Press Mentions of Tom's Xena Page

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The following articles are reviews or mentions of Tom's Xena Page,
additionally this website has won many awards.

Xena: Online Warrior Princess by Tara Pereira at ZDTV, ©1998
In the Service of a Warrior Princess by J.D. Biersdorfer at The New York Times (subscription required), ©1998
Xena's Big Web from Starburst magazine, February 1998
Meet Xena, the Web princess from the New York Daily News, January 4, 1998
Who Owns Xena? by Andrew Leonard at Salon
Xena: Web Princess Xena article at Yahoo! Internet Life, also has a nice interview with Lucy Lawless.
Xena's Number One Fan People Online interviews me.
The Power of Myth TotalTV's article on Xena.
Web Wide Warriors a ranking of ten top Hercules & Xena sites by TotalTV

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