The Evil Toasters from Beyond the Stars

Wah!  Wah!

For an introductory video class I had at the University of Utah, we were required to create a 4 minute video with sound as our final project. I chose to do mine about toasters. Not your run-of-the-mill happy toasters, mind you, but Evil Toasters, who had come from another planet to destroy us all. I got an A on the video, and that helped me decide to become a film major. (I've since diverted into web design, but someday I'll go back and finish).

This film stars two of my best friends, Mark Middlemas as the farmer first killed by the toasters and my friend Matt Walker appears as both the investigator and military commander. Look quick for a shot of me at the end of the film. It took four toasters to film this movie, and six loaves of bread. It was followed by a 3-minute sequel, The Evil Toasters II: Fluffy's Revenge.

The best quality is the Quicktime version, although it's pretty large.

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New! I've posted the sequel to the Evil Toasters, Evil Toasters 2: Fluffy's Revenge. You can download either the Quicktime or MPEG versions. This sequel was made back in college for a Communications class I had. It had to be 3 minutes, without any sound. I stuck a soundtrack on anyway, and have that version posted here.

Quicktime Version (42 MB) || MPEG version (38 MB)