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Special thanks are in order for the Fourth Horseman who graciously loaned me copies of his Xena Quicktime clips. The files are fairly large, so be prepared for a long download.

Below you'll find the new clips, to see the other clips go to the main library page

New Quicktime Clips

grease.movLucy Lawless in Grease This is a short video clip of Lucy's performance in Grease, originally from CNN's website., 1,420 kb, 13.38 seconds
prove.movProve to me that you're Xena... Joxer gets a lesson in pressure points from Xena who is trapped in Callisto's body in Intimate Stranger, 2,272 kb, 20.50 seconds
ooops.movOops! Callisto, controlling Xena's body, kills Theodorus in Intimate Stranger, 2,548 kb, 22.93 seconds
onarock.movWhat's the matter Gabrielle, did you sleep on a rock? Xena, in Callisto's body, reaches out to touch someone., 1,487 kb, 11.34 seconds
oldfriend.movWhat's the matter, Xena? Don't you recognize an old friend? A drunken Ares greets Xena in Ten Little Warlords, 1,883 kb, 16.93 seconds
someday.movSomeday... A warlord threatens Xena who is in Callisto's body in Ten Little Warlords, 1,518 kb, 13.67 seconds
hesback.movHe's back... Ares regains his godhood in Ten Little Warlords, 1,408 kb, 12.70 seconds
indygab.movNow that's no way to treat a lady. Janis Covington arrives to save the day in The Xena Scrolls, 3,558 kb, 27.63 seconds I knew you were there the whole time, I could have killed you in the blink of an eye. Jacques S'Er ignores the danger he's in in The Xena Scrolls, 3,129 kb, 24.30 seconds
eliminate.movEliminate him. Gunmen attempt to kill Ares in The Xena Scrolls, 2,827 kb, 22,27 seconds
Those who don't heed my warning will pay a terrible price. Xena, beginning her campaigns warns some villagers in Destiny, 1,510 kb, 9.60 seconds one hundred thousand dinars if they ever want to see-- what's your name? Caesar, Julius Caesar Xena sends out a ransom demand in Destiny, 2,527 kb, 16.10 seconds
destiny.movThis is my destiny... Caesar betrays Xena in Destiny, 5,542 kb, 29.20 seconds this, I define myself to any who would dare oppose me... Caesar crucifies Xena in Destiny, 5,836 kb, 37.30 seconds
defilement.movAnother day, another defilement Autolycus steals the Dagger of Helios in The Quest, 1,359 kb, 8.90 seconds
anenemy.movYou've just made an enemy... Iolaus helps Gabrielle to fend off thieves after Xena's body in The Quest, 3,998 kb, 21.07 seconds
pathetic.movYou're so pathetic Gabrielle captures Autolycus in The Quest, 1,745 kb, 11.10 seconds
thekiss.movThe Kiss Xena, in Autolycus's body, kisses Gabrielle in The Quest, 3,152 kb, 20.10 seconds'd you like to spend eternity in five pieces? Xena reminds Callisto of her weaknesses in A Necessary Evil, 1,511 kb, 9.60 seconds
zap.movVelasca on the rampage Velasca experiments with her godly lightning powers in A Necessary Evil, kb, seconds
delay.movVery good, you're trying to delay me. Ephiny and the Amazons try to delay Velasca in A Necessary Evil, 4,246 kb, 27.10 seconds
truthdare.movWhen I sliced open your husband, how long did it take him to die? Callisto plays "Truth or Dare" with Gabrielle in A Necessary Evil, 3,700 kb, 23.63 seconds

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