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by Melissa McMahan



All this was just too much for Joxer who passed out and fell away from Gabrielle. She just looked at him for a moment, before she rested his head in her lap. Xena coming back from taking in the bad guys in, but made a stop along the way. She was met by Lila at the farm house door.

LILA: Xena?!

XENA: I guess you haven't gotten Gabrielle's scroll yet? (Lila cocks her head) No matter.

LILA: How is Gabrielle and Jox...

XENA: That's why I'm here. (Sitting at the table) Look Lila there are a few things I must tell you, but you must keep them to yourself for now. Promise?

LILA: Um, sure.

XENA: Alright. (Dryly) I don't know what Joxer told you nor your sister. However I do know that love can hurt, it's the nature of the beast.

LILA: I know, but...

XENA: Hold on. (Sighs) Joxer he's a big hearted, but awkward. He tries to do the right thing, but...

Xena pauses and taps her hand on the table.

LILA: Yes?!

XENA: The truth is he's in love with your sister.

LILA: Gab... (Gasps) Oh I see.

XENA: I don't think she knows and he hasn't been able to tell her. So you can see how hard this is on everyone? (Smiles)

LILA: I think he should tell her.

XENA: Mmm, so do I.

LILA: We know Gab very well, but there is a part of her nobody can read. (Xena nods) Maybe I could ta...

XENA: No, Joxer has to be the one who tells her.

LILA: Well maybe you should talk to him then.

XENA: Been there, done that, didn't work.

LILA: Oh? (Sighs) Maybe the both of us then?

XENA: I'm not sure that would be a good idea either.

LILA: I want both of them to be happy and it seems to me neither of them are.

XENA: Believe me I know that better than anyone.

Xena and Lila quit talking when they were joined by Lila's father. He gave a half smile to Xena, but she stays for a home cooked meal. Joxer woke up and saw Gabrielle looking down at him.

JOXER: What happened?!

GABBY: Joxer, why do you hafta be such a dork sometimes? (Sighs) Oh gods!

Gabrielle gets up and walks down the path a little way.

JOXER: Hay wait for me?!

Joxer catches up to Gabrielle and they walk together without talking. A bug of some kind land on Joxer's head, the she ficked it away.

JOXER: Thanks.

GABBY: We're almost there.

JOXER: Yeah. (Sighs) Almost.

GABBY: Yeah.

JOXER: If I had of passed out what would of happened?

Joxer eyes Gabrielle as she turns and looks him right in his brown eyes now full of hope.

GABBY: I guess we'll never know. (Smiles)

JOXER: Gabby?!

GABBY: Then again maybe we will or won't. (Giggles)

JOXER: Hey?!

Gabrielle takes off just ahead of Joxer and says nothing else. Later she's looking at a silver brush and mirror set. Joxer a few stands down notices her eyes. He knows she would like it and walks up to her.

JOXER: It's like they were made just for you.

GABBY: Think?

Joxer pays for them before Gabrielle can say anything else. Joxer sees a poor kid and his mother begging for food. He and Gabrielle give them some dinars. Later Xena makes her way to camp and finds them just coming back.

GABBY: That was fast? (Scoffs)

XENA: Yeah I made it in record time. (Sighs) It's very late, what have you two been up to?

GABBY: Shopping.

JOXER: We got a few things for you too, Xena.

XENA: I'll look at them when I wake up.

Xena goes to sleep in her bed roll. Gabrielle writes in her scroll and Joxer has sweet dreams about their kiss.


Nothing was solved during the writing of this story.

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