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Xena Bloopers

Trusty Shamrock

These bloopers orginally aired on Dick Clark's show. Special thanks once again to the Fourth Horseman who digitized these clips for me. Be sure to check out his other Quicktime clips at The Fourth Horseman's Quicktime Library Like all quicktime clips, be prepared for a long download. I've also prepared versions in RealVideo and in MPEG. To view the MPEG version you need the latest Windows Media Player or any other MPEG viewer.

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blooper1.mpg Now all Xena, played by Lucy Lawless, has to do is hang her sword on the hook... Lucy has problems with hanging up her sword, drawing her sword and having her sword drawn. 38.13 seconds.

blooper1.mpg, 2,025 kb (MPEG), 7,281 kb (Quicktime)
(download blooper1.ram in RealVideo format)

blooper2.mpg I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve... I don't have any sleeves! Lucy has problems with her lines and is beseiged by rats. 33.60 seconds.

blooper2.mpg, 1,773 kb (MPEG), 6,395 kb (Quicktime)
(download blooper2.ram in RealVideo format)

blooper3.mpg For an experienced rider like Lucy this is an easy dismount... Lucy falls off Argo while dismounting and again while trying to mount Argo. 21.13 seconds.

blooper3.mpg, 1,124 kb (MPEG), 3,990 kb (Quicktime)
(download blooper3.ram in RealVideo format)

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