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Tyldus, aka Steven Sears, Supervising Producer for Xena: Warrior Princess posted this guide to the correct spelling of character names on the mailing list Xenaverse, and I've reposted it here for everyone to use as a reference.

First Season Characters

AESCALUS "Death Mask"
AGRANON "Path Not Taken"
AKTEON "Callisto"
ANDRUS "Ties That Bind"
ANTEUS "Altared States"
ANTONIUS "Path Not Taken"
ARBEN "Hooves & Harlots"
ARELIESA "Ties That Bind"
AREOLIS "Reckoning"
ARES "Reckoning" , "Ties That Bind"
ARGOLIS "Chariots of War"
ARKEL "Royal Couple of Thieves"
ATHOL "Prodigal"
ATRIUS "Ties That Bind"
ATYMINIUS "Mortal Beloved"
AUTOLYCUS "Royal Couple of Thieves"
BARUCH "Dreamworker"
BELART "Royal Couple of Thieves"
BENITAR "Reckoning"
BRISUS "Path Not Taken"
CALCHAS "Titans"
CALICUS "Godhood"
CALLISTO "Callisto"
CASTOR "Cradle of Hope"
CELANO "Hooves & Harlots"
CELESTA "Death in Chains"
CHARON "Mortal Beloved" , "Death in Chains"
COEUS referred to in "Titans"
CORTESE "Death Mask"
CREON "Titans"
CRIAS "Titans"
CYCNUS "Chariots of War"
CYNARA "Cradle of Hope"
CYRENE "Sins of The Past
DAMON "Prodigal"
DARIUS "Chariots of War"
DEIPHOBUS "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
DEMOCRITUS "Is There A Doctor?"
DEMOPHON "Prometheus"
DERQ "Prodigal"
DICTYS "Path Not Taken"
DIOCLESE "Chariots of War"
DIOMEDES "Black Wolf"
DOLAS "Dreamworker"
DORACLES referred to in "Reckoning"
DRACO "Sins of The Past
ELKTON "Dreamworker"
EPHINY "Hooves & Harlots" , "Is There A Doctor?"
EPIMETHEUS referred to in "Titans"
EPONIN "Hooves & Harlots"
FLORA "Black Wolf"
GALEN "Is There A Doctor?"
GAR "Sins of The Past
GLAUCE "Warrior...Princess"
GORNEY "Greater Good"
GOTHOS "Dreamworker"
GRATHIOS "Reckoning"
HADES "Mortal Beloved" , "Death in Chains"
HECUBA "Sins of The Past"
HECTOR "Sins of The Past"
HELEN OF TROY "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
HERCULES "Prometheus"
HERMIA "Black Wolf"
HERODOTUS "Sins of The Past"
HESIOD "Titans"
HIPPOCRATES "Is There A Doctor?"
IAPETUS referred to in "Titans"
ICUS "Altared States"
IO "Prometheus"
IOLAUS "Prometheus"
JANA "Path Not Taken"
JOXER "Callisto"
KALUS "Greater Good"
KASTOR "Sins of The Past"
KELLOS "Bards"
KELTON "Royal Couple of Thieves"
KING GREGOR "Cradle of Hope"
KING LIAS "Warrior...Princess"
KING SISYPHUS "Death in Chains"
KIRILUS "Ties That Bind"
KLONIG "Godhood"
KOULOS "Black Wolf"
KRYKUS "Hooves & Harlots"
LILA "Sins of The Past" , "Prodigal"
LINIUS referred to in "Dreamworker"
LYCEUS referred to in "Death Mask"
LYCUS "Godhood"
LYKUS "Chariots of War"
MAELL "Altared States"
MAGDELUS "Hooves & Harlots"
MAGMAR "Royal Couple of Thieves"
MALIK "Death Mask"
MALTHUS "Royal Couple of Thieves"
MANUS "Dreamworker"
MARCUS "Path Not Taken" , "Mortal Beloved"
MARLEUS "Godhood"
MARMAX "Is There A Doctor?"
MELAS "Callisto"
MELEAGER "Prodigal"
MELOSA "Hooves & Harlots"
MENELAUS "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
MESAS "Hooves & Harlots"
MESMER "Dreamworker"
MEZENTIUS "Path Not Taken"
MILTIADES "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
MINEUS "Warrior...Princess"
MIRUS "Warrior...Princess"
MORPHEUS referred to in "Dreamworker"
NEMOS "Cradle of Hope"
NESS "Greater Good"
OPHELIA "Cradle of Hope"
ORION "Bards"
PALINIOS "Reckoning"
PANDORA "Cradle of Hope"
PARIS "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
PARNASSUS "Black Wolf"
PERANIS "Reckoning"
PERDICAS "Sins of The Past" , "Greeks Bearing Gifts"
PHANTASUS referred to in "Dreamworker"
PHANTES "Hooves & Harlots" , referred to in "Is There A Doctor?"
PHARIS "Prodigal"
PHILANA "Cradle of Hope"
PHILEMON "Warrior...Princess"
PHOEBETOR referred to in "Dreamworker"
PHOTIS "Greater Good"
PHYLEUS "Titans"
PRINCESS DIANA "Warrior...Princess"
PROGNESE "Royal Couple of Thieves"
PROMETHEUS "Prometheus"
QUEEN KARIS "Death in Chains"
RHEA "Ties That Bind"
RHODOS "Titans"
SALMONEUS "Black Wolf" , "Greater Good"
SARITA "Chariots of War"
SEERUS "Death in Chains"
SEPTIM referred to in "Dreamworker"
SERA "Death Mask"
SINTERES "Royal Couple of Thieves"
SPHAERUS "Chariots of War"
STATIUS "Prometheus"
STREPTUS "Death in Chains"
TALMADEUS "Greater Good"
TALUS "Death in Chains"
TARKUS "Ties That Bind"
TERACLES "Reckoning"
TERESIA "Reckoning"
TERMIN "Dreamworker"
TERREIS "Hooves & Harlots"
TESA "Warrior...Princess"
THEIA "Titans"
THEODORUS "Callisto"
TOR "Hooves & Harlots"
TORIS "Death Mask"
TOXEUS "Death in Chains" , "Mortal Beloved"
TYLDUS "Hooves & Harlots"
TYNUS "Chariots of War"
VALIUS referred to in "Dreamworker"
XERXES "Black Wolf"
ZORA "Altared States"

Second Season Characters

AGIS "Warrior...Princess...Tramp"
ALCIBIADES "Warrior...Princess...Tramp"
ARES "Scrolls" , "Stranger" , "Ten Little Warlords"
ARLEIA "Intimate Stranger"
ATROPOS "Remember Nothing"
BACCHUS "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
BORIAS referred to in "Orphan of War"
BRUTUS "Why and Where"
CAESAR (Julius) "Why and Where"
CALLISTO "Why and Where" , "Return of Callisto" , "Intimate Stranger"
CAPUTIUS "Remember Nothing"
CARUS "Ten Little Warlords"
CLOTHO "Remember Nothing"
CORTESE referred to in "Remember Nothing", introduced in lst Season
CYRENE "Intimate Stranger"
DAGNINE "Orphan of War"
DAGON "Giant Killer"
DAVID "Giant Killer"
DAYLON "Orphan of War"
DEVITOCLES "Ten Little Warlords"
EURYDICE referred to in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
GAGNON "Ten Little Warlords"
GARETH "Giant Killer"
GOLIATH "Giant Killer"
GRESSIUS "Intimate Stranger"
HADES "Intimate Stranger"
JANICE (Covington) "Xena Scrolls"
JACQUES (S'er) "Xena Scrolls"
JACK (Kleinman) "Xena Scrolls"
JOHN (Smythe) "Xena Scrolls"
JONATHAN "Giant Killer"
JOXER "Girls..." , "...Tramp" , "Ten Little Warlords" , "Return of C..." , "Stranger" , "Xena Scrolls"
KALEIPUS "Orphan of War"
KING LIAS "Warrior...Princess...Tramp" , introduced in 1st Season
KING SAUL "Giant Killer"
KING SILVUS "Solstice Carol"
KRYKUS "Remember Nothing"
LACHESIS "Remember Nothing"
LYCEUS "Remember Nothing"
LYNAL "Solstice Carol"
MAPHIAS "Remember Nothing"
MEG "Warrior...Princess...Tramp"
MEKLAN "Orphan of War"
MELANA "Solstice Carol"
MELINDA (Pappas) "Xena Scrolls"
MEZENTIUS "Remember Nothing"
M'LILA, the Girl "Why and Where"
NICKLIO "Why and Where"
NIKOS "Xena Scrolls"
ORPHEUS "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
PERDICUS "Return of Callisto" , introduced in 1st Season
PHILEMON "Warrior...Princess...Tramp"
PRINCESS DIANA "Warrior...Princess...Tramp" , introduced in 1st Season
ROB (Tapert) "Xena Scrolls"
SADUS "Ten Little Warlords"
SARAH "Giant Killer"
SEE'ER "Orphan of War"
SENTICLES "Solstice Carol"
SISYPHUS (KING) "Ten Little Warlords" , introduced in 1st Season
SITACLES "Why and Where"
SOLON "Orphan of War"
TED (Kleinman) "Xena Scrolls"
TEGASON "Ten Little Warlords"
TELOS "Why and Where"
THEODORUS "Return of Callisto" , "Initimate Stranger"
TOBIAS, the donkey "Solstice Carol"
VICERIUS "Why and Where"
VIRGILIUS "Ten Little Warlords"

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