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_________________Xena et al.
»   Whoosh - what happens when you put Xena:WP under a microscope?
»   Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews - for someone new to reading or submitting fan fiction, this is a great place to start from
»   Logomancy Credits Guide Menu - Xena Actor and Character lists!!
»   Justice House Publishing - Xena works in print!!
»   Blackfell's X:WP True Character Names - Contributions are welcome!
»   Who's Who in the Xenaverse - official character spellings for the First and Second Season (repost)
»   The Warrior Professor's Mini Lectures - references to history, myth, and philosophy in X:WP
»   Xena Fan Fiction Index and Review sites - not a compendium but it should get you started
»   Studies in Cyberculture, The Xenaverse in Cyberspace - a hypertextual doctoral dissertation by Christine Boese

_________________Mythology and Things Greek
»   The Encyclopedia Mythica - An encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend.
»   Drew University Library, Greek Resources on WWW - links to things Greek
»   Tufts University, Perseus Project - digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond
»   Bulfinch's Mythology (text format) - a staple for mythology seekers
»   University of Michigan, Windows to the Universe, Mythology - now which god was that?
»   Christopher B. Siren's Myths and Legends - scroll down to Greek and Roman.

_________________Writing Tools and Resources
»   Simahoyo's The Writer's Toolbox - writer's block? No worries, the resources are here!
»   A Web of On-line Dictionaries - when my dictionary gets buried in coffee cups!
»   Jack Lynch's Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors - also check Grammar and Style Guide
»   University of California, San Diego: Dictionaries and Thesauri - specialized dictionaries
»   Columbia University LIBRARYWeb Digital Library
      Collections, Reference Tools and Indexes - a library of reference links
»   On-line English Grammar - back to school and then some
»   Writers Write - writing resources
» - a list of web sites for writers

»   Kanakaris Communications, Inc, Sci-fi On-line Movies - a number of Hercules' movies :-)
»   Webcam New Zealand - how's the weather?
»   CIA World Fact Book 1999 - where all those numbers end up
»   University of Oregon, Yamada Language Guides - they even list Klingon...

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