13 seconds
myson.movHe's my son Xena tells Gabrielle of her son in Orphan of War., 2,084 kb, 20.83 seconds
scream.movJoxer's message Joxer delivers a package in Girls Just Want to Have Fun., 1,716 kb, 15.43 seconds
thinking.movThinking of ten years ago Xena reminisces in Girls Just Want to Have Fun., 4,895 kb, 24.47 seconds
!gabriel.movWhat we have here is a failure to communicate Gabrielle in the Path Not Taken.
!, 2,210 kb, 22.53 seconds
!justlea.movJust leave Woman asking Xena to leave from the Titans and Xena's answering "look".
!, 2,291 kb, 18.63 seconds
believe.movWe've got to make this believable Xena drubbing a peon., 1,564 kb, 16 seconds
big.movNo one's is as big as mine Autolycus from the Royal Pair of Thieves., 1,818 kb, 9.8 seconds
blind.movNow you won't lose, remember that her blind side is on the right Gabrielle warns Xena to attack from the blind side in Hooves and Harlots., 1,175 kb, 6.3 seconds
brother.movThat bastard Neolos died a death that was long and painful From the Royal Pair of Thieves., 2,323 kb, 12.53 seconds
clue_hi.movBut hardly a clue, unless you could mean this, 4,394 kb, 23.43 seconds
curious.movWell you'll just have to stay curious, won't you?, 1,755 kb, 9.47 seconds
darthit.movCallisto's amazing dart shot, 2,435 kb, 13.10 seconds
dungeon.movThanks fellas Xena's escape from a dungeon, 2,177 kb, 30.07 seconds
helmet.movWe could be fighting for the helmet Xena inciting a revolt of Adiminius' forces in Mortal Beloved, 1,211 kb, 6.50 seconds
inthegut.movKnow what I heard about her... then right in the gut, 3,993 kb, 34.57 seconds
killall.movKill 'em all! Xena ordering her men., 1,348 kb, 7.27 seconds
legs.movThe over the head leg kick Xena kicking a drunk above her while sitting in the Path Not Taken., 983 kb, 10.03 seconds
lift.movThanks for the lift, 2,252 kb, 19.47 seconds
noidea.movYou have no idea from Warrior... Princess., 1,076 kb, 7.03 seconds
notgood.movThis is not good Autolycus the King of Thieves is captured by Xena, from the Royal Pair of Thieves., 2,719 kb, 14.63 seconds
over_hi.movLet's get it over with Xena is forced to kill Marcus in Mortal Beloved, 4,418 kb, 23.83 seconds
papa.movDiana vs. the thief From Warrior... Princess, 3,510 kb, 18.93 seconds
play.movHey boys, wanna play?, 1,212 kb, 6.53 seconds
princess.movI'm an Amazon Princess, 1,633 kb, 8.80 seconds
round_hi.movChakram... bless you Diana explains the "Round Killing Thing"., 6,030 kb, 46.03 seconds!) Oh, don't bother the dears, they're sleeping, 1,134 kb, 11.60 seconds
spirit.movI like her spirit, 2,003 kb, 10.80 seconds
staff.movIt's got a good feel, 4,189 kb, 22.57 seconds
talk.movWe need to talk From the Royal Pair of Thieves, 1,348 kb, 7.27 seconds
together.movYou'll be together again one day From Mortal Beloved, 3,028 kb, 16.30 seconds
tomato.movThe tomato throw See Gabrielle toss a tomato with Salmoneus., 1,454 kb, 20.03 seconds
trap.movXena traps a Titan From the Titans, 3,099 kb, 25.43 seconds
village.movTake the village!!, 3,028 kb, 16.30 seconds
weight.movYou lost some weight From Mortal Beloved, 1,891 kb, 10.17 seconds
well_hi.movXena and Gabrielle climbing out of a well, 5,567 kb, 19.97 seconds

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Last Updated March 2, 1997
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