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Tom SimpsonTom Simpson
Publisher, Editor in chief, Art Director, Producer, Webmaster.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Tom moved to New York City in December of 1996 for an internship with MTV Productions. There he hoped to make more films like his classic The Evil Toasters From Beyond the Stars After his internship, he was hired by CitySearch New York as a producer, designing and creating web pages. After CitySearch he was hired by to work on the Parent Soup website. After that he was offered a nice raise to jump ship and go to work at where he's presently employed as a Senior Site Builder, mostly working on the MetLife website.

Tom saw the first episode of Xena: Warrior Princess and was heard to say "eh" afterwards. It wasn't until months later when a friend suggested that they watch Xena that Tom found how much he really liked it. The episode was "Warrior…Princess." Following that were "A Royal Couple of Thieves" and "Callisto." The week that "Callisto" aired, Tom made Tom's Xena Page, and the rest is history.

Tom currently lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn. His other websites range from Better Off Dead to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tom is 26 years old.

Favorite Xena: Warrior Princess episodes:
"Warrior…Princess," "Warrior…Princess…Tramp," "A Day in the Life," "A Royal Couple of Thieves," and "The Price."

Favorite X:WP quote:
Xena: How are you doing, Princess?
Diana: Not well. I'll probably be dead soon.
Xena: Why's that?
Diana: Well, I've been sitting on this cold ground almost the entire day, who could survive that?
Gabrielle: A cold bottom isn't fatal.
Diana: Says you!


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