Who is Tom Simpson?

I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I build websites for a living (yeah, who'd have guessed that!) I used to be a film major, some of my past films include Randar the Lava Lizard, Dante's Inferno and the Evil Toasters From Beyond the Stars parts I & II. I also used to be a photography major (see a State Fair award-winning picture of mine - first prize $25!) and an anthropology major. Whole lotta majors!

Be sure to check out my blog at tomsimpson.org, and I have a pretty massive photo gallery there as well, with pictures of New York, Africa, Portugal, Disney World, you name it.

A meaningless list of some of my favorite things:

A few photos

My sister Corinne and brother Dan
Freaky Tom
Funky Tom
Tom, winter '95
An older shot of me
Tom and Lucy
Me and Lucy
Tom and Gabby, Barbados '96
Me and Gabby
Tom and Corinne
Me and my sister Corinne


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