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by Melissa McMahan



Joxer and Gabrielle just gawked at each other for a moment, before she turned away again. Joxer waited before he started digging around in her bags again. He found a scroll to her sister Lila. He mumble out what was composed on the scroll.

JOXER: Lila, about this crush you have on Joxer...

Joxer looks up from the scroll and talks to Gabrielle as she sleeps.

JOXER: Ah, ha! (Shakes his finger at her) So putting your two dinars in, Gabby? (Reads) Not that I'm trying to tell you what to do, but he's just simply not the right guy for you. I'm thankful to him that he turned you down, trust me it's all for the best. I know it hurts and I'm sorry, but he makes a great friend. However as much as I care for that sweet dork, I'd have to kill him if he ever touched you. Just don't ever tell him that and I have my reasons for that too. I can't really explain myself on that point, it's just the way it is. Anyway Xena told me to tell you that she will come talk to you soon. She wouldn't say why, I have the feeling it's about him too. Love Gabrielle.

Joxer puts the scroll back and looks at Gabrielle. He stands up, walks over to her and bends down.

JOXER: So you do really care for me?!

Gabrielle rolls over and moments later her eyes open. The first thing she sees is Joxer standing over her, she stands up. Then grabs Joxer by the arms.

GABBY: What is it?! (Sighs) What's wrong?!

JOXER: I... I... I was just walking by you and I almost tripped over on top of you. (Laughs) Sorry.

GABBY: Oh? (Scoffs) You and your big feet.

Joxer blushes as Gabrielle slowly moves her eyes over him down to his feet, he knows she's thinking about something. He's just not sure what. Her eyes come back up the same way, as she bites her bottom lip and raises an eyebrow. She looks on his eyes intently.

GABBY: You know a new out fit I think...

JOXER: Excuse me, what?

GABBY: I was just thinking that, since Xena's going to be gone a few days... How about we go into Athens?

JOXER: Um, ok? (Confused) Why?

GABBY: Becuase it'll be fun. (Smiles) Come on Joxer? You know you really want to have fun with me, right?

JOXER: Yeah. (Thinks about what kind of fun he wants)

GABBY: I could use a good bite to eat and with all the dinars Ambrose had left... (Pouts) We might as well put it to good use.

JOXER: I'm just glad I got you outta there before some strange guy put his dirty hands on you... and Xena.

GABBY: You know now that's it's over I gotta tell you I was pleased the only dirty hands I had on me were yours, Joxer.

Gabrielle giggles as Joxer wonders how to take what she just said. She socks him in the arm and he smiles.

GABBY: I was very scared when Ambrose drug us in there, then I saw Joxer the Mighty. (Sighs) I wasn't sure how, but I knew you might pull off getting us outta there. (Kisses his chin) And you did.

JOXER: I'd die for yo... (Stopping himself too late)

GABBY: Um? (Raises an eyebrow) Let me grab a few things and we'll go. (Smiles) I'll go get what I need.

Gabrielle just stands there and looks at Joxer instead.

JOXER: What is it you do need, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle bites her bottom lip and then moves towards her bag. Joxer watches her, as she picks up a scroll.

JOXER: Sure you've had enough bed rest?

GABBY: The nap I had was fine.

Gabrielle turned to find Joxer gawking at her, she walked up to him. A grin came over his face, as she took his arm with her hand.

GABBY: Stop worrying about me so much.

JOXER: It's not that I'm worried, it just that I...

GABBY: That you what? Huh, tell me?! Huh? Huh?

JOXER: I care, you know? (Sighs) I care for you very much and I... I'm in lo... I mean. (Sighs) You mean a lot to me. (Smiles) Well you know I care and...

GABBY: And I think that is so sweet. (Sighs) But I can take care of myself. (Smiles) Most of the time.

JOXER: Can't I look out for you, at least as a friend?

GABBY: Sure, but who's going to look after you?

JOXER: We could look after each other?

GABBY: That's not a bad idea. (Smiles) You need someone looking over you.

JOXER: Ha, ha!

GABBY: Ah, come on? (Giggles)

JOXER: Feel free to do whatever you want to with me.

GABBY: Even a nose pinch?!

JOXER: Well no, not that.

GABBY: What would make you happy then?

JOXER: Y... You know, don't you?

GABBY: Huh?!

JOXER: Nothing!

GABBY: Wait a minute, yes I do know!

Gabrielle scoffs and looking deep into Joxer's big brown eyes, she moves closer towards him. He gulps and wonders if she's going to pitch his nose off.

GABBY: Thank you for saving us.

Gabrielle hugs Joxer he sighs gladly. Then he notices she isn't backing off and if fact is hugging him very hard. Running her fingers in his hair and making little happy sounds. Then she moves her head back and looks at him, as he shakes. A sly smile came over the Bards face, as she cocked an eyebrow.

JOXER: W... What? (coughs and sighs) Gabby?

GABBY: This?!

JOXER: Huh?! (Confused)

GABBY: Come on Joxer, even you aren't that dumb.

JOXER: Oh so I'm dumb, huh? (Scoffs) Yeah, maybe for caring too much for a woman who puts me down all the time?! (Sighs) I'm just a big joke to you aren't I?!

GABBY: You called me a woman. (Smiles) When we first met you called me a little girl.

JOXER: Yeah, so what?!

Gabrielle still in Joxer's arms gave him a little kiss.

GABBY: Joxer I pick on you, but only because I care too. (Sighs) If I didn't care I would treat you the way I treat Autolycus. (Smiles) He's a bigger joke than you could ever be.

JOXER: What is it with you two? (Scoffs) Cats and dogs get along better?

GABBY: I don't wanna talk about him. (Scoffs) Please?

JOXER: Well what do you wanna talk about?

GABBY: Who said I wanted to talk?

Gabrielle grabs Joxer's head and pulls him into deep kiss. He takes her up into his arms and they end up on her bed roll. Gabrielle tugs at Joxers shirt.


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