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These are transcripts of articles written on Xena: Warrior Princess. If you have an article that you don't see here, please send me a copy of it. Also read Press about TXP for articles about Tom's Xena Page

Super Moms By Michael Logan. From TV WEEK Magazine, May 8, 1999
Lucy Lawless in Maxim Magazine By Bob Irvy. From Maxim Magazine, April 1999
In the Eye of the Storm By Robert Weisbrot. From the Hercules & Xena Yearbook, Official Collector's Edition, ©1998
Here Comes Trouble! from Xena: Warrior PrincessThe Official Magazine, ©1998
Auto Focus By Anthony C. Ferrante, Sci-Fi Teen, ©1998
Ares Speaks! By Sharon Delaney, from Xena: Warrior PrincessThe Official Magazine, ©1998
The Many Faces of Reneé O'Connor from XENA Warrior Princess The Official Magazine, ©1998
Scribe of the Sword by Joe Nazzaro, Starlog, ©1998
Earth's Mightiest Hero by Joe Nazzaro, Starlog, ©1998
Musician of Myth by David Hirsch, Starlog, ©1998
Weddings of the Year: Lucy Lawless & Rob Tapert People, ©1998
Lawfully Wedded: Xena's lovestruck Lucy Lawless makes it legal by Alex Tresniowski and Craig Tomashoff at People, ©1998
The WOMAN Behind The WARRIOR: The Lucy Lawless Interview from XENA Warrior Princess The Official Magazine, ©1998
Xena's Zeitgeist by Dan Perez at Sci-Fi: The Dominion, ©1998
In the Service of a Warrior Princess by J.D. Biersdorfer at The New York Times (subscription required), ©1998
People Online's Chat with Hudson Leick at People Online, ©1998
Moise debuts with Xena in Las Vegas at NASCAR Online, ©1998
Lawless in Love by Ileane Rudolph, TV Guide ©1998
Mania Talks with Xena's Callisto by Michelle Erica Green, Mania magazine, ©1997
Mania: An Interview With Hudson Leick by Michelle Erica Green, Mania magazine, ©1997
The Universe Interview: Lucy Lawless by Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Sci Fi Universe magazine, September 1997
Lucy Lawless steps out on Broadway in 'Grease!' by Bill Tush, CNN.com ©1997
In Dull TV Days, Favorites Take Wing Online by Amy Harmon, The New York Times ©1997
Women Cheer the Loudest by Bill Tush, CNN.com ©1997
Myth Directions by Joe Nazarro, Starlog magazine, March 1997
The Importance Of Being Xena, Warrior Princess by Al Weisel, US magazine
I, Xena by Mary Anne Cassata & Ian Spelling, from Starlog's Legendary Heroes
Meet Xena, the Web princess from the New York Daily News, January 4, 1998
Xena Warrior Princess from Starlog magazine
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Q&A: Hudson Leick at TV Guide
Double Jeopardy: As feisty Gabrielle, Reneé O'Connor heats up at People Online
WARRIOR'S PRINCESS "Xena"'s Renee O'Connor returns to home and fans in Austin at People Online
Who Owns Xena? by Andrew Leonard at Salon
Yes, "Xena" does rule by Joyce Millman at Salon
Xena: Web Princess Xena article at Yahoo! Internet Life, also has a nice interview with Lucy Lawless.
Profiles: Lucy Lawless People Online's profile of Lucy Lawless, with a great photo gallery.
The Power of Myth TotalTV's article on Xena.
TV Guide Online's Xena Feature pictures, an article and a Xena forum.
Reneé O'Connor Chat on AOL, April 23, 1997 a complete log of Reneé's April 23 chat
20 Questions: Lucy Lawless Lucy Lawless is interviewed in May's Playboy magazine
Warrior of the Soul by Rod Dovlin (Axcess magazine, March 1997)
Followers Can't Fault TV Heroine by Eirik Knutzen (New Zealand TV Guide, February 1997)
Wild at Heart by Eirik Knutzen (Cleo magazine, January 1997)
Big Bonus For Xena by Neil Blincow (New Zealand's Women's Weekly, February 10, 1997)
Noteworthy Cause For Kevin from New Zealand Women's Day, January 27, 1997
Kevin's Master Stroke from New Zealand Women's Day, December 9, 1996
Xena, Herc: The stuff of TV legends by Jim Abbot (The Orlando Sentinel, January 10, 1997)
Mr. Showbiz Interview with Lucy Lawless by Gillian G. Gaar.
Mything Links by Peter Richmond for TV Guide online.
Xena, Hercules whip up new wave of gothic fantasy a photo of Lucy and Renee and a brief article about the success of the show.
New Act for Xena's Double picture and blurb about Lucy's stunt double by Geraldine Jacobsen
Xena: Television Hit short article from a New Zealand newspaper, with a picture of Lucy.
Lucy Lawless on AOL a transcript of Lucy's chat on AOL on December 6, 1996
Lucy Was Always Popular with the Boys! from New Zealand's Women's Weekly
Diane Holloway's interview with Renee O'Connor from the Austin American-Statesman
Xena-Phile People Magazine On-Line's article about Xena: Warrior Princess
Jennifer Weiner's Article on Xena: Warrior Princess

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