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The characters of Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, and Argo and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles, and back-story are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. The story is written only for fun, and no profit is being made. All other characters such as Tarren, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. The story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. The story itself as well as the character created by the author may NOT be duplicated or archived without the author’s permission. All works remain the copyright of the original author. These may not be republished without the authors consent. This story is a continuation of my first stories called SHE HAS MY EYES, ON THE ROAD AGAIN, and NALA’S GIFTS. You really MUST read those stories first. Otherwise you will be lost as to who some of the characters I have created are. This story contains some violence, no subtext, and the use or reference of corporal punishment. I will be putting that statement in all of the Tarren series whether it exists or not in that particular story. Please understand that this does NOT reflect on my personal beliefs or politics. I am just trying to stay true to the characters and culture of that period of history. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated and I am most grateful to all that have written and will hopefully continue to write me with your thoughts.

Sex - Nope

Violence- mild

Comfort/hurt- well you may need a Kleenex in a few spots if you’re like me.

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Home Sweet Home
By Fantimbard


Chapter 6 – Night and Day

The foursome seated themselves for a quick dinner before the Inn got too busy. This time Tarren didn’t even ask, but just quickly jumped in the warrior’s lap forcing Cyrene to smile. Xena definitely had a way with that child. Only Xena could punish this youngster in the morning and have her happily bouncing into her lap by evening meal.

Cyrene placed a large pot on the table filled with beef stew. The bard was quick to note there were no vegetables in it. She smiled at the older woman. "Not taking any chances are ya?" the young woman chuckled, as she took in the aroma of the spices.

The older woman shook her head and grinned. "Why Gabrielle I don’t know what you are talking about," she said with an innocent wink.


Tarren eyed the food happy there were no vile vegetable in the mix, but she waited for Cyrene to sit just as Xena had instructed the night before. The grandmother nodded at her daughter noting the child was retaining her manners. Xena merely smiled and tasseled the youngster’s head. It was a quiet meal between the three adults. Tarren did not speak to Cyrene, but merely maintained a very polite and respectful distance. The child had placed the responsibility for her sore backside squarely on the shoulder of that woman and Cyrene knew it. The little girl merely finished her meal and leaned back against her mothers chest to relax, carefully listening to the grown ups chat about cooking, shopping, and people of the village.

As the evening turned into night the Inn filled with customers. Xena walked over to the small child standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "Ok you it’s time for bed," she said taking the child’s hand.

"But Momma, Gabby hasn’t told any stories yet. I want to hear them," she pleaded giving her mother an innocent stare.

Cyrene turned from her cooking to face her own daughter. "Dear let her stay up for a while...please?" she asked, hoping her daughter would accept the request. Xena looked into the eyes of her child and then at her mother and let out a surrendering breath.

"Ok you can stay up for a little while...but you sit at the table in the back where I can keep an eye on ya. Don’t move from that spot," the warrior replied.

The child nodded and quickly ran to the table where Gabrielle was reading over her scrolls. Xena watched as the bard placed a gentle hand on the child’s shoulder and let her sit in her lap as she read.

"You are very lucky daughter." The older woman said, staring past Xena at the sight of her younger companions. "They love each other like family. You have a wonderful friend and a beautiful little girl," she said with a proud stare.

Xena turned to her mother with an expression softer than the warrior usually showed. "Thank you Mother...Look I know Tarren has been a bit distant, but I promise she’ll come around. Give her a little time," she said gently.

"Daughter that child has no use for me in her life. I can understand that. I can’t live the life you do. I don’t wield a sword...I am not a warrior or a bard, and as far as she can see all I have brought her grief," she whispered wiping her hands on her apron as she always did.

The warrior shook her head. "No mother that’s just because she hasn’t gotten a chance to know you...You’ll see..." she said touching the older woman’s hand gently.

Cyrene nodded, "Maybe dear...maybe," she said hopefully, and Xena stared at her friend and daughter again hoping what she was saying was indeed true.


That night Gabrielle told story after story captivating her audience, especially little Tarren who never seemed to tire of the warrior and bard tales. Xena was busy helping Cyrene move food and drink from table to table and keeping an eye on the crowd making sure there were no troublemakers in the group. The warrior quickly threw a loud mouth out on his ear when he had too much ale and not enough sense to leave on his own.

Tarren giggled quietly as the man flew out the door and then quickly turned her attentions back to Gabrielle. The bard waved her hands in the air to emphasize the large size of the six-headed Gorgon that Xena had slain to save a village from annihilation. The warrior listened and frowned slightly as she recalled the reality of a two-headed Gorgon she slay to save a small family of travelers. Yet when she glanced at Tarren’s smile she too grinned. The child was laughing at the Xena’s obvious discomfort at the bard’s exaggeration.

Xena gave her daughter a crooked smile and joined her at the table. "I take it you are enjoying the stories," she said handing the little girl a mug of sweet cider and grabbing a mug of ale for herself.

Tarren giggled again. "Ya know big as you are in Gabby's stories. I don’t know how you fit through the door Momma," she said with an impish grin.

The warrior pulled the youngster out of the chair and onto her lap tickling her as she squirmed. "Oh you are so funny... You just wait until your bath tomorrow morning. Then we’ll see whose laughing," Xena said with a sly smile.

The youngster continued to giggle. "Hey isn’t it Gabby’s turn to give the bath?" she asked, looking forward to finding a new place to hide from the bard. Tarren had come to enjoy the torture she got to give the bard on bath days.

"Nope! I decided to give her some time off from your tricks monster. I’m gonna give you ALL your baths this week," Xena said pinning the youngster tightly against her chest.

"Oh no..." the child moaned, knowing there would be no running from the tub for a while.

Xena raised her eyebrows at the little girl’s reaction to the news. "That’s right so you better behave yourself and start being nicer to me," the warrior mother teased, squeezing the still giggling child in her lap.

Cyrene approached the table and smiled at the sight of her daughter and granddaughter enjoying each other’s company.

"Six," Xena said.

Tarren shook her head, "Nope eight," she argued.

"What’s going on?" Cyrene asked quietly standing to the side of the pair.

The warrior pointed up at her friend on the podium. "We’re just having a bet to see how much Gabrielle exaggerates this story. Last time she told it there were three Titans, so now we figure there will be more. The loser has to clean the winners boots," she said, tugging gently on her daughter’s ear, to remind her there was now a third party at the table.

"Yeah and I want mine polished real nice," the child said with a grin, ignoring the warriors tug and the woman at the side of the table.

Xena shook her head, "Well then you better start polishing them little one. You have yet to win a bet, so don’t get your hopes up. I always win," the warrior said winking at her mother. Unfortunately even when she did win, Xena usually wound up polishing not only her own boots but Tarren’s as well. The child’s doe eyes and pouting lip had greater power than the warrior cared to admit.

The trio stared at the bard and waited for the winner to be declared. Gabrielle was approaching the crucial part in the story. "...And then just as we thought it was safe, Xena was faced with eight of the largest Titans you’ve ever seen," the bard said, raising her hand in the air to emphasize their height.

Tarren raised her hands in victory and winked at the bard who quickly winked back.

Xena frowned at her defeat and the subtle signal between Tarren and Gabrielle. "Hey what was that all about?" she asked, looking into the youngsters eyes.

"What was what Momma?" the child asked innocently.

The warrior looked at the bard who was deep in the middle of her story and then at her daughter knowing she has been taken. "Ok little one you win this time, but remember whose bed you want to sleep in tonight," she said with an evil grin, "I’d keep one eye open if I were you little one."

The child’s face turned quickly from a smile into a pout, and Cyrene shook her head.

"Xena you lost fair and square. Pay off," the grandmother admonished.

The warrior shrugged and glanced at the sulking child pressed against her chest. "Ok mother...I’ll polish her boots," she groaned playfully turning Tarren upside down to examine the leather. The youngster giggled loudly as Xena held her high in the air examining the little one’s boots.

"Well Tarren I guess the easiest thing to do would be to just get a cloth and start polishing... Are ya ready?" she asked staring down at the laughing youngster. The child laughed uncontrollably and tried to speak, but when she started to cough Xena quickly brought her back to her lap and offered her a drink, "Ok enough playing...I’ll polish the boots in the morning," the warrior said with a deep breath.

Tarren leaned against her mother’s shoulders examining her own boots. "Nah you just bought these for me last week Momma. They’re still clean," she said with a smile.

The warrior grinned. "Hmm that’s right...I guess the bets off then," she said taking a long drink of her ale.

The child shook her head. "Nope a bets a bet Momma, so since my boots are so new...I want you to polish Gabby’s boots instead," she said winking again at the bard.

The warrior’s jaw dropped, knowing for sure that she had been set up. "Why you little traitor...." she chuckled, running her hands up and down the youngsters side and cupping the little girl’s mouth with her hand, so the patrons could not hear her daughters pleas for mercy.

The child’s face went red with laughter until Xena released her. "Did you two set me up?" the warrior asked, letting her dark blue eyes lock with her daughter’s little twinkle.

Tarren shrugged, "I dunno...maybe, but Momma you never said we couldn’t talk about the story before Gabby read it," the child stated matter of factly, trying very hard not to look her mother in the eye.

Xena frowned and stared at Cyrene and then her little daughter. "You’re in trouble ya know brat," she said with a sly smile. The child giggled and nodded lying happily back in her mother’s arms.

"Yup, but at least I don’t have to polish any boots," the youngster said with a smile.

The warrior sighed and stared at the bard on stage, not relishing the idea of polishing her friend’s dirty boots.

"Well I’m glad you are having such a good time Tarren," Cyrene said softly, wanting the youngster to give her a chance to make amends.

"Yes ma am," was the child’s only response.

Xena frowned and whispered in her daughter’s ear, "Be nice!"

Tarren scrunched her face up in a childish pout and stared at Xena. "I am nice," she whispered.

Xena gave her a soft blue glare, "Be nicer...for me...the one who is gonna bathe you in the morning," she said with a smirk.

Tarren sighed at her mother’s warning words and then turned to face Cyrene and forced a slight smile. "Cyrene why don't you sit with me and Momma for a while?" she asked hoping the woman would refuse.

The older woman stared at the child and smiled thankfully, "I’d like that Tarren. Thank you dear."

Tarren looked quickly at her mother not grateful for the new visitor she had forced her to encourage. "I want a pony," the little girl whispered, figuring Xena owed her that much.

The warrior squeezed her daughter tightly. "One more word out of you and I’ll get you a pony to ride ALL day tomorrow," she warned, gently patting the child’s backside

Tarren’s face went white at the thought and Cyrene touched her granddaughter’s hand.

"What’s the matter Tarren? Are you sick? You look pale dear?" Cyrene asked with concern.

The child quietly slumped back against the warrior’s chest wondering if running away from home was an option. The thought quickly faded when she realized that wanting to take Xena and Gabrielle with her would really disqualify it as truly running away.

"No mother she’s fine. I think she was just excited thinking about what she'd like to do tomorrow," the warrior said with a grin, giving her daughter a dramatic bear hug.

The older woman stared at the pair knowing there was some kind of secret communication going on but not wanting to interfere again. "Oh...well...perhaps we could all go on a picnic up on the hill," she said with a hopeful smile.

Xena patted her daughter’s leg. "Well Tarren how does a picnic sound? We could fish and swim and maybe do a little riding if you’re good...if that’s what you would like little one?" she asked quietly, hoping the child was getting the message.

Tarren knew that the offer for riding was one that meant she could either ride on the hard saddle or on a soft bedroll depending on her reaction at that moment. The unhappy youngster nodded at the grandmother, "Sure Cyrene, that sounds like fun," she said, hoping she was sounding more enthusiastic then she felt.

The older woman nodded happily and rose from the table needing to return to the attention of her Inn. Xena looked at her daughter and grinned, feeling a bit guilty at the tactics she had resorted to, to get Tarren speaking to Cyrene. "That was very good. I’m very proud of you," she whispered in the child’s ear.

"You didn’t exactly give me a choice Momma," she whispered back, letting her chin droop sadly on her chest.

The warrior mother thought about it. " Hmm didn’t I...whoops sorry about that," she said with an almost innocent look.

The child gently poked her mother in the side and smiled. "I want a pony," she wined.

"No!" the warrior said firmly having heard this request 100 times in the last two weeks.

"Why not?" the little one asked, acting as if she might cry.

Xena turned the youngster around so they were facing each other. "Well for four good reasons...You’re not old enough, you’re not responsible enough, you don’t behave enough, I’d rather have you ride with me, and if none of those sound good enough go with my favorite an yours...cause I said so," Xena said with finality.

The child folded her arms and grumbled realizing that was really only three real reasons. "Well are you ever gonna teach me how to ride Momma?" she asked tilting her head back a bit.

The warrior bounced the little girl on her knee. "Yup! As soon as you can sit in that hard saddle for a month straight," she said quickly.

The child’s shoulders slumped in defeat. "Damn I’ll never learn to ride," she moaned.

The warrior mother frowned and then turned the youngster around to face her once again, "Nope, not if I ever hear you swear again you won’t little girl," she said quickly.

"Sorry Momma," the child said quietly, giving her mother the most innocent face she could muster.

Xena nodded and settled back to listen to the bard finish her story, "Uh huh!"

As the evening came to an end the bard told her last story and thanked the kind people for their applause and their generosity. She quickly slipped over to the table to join Xena and Tarren, who was already yawning.

Gabrielle poked playfully at the sleepy child, "Gee I hope I wasn’t boring you."

The youngster shook her head, "No Gabby you were real good, and Mom’s gonna clean your boots," she said with a quick giggle.

The warrior frowned and nodded at the bard.

Gabrielle smiled and put her feet up on the table in front of her warrior friend, "Why Xena I didn’t know you cared about the shine on my boots."

The warrior raised her eyebrows pushing the young woman’s dirty boots off the table. "Don’t push it Gabrielle," she warned.

The bard put her hands up in surrender and winked at Tarren who quickly returned the action, making sure her mother witnessed the exchange.

"And will you two stop doing that," Xena said firmly, tiring of the private signals the two had established at her benefit. The two friends just giggled and the warrior just sighed with contentment happy to be in the company of those she cared so much for.

Tarren yawned again and Xena stood lifting the child into her arms, "Ok you monster...time for bed. I should have put you to bed hours ago."

"But Momma, I’m not even tired," the child said, staring into her mothers gentle eyes trying hard not to yawn.

"Uh huh...Well you’re going to bed anyway young lady, and I don’t want any more arguments," she said firmly heading towards the room.

"Come on Gabby?" Tarren yelled, reaching out her hand, wanting the bard to follow.

Gabrielle smiled at the youngster, "In a bit honey. I’ll be in later to say goodnight." The bard scanned the room grimly noticing the piles of dirty dishes around the Inn. "Much later," she said with a groan

Xena gave her daughter a quick stare and the child sighed. "Goodnight Cyrene," she murmured, and the older woman popped her head from the kitchen. "Good night little one," the grandmother said happily.


Xena opened the door to the sleeping chamber and tossed the youngster playfully on the bed, yanking off the little girl’s boots. Tarren struggled to get out of her tunic and trousers as the warrior reached into her bag for a nightshirt. When the child was placed neatly under the covers, the warrior sat on the side of the bed staring down at her daughter. "I’ll be back after I help Mother clean up, so don’t go hogging all the blankets," she said with a grin.

The child smiled a bit and then her features became more determined, "Momma can I ask you a question?"

Xena leaned on one arm facing her daughter. "Sure...What’s on that mischievous little mind of yours now?" the warrior asked, gently running her hand along the youngster’s cheek.

Tarren thought for a moment. "Well I was just... wondering. You’d never leave me here would ya?" she asked her eyes falling a bit afraid of the answer.

Xena’s face went blank. "No! Tarren I’ve told you I would never leave you anywhere. You belong with me and that’s where you are staying kid," she said softly, staring at the little girl. "Why would you think otherwise?" the warrior asked, wiping stray hairs from the little ones eyes.

"Well you and Cyrene were talking yesterday, and I heard her say something about me living here," she said biting her lip nervously.

Xena ran her hand tenderly along the youngster’s face. "Well that explains a lot doesn’t it," she whispered to herself.

The warrior put her arm around the child’s neck and pulled her next to her. "Tarren my mother is lonely for me sometimes, so she’d like me to be here more. She’d like to watch you grow up, but sweetheart I told her that your place is with me no matter where I go and right now we like the life we have...right?" the warrior asked, hoping the little girl did truly enjoy the way they lived.

The child nodded. "Of course Momma," she said with a broad smile.

"Good then I don’t want to hear anymore of this stuff about me leaving you behind. Where I go you go my little shadow. I told you, you are stuck with me. You and Gabrielle and me are a team. We’re a family...understand?" she asked, waving her finger at the small form.

Tarren looked up at her mother. "Ya mean it. You won’t leave me for anything?" she asked looking hopefully at the person whose love meant the most to her.

Xena nodded and hugged the child tightly. "Not for anything or anyone monster," she answered gently tugging at the little one’s chin.

The warrior mother pulled the covers up over the child and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. "And one more thing little girl, no more listening to other people’s conversations...I know just how hard you’d have to listen for you to have heard any of that private conversation," she said with a quick frown.

The youngster smiled weakly and pulled the covers over her face.

The warrior nodded realizing that her little girl had very big ears. "Hmm that’s what I thought...Well don’t let me catch your little ear where it shouldn’t be or your little behind is gonna be in big trouble," she warned, staring down at the covered youngster.

The child peaked her head out to respond. "Yes Momma," she said quietly.

Xena shook her head and rubbed the youngster’s cheek. "And remember what I said about those covers...Ya little bed hog," the warrior mother said with a grin.


Tarren giggled and reached up to hug her mother. "I love you Momma," she said softly, and the warrior closed her eyes soaking in the words.

"I love you too little one," Xena said kissing the child’s cheek, before returning to an Inn full of dirty dishes.


The following morning Xena opened her eyes ready to rise. She was very careful to get out of the pallet without waking the youngster beside her wrapped in all the blankets. "Little bed hog," she whispered, kissing the child’s cheek gently and smiling.

The warrior quickly filled the tub with water and quietly slipped in for a soothing bath. Just as she was relaxing her eyes fell upon the bed and noticed it was now empty. She smiled as her eyes scanned the room looking for her little sniper. She closed her eyes and without turning threw an arm behind the tub and lifted the youngster to her feet, yanking her into the tub with a splash.

Tarren spit water out in every direction and laughed wildly. "I almost had ya," she yelled.

The warrior shook her head. "Nope! I heard the floor board creak...sorry," she said staring at the still dressed youngster standing in the tub.

The child frowned. "Well I’ll get ya next time," she groaned ready to exit the water.

Xena smiled and quickly pulled Tarren back in. "Where do you think your going young lady...As long as you have already invaded my peaceful bath, you may as well finish the job," he said with a wicked grin.


Tarren splashed the water hard in Xena’s direction. "I don’t wanna!" she whined.

The warrior shook her head as she yanked the youngsters soaking nightshirt off and tossed it to the ground beside the tub. "Well aren’t we just full of courage this morning? Well want to or not you’re here and you’re staying, so you might as well enjoy it," Xena said quietly, pulling the youngster in front of her and beginning the arduous task of getting her clean.

Tarren pushed her lip out and reluctantly succumbed to her fate of being made clean. "Momma can we go for a walk around the village alone this morning?" the little girl asked hopefully.

The warrior smiled at her daughter’s desire to spend time alone with her, but shook her head. "Sorry sweetheart but we promised your grandmother we’d go on that picnic," she replied as she rubbed the suds into the little girl’s hair.

The child’s shoulders slumped in disappointment. "Great, I don’t even wanna go," she whined.

Xena shook her head and pulled the child’s face tightly next to hers. "Hey I’m getting a little tired of this attitude of yours. Now you knock it off before you find yourself involved in another one of our private chats," she warned, returning once again to her task of making the unwilling wash.

The little girl’s eyes closed and she said nothing but sat there obediently while she was bathed. The warrior grimaced at the now silent child. "Look if you behave yourself this morning then you and I will go walking around the village alone tomorrow...OK?" the warrior asked, tugging gently at the child’s hair.

The youngster’s frown quickly turned into a smile. "Ya mean it?" she asked eagerly.

The warrior splashed the grinning child with water. "Yeah I mean it ya spoiled little brat," she said quietly. The youngster giggled and sent the wave of water back at her mother. Soon yet another water fight was underway.

Cyrene heard the noise and came running in. "What is all the racket in here?" she yelled eyeing her descendants in the tub and noting the wet floor. Cyrene looked at her daughter and then the child who had quickly slid behind her. "Xena you should know better. Look at this floor. I hope you know your gonna clean this up young lady," she said firmly.

The warrior nodded at her mother as the youngster behind her giggled. Xena reached a hand under the water and began tickling the child’s side as she answered Cyrene, "Yes mother... we’ll clean it up."

The older woman nodded at her daughter as the young bard casually walked in. "By the gods what happened in here?" the young woman said waving at the floor as if she’d never seen water before. Xena merely frowned at her friend’s dramatics.

"My daughter, the Warrior Princess is allowing a water fight in MY Inn," she said stiffly staring at the warrior daughter.

Gabrielle put both hands on her hips in mock surprise. "Cyrene I am so sorry. I can only apologize for their behavior. I should tell you this happens all the time. I try and warn them, but your daughter never listens to me, and the little one just follows Xena’s example," the bard said with a dramatic sigh.

Xena growled at the bard’s betrayal, but said nothing waiting for there to be no witnesses before she extracted her revenge.

"Well she should listen to you Gabrielle. It’s obvious to me that you are the one of good sense here," Cyrene said staring at her daughter and the giggling youngster hiding behind her.

"Well I don’t want you to worry about a thing Cyrene. I will make sure they clean this mess up before we leave," the young woman said, leading the innkeeper to the door.

Cyrene nodded at the bard. "Thank you Gabrielle. They BOTH seem to need a baby-sitter, and I am leaving you in charge," she chided, closing the door behind her.

Tarren slipped out from behind the warrior. "Whew! Now I know where you got your temper from Momma," the child said with a sigh and a whistle.

The warrior mother eyed her daughter. "Hmm something to think about isn’t it?" she whispered once again starting to tickle the child.

Gabrielle slowly turned facing the wet pair in the tub. "Hold it you two. Xena you heard your mother, I’m in charge," she said with authority, moving next to the tub carefully kicking away the wet clothes that had been tossed to the floor.

"Oh really my bard. Well did you happen to wonder how you were gonna enforce that authority?" she asked with an evil grin.

Gabrielle smiled as she leaned on the tub next to her muscular friend, running her small finger in circles over the surface of the water. "Well if I were you I wouldn’t push my luck warrior. You are in enough trouble with Cyrene as it is. Don’t make me have to call your mommy warrior," she teased.

Xena smiled wickedly at her own daughter who gave her a wink and a nod in understanding. "Well Gabrielle like you always say we are a family, so what one gets we all share," she said moving menacingly close to the young woman.

Without warning the mother and daughter combined their efforts yanking the fully dressed bard into the tub with a loud splash! The angry young woman stood in the water glaring at the laughing warrior and her smaller twin.

"Gabby you really should try taking your clothes off before you bathe," the youngster teased.

Xena leaned back against the tub smiling at her now wet friend, "Share and share alike my bard. That’s what you always say."

The bard nodded as she wiped the dripping water from her face. "Very funny...both of took me an hour to get my hair dry," she moaned, thrashing water at the pair. Xena and Tarren quickly splashed water back and the bard was now completely soaked.

"That’s it! This is war," the amazon queen declared, and soon the water was once again splashing all over the room.


Outside the door the older woman laughed loudly at the antics of her daughter and her family, happy that this was the type of love they found in each other’s company, as they traveled the world.


Chapter 7 – What we do for Love

An hour later, Tarren slowly skulked into the kitchen trying to get past Cyrene before she was spotted.

"Well is that floor in there cleaned up?" the woman asked without turning.

"Just like Xena how do they do that?" the child thought.

"Momma and Gabby are cleaning it up now," she said quietly trying to get something to eat without drawing too much attention to herself.

The grandmother turned and studied the youngster. "And how is it you got out of helping little one?"

The youngster shrugged. "Momma says she doesn’t need my kind of help right now," the child said repeating the warrior’s words.

Cyrene laughed and handed the youngster a honey biscuit and a mug of milk. "I used to say the same thing to your mother when she got under foot. Somehow I always got the feeling that she did it just to get out of helping though," the older woman said with a grin, sipping at a mug of hot tea.

The youngster lowered her eyes and for the first time in days smiled at the woman. "You weren’t really mad at Momma for making a mess were you?" she asked gulping her milk.

Cyrene shook her head at the child’s perceptiveness. "No little one...but that will be our secret," she said with a smile, and Tarren just nodded.

The youngster turned to leave and ran into the wall like structure of her mother’s legs.

"I thought you went to get more towels you little scamp. Get your little butt back in that room and help clean up that floor," the warrior scolded, pointing back to the room. The child quickly swallowed the last of her biscuit and ran past the warrior, barely missing her muscular hand from reaching its small target as she slid by.


Xena watched the child go and shook her head. "You really didn’t think I would be fooled by that old routine did you mother?" she asked with a smile, reaching for a mug of tea.

The older woman chuckled and shook her head. "No daughter...No more than I was," Cyrene said with a smirk. The two women smiled knowingly at each other and knocked together two mugs of tea toasting their own maternal brilliance.


Tarren entered the room with a pile of towels to sop the wet floor. The bard sighed as the child dropped them squarely in front of her.

"Thanks" she groaned, spreading them out across the still wet floor.

"Where's Xena?" she asked, not seeing the warrior bringing up the rear.

The child licked her fingers. "Momma is talking to Cyrene. She said you should finish up," the youngster said, slowly flopping on the bed.

"That figures. She makes the mess and I have to clean it up," the bard grumbled.

Gabrielle looked at the little girl and spotted a few crumbs on the youngster’s tunic.

"Tarren you had food?" she asked longingly, hearing the rumbling in her own stomach grow louder.

The child nodded. "Yup! Honey biscuits," she replied with an impish grin.

The bard licked her lips and the little girl reached inside her tunic revealing a second biscuit. Tarren jumped to her feet and handed it to the bard. "I didn’t forget ya Gabby," the child said with a quick grin.

The young woman wrapped her arms around her young friend. "Oh I can always count on you my little brat," she said with a smile, taking a small bite from the hot biscuit that was nestled in her hand. Before she could take a second bite there was a loud thud outside the window.

"Is that wind?" Tarren asked, moving towards the shudder.

As the little girl poked her head out the window, a large man holding a knife to her throat quickly pulled her from the floor.

"Now don’t say a word and maybe you will both live to see the next solstice," he whispered.

The bard eyed her staff sitting in the corner and then the youngster kicking in the man’s folded arm. There was no way to reach it without putting Tarren in danger.

"Lock the door girl," the stranger said motioning to Gabrielle.

The bard slowly backed up and turned the key in the lock. "Look I don’t know who you are or what you want, but you better put her down right now," she warned trying to position herself closer to the man.

The old man smiled and his eyes went wild with the challenge. He tightened his grip on the child’s neck, pressing the steel of the knife close to her skin. "Tell her to stop fighting me, or I’ll slit the babies throat here and now," he snarled.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and steadied her gaze on Tarren’s eyes, which were full of both fear and anger. "Tarren this is a time for wisdom. Stop fighting him." she ordered, hoping the child understood that this was not the moment to question her words.

The youngster’s eyes welled with tears as she lay limp in the strange mans grasp. "Very good little girl," he said stroking her hair with the back of his blade.

"What do you want?" the bard asked, trying to control her urge to rush the large man and free her young friend from his grasp.

"Why I want you...both of you," he said with a wild wicked laugh, telling the bard that this man was not one to be toyed with.



Xena and Cyrene finished packing the basket for the picnic. "Aren’t those two done yet?" Cyrene asked.

The warrior shook her head. "I’ll go help them finish," she said with a sigh, feeling a slight rush of guilt for not doing her fair share of the clean up. When the warrior got to the door she found it locked. "Ok you two, very funny. Open the door, and I’ll help you clean up," the warrior said quickly. There was no reply.

"Hey I mean it open the door right now Tarren...Gabrielle!" she scolded.

Still there was no reply.

The warrior felt her frustration building. "You two are really gonna be sorry if you don’t open this door," she warned.

Xena’s anger quickly turned to concern when she put her ear to the door and heard nothing but the sound of the wind blowing through an open window. She quickly kicked the door open snapping the lock from the frame. The warrior drew her sword as she rushed in and saw nothing but a heap of wet towels and a piece of parchment with the message. "Feeling the pain of your loss yet Warrior!"

"Metilius" she growled, gripping tightly to her sword.

Cyrene came rushing in behind Xena. "What ‘s going on..." she started to say, but was silenced by the empty room, and the sight of her daughter carefully holding her sword as she peered out the window.

"By the gods Xena, What happened? Where are Tarren and Gabrielle?" she asked, her voice shaking at the possible answer.

"Metilius took them. I’m going after them mother," she said with a growl, jumping out the window and rushing for the barn.

The older woman ran out of the Inn and into the barn. She quickly began saddling a horse that was stabled beside Argo. "Where do you think you are going mother?" Xena asked with a scowl.

"With you Xena. Gabrielle is like a daughter to me and that child IS my granddaughter, so don’t argue. I may not be a warrior but I can still hold my own," Cyrene said jumping into the saddle of the large dark steed. Xena shook her head in amazement at this woman who had made her eat her vegetables, but here was no time to Argue. With a kick of her heals, Xena Warrior Princess was on her way with a warrior’s mother riding quickly behind.

Xena carefully followed the trail of the Metilius. He was making no effort to hide his tracks wanting the warrior to follow. She could see the tracks of two horses. One carried two figures and the other carried one. Xena figured that either Gabrielle and Tarren

were bound on one horse, or the crazy man had little Tarren tethered in front o f him. Both images made her warrior blood boil.

Cyrene stared down at the tracks and looked to her daughter for instruction.

"Mother he will be expecting me," she said with a frown looking up the hill to where she thought the trail ended.

The grandmother nodded. "Yes daughter, but he won’t be expecting us," Cyrene replied.

The warrior smiled a bit as she contemplated a plan of action.

Metilius carefully tied the bard’s hands and feet and pushed her into a chair inside the small cabin he had called home for a dozen summers. The young amazon would make no attempt to fight while Tarren was present. She did not want to risk the youngster being injured. The mad man finished tying his victim and then turned to the warrior’s child.

"And you...little baby...Do I need to tie you up too?" he asked, laughing at the little girl who stood trembling in front of him.

The youngster looked at her friend struggling in her bondage and quickly reached into her boot for her chucks. The man’s laughter and the sight of Gabrielle tied up was enough to help push her fear away. "Let my friend go," the little one ordered, kicking the kidnapper in the groin and then hitting him squarely in the face with the chucks.

Gabrielle struggled against her bonds and pleaded for Tarren to stop knowing the child was up against a lunatic, but the youngster ignored her friends pleas. The large mans eyes turned to fire as he caught the child’s weapons in mid air. Tarren back flipped a few feet away and front kicked him in the midsection making the man grimace, but his eyes went wild and he grabbed for the child’s throat. There was not enough room to run or vault, and without her weapons the little warrior was defenseless.

"Tarren," Gabrielle screamed, as she struggled to get free.

The small child, daughter of the Warrior Princess fell quickly to the ground as the large man’s hand landed roughly across her head knocking the little one to the floor and into darkness.

The bard stared down at her young friend. "Tarren " she whispered, but the youngster did not move. She just lay there, her small body appearing lifeless and still.

Metilius tied the little girl’s hands and feet and dropped her small form in the chair next to the bard.

"That child needs to learn some manners," he said with a wild glare making the usually gentle bard wish she could be set free just long enough to throttle this stranger.

"She’s a little kid. What kind of an animal are you, to do that to a little kid?" she screamed, wanting to break free from her bonds and hold her best friend’s child safely in her arms.

The dark man’s face went blank as he stared at the youngster. A strange calm came over him as he reached onto a table and pulled out a water skin gently splashing the youngster’s face with water. He then turned to face Gabrielle.

"You are so much like my little Terius." he whispered to the bard. His voice was low and soothing and he blinked constantly as he studies the young woman. "Don’t worry Poppa is here child. I will not let the warrior kill you again," he said stroking Gabrielle’s face.

Gabrielle looked at him oddly hoping that playing along would free she and Tarren.

"Oh...Ok...Poppa could you untie me? My wrists really hurt a lot." she whispered gently, hoping to make use of the man’s leap from reality.

The large man caressed the bard’s cheek. "I didn’t mean to run Terius. I wanted to stay with you. I was afraid," he cried.

The young woman’s eyes grew wide as she watched the man transform once again. Soon the soft spoken gentle soul turned once again into the raging lunatic, slapping the face of the bard, sending her bound form hurling back.

"Don’t try to fool with me girl, and if that brat so much as moves again, I’ll cut her open," he warned, slamming the door to the small room they were now confined too.

Gabrielle ignored the sting in her face and tried to move next to the child. "Tarren honey, wake up...Tarren can you hear me?" she asked, but the youngster was lost in a world of complete darkness.


Chapter 8 – And Justice for All

Xena sat in a tree outside the small cabin that she knew contained her best friend and her daughter. She watched patiently as the old lunatic peeked out the window.

"I know you are out there Xena, watching and waiting, but it won’t do you any good. They’re both already dead...Can you feel the pain warrior? Can you feel my pain?" he yelled to the empty clearing.

Xena tried to allow her logic to win over her feelings, knowing that the mad man would not kill his hostages until he had what he wanted, her. She whistled twice and watched as a dark cloaked figure seated upon a large war-horse rode quickly through the edge of the clearing and into the trees behind the cabin. Metilius ran from the cabin with his sword in his hand. "Coward...You can’t run from me warrior," he yelled, chasing after the dark figure on Argo.

Xena grinned and jumped to the ground. "Go Mom," she whispered, as she slid to the interior of the cabin. Once inside she went from room to room calling, "Tarren! Gabrielle!"

It was like music to her ears when she heard the bard call, "Xena we’re in here."

The warrior quickly moved to a small door at the back of what looked to be a kitchen of some kind. She entered the room and her heart sank to the inner most part of her soul when she saw her best friend’s swollen face and her child, slumped unconscious on the chair with a large lump forming on the side of her forehead.

The warrior growled at the thought of the man who had done this but moved quickly to untie the bard and her daughter.

Gabrielle jumped to her feet hugging the warrior. "Where is he?" she asked staring down at Tarren, wanting her own vengeance.

"Mother is leading him away...for the moment," she said quickly.

Xena lifted Tarren into her arms and examined the lump on her daughter’s head, dabbing it with some water. "Tarren baby, wake up...Come on honey wake up," the warrior mother said softly fighting the lump in her throat.

"Momma!" the child whispered, staring blankly at the familiar figure above her.

"Of course it’s Momma. Who else would it be?" she asked choking on the words.

The youngster started to rise and the warrior gently pushed her down. "No sweetheart, You can’t get up yet. You have a bad lump on your head. You just stay still. I’ll carry you," she said softly, lifting the child easily into her arms, and holding her tightly against her chest.

"My chucks?" she asked in a low broken voice, tears racing down her cheeks.

Gabrielle reached down and picked up the wands displaying them for he child to see. "Thanks Gabby," the little one said with a weak grin, and the bard smiled at the youngster.

"Anytime kid," she said gently touching the child’s hand. Xena eyed the weapons and then the bard anxious to know exactly what had happened. But knowing details were not as important as getting her friend and daughter to safety.

Xena moved slowly through the cabin listening to the sounds around her. She wondered just how far her mother had been able to lead the man before he realized that he had been tricked. Her worst fears were quickly brought to reality as she heard the crazed mans voice outside the cabin.

"Xena ...Warrior...I have something you may want," he hissed.

The warrior looked out the window and saw the old lunatic with his sword pressed against Cyrene’s throat. He laughed at the concern in Xena’s eyes.

"Now you just come on out of there. Surrender yourself to justice, and maybe, just maybe I won’t slit her throat," he said.

Xena glared at the man and turned laying Tarren gently down on a table. She kissed her daughter’s cheek and started for the door.

"No Momma don’t go!" the child cried, grabbing onto the warrior’s arm.

Xena stared down at her daughter wishing she could stay and hold her. "I have to honey, but don’t worry I’ll be back. I promise," she whispered, caressing the youngster’s cheek with the back of her hand.

Gabrielle put an arm on her friend’s arm. "Xena he’s crazy," she warned.

The warrior smiled at her friend, "Gabrielle he has my mother, " she whispered, again looking down at her own child.

"You two stay right here. Don’t move from this spot for anything understand?" the warrior ordered.

The bard nodded and Xena could only smile at her friend, knowing she wanted more than anything to help in this battle, but the child just stared at her mother with tears in her eyes.

"Momma!" she cried, reaching for her mother’s arm.

"Tarren stay here, right here. Gabrielle will take care of you until I get back," she said sternly. The child could feel the tears rushing down her cheek as she watched her warrior mother leave the cabin.

Xena moved quickly to face the mad man who held her mother in his filthy grip.

"Well, well the great Warrior Princess. You don’t seem so mighty now do ya," he laughed.

Cyrene cringed under the tight hold of Metilius, and Xena felt her rage building at the sight.

"Now then warrior drop your sword," he ordered.

Xena reached behind her and took her sword from its sheath dropping it quickly to the ground in front of her.

"Now let her go," she ordered, slowly moving towards the crazed old man.

Metilius just laughed wildly. "What? Why, the fun is just beginning. Now throw that spinning disc of yours next to the sword," he said with a wicked smile, carefully placing his blade next to Cyrene’s face.

"Don’t do it daughter...think of the little one. She needs you," the grandmother said with a proud glare.

Xena nodded at her mother. "She needs us both Mother, and she shall have us both I promise," she whispered. The warrior fingered her chakrum and then dropped it in the dirt beside her sword.

Metilius pointed his sword at Xena and laughed. "What makes you think I will let any of you live warrior? You killed my daughter and now I’m gonna kill everything dear to you, and then I’m gonna kill you...slowly," he said with a roar.

Gabrielle watched from the window, trying to think of something that she could do to help her friends. She noted how closely the blade was held to Cyrene’s neck and knew one wrong move could cost the woman her life. The bard watched the tense muscles of her large friend. Xena was anxious at the sight of her mother’s pain, and she wanted more than anything to end this nightmare.

Tarren listened quietly to the exchange outside, and when she heard Metilius say he would kill her mother, slipped off the table, chucks in hand and raced out the door before the bard could stop her.

"Momma!" the youngster yelled, falling in front of the warrior.

Xena quickly pulled the child safely in front of her.

"Momma," she whispered again, her legs giving quickly out from under her. The warrior stared at her daughter noting the lump on her head was larger than she had thought.

"Get back inside," Xena yelled in a low husky voice, closing her eyes to hide the tears in her own eyes.

"Wait!" the old man ordered. "Xena you have a daughter?" he asked with a crazed laugh, turning the direction of his sword slowly from Cyrene to the child.

Those words had sealed this man’s fate.

Tarren clung to her mother’s armor trying to stand straight. The blow to her head had left the little girl dazed and unsteady. Xena watched the mad man in front of her with one eye and dropped to her knee protectively in front of her daughter. "I told you to stay inside. Why can’t you ever do what your told?" she scolded in a broken husky whisper, tears filling her eyes at the sight of her injured child.

Tarren’s lip quivered as she stared at the dark blue gaze of her mother. In that one single moment she saw all the anger, love, fear, and rage that was in the woman’s heart.

"I’m sorry Momma. I just wanted to give you something," she whispered, slowly dropping her chucks on the ground beneath her, out of the sight of Metilius.


Xena stared at the weapons and shook her head in wonder. "Go back inside little one," she said gently kissing the youngsters cheek and slowly lifting the chucks into her left hand.

"Oh how sweet...I think I’ll kill your child first Xena," he said with a growl.

Xena quickly pushed Tarren back in the cabin into the bards waiting embrace. The young woman this time held the child firmly in place not allowing her to even watch the exchange.

Having heard Metilius threaten the life of her granddaughter gave Cyrene a courage and strength she never knew she had. The grandmother quickly elbowed the man in the gut throwing him off balance enough for Xena to lift the chucks in the air spinning them into a small cyclone as they flew through the air wrapping tightly around Metilius’s throat sending him to the ground. The great Warrior Princess lifted her sword and vaulted over her mother yelling her famous battle cry.

The old man pulled the wands from his neck and grabbed his sword. "Very well Xena, you can go to Hades first," he said waving his blade in the air.

Xena smiled with relief as she watched her mother reach the cabin with the bard’s help. Wit her family now safe the Warrior Princess was free to use all her many skills. She warrior playfully tossed her blade form hand to hand. "Come on Metunius take your best shot," she said through clenched teeth, remembering the lump on her daughter’s head and the red mark on the bard’s cheek.

The madman swung his blade and the warrior blocked it and kicked him to the ground with an easy blow. The large man rolled in the dirt and jumped to his feet. Xena could not help but find some pity for this lost soul that stood before her.

"Your daughter was my friend, and she died because she had a father who was a coward and a fool," Xena hissed, as her sword clashed with the man in battle. "Now I don’t want to kill you Metilius so drop your sword," she begged, hoping he would surrender.

The crazy man’s rage erupted as the memory of that day came flowing back to him. He swung his sword at Xena with all his might but it was a move made in vein. The warrior’s expert blade caught him in the midsection and he slid slowly to the ground.

Gabrielle came running to her friend’s side as the man lay dying. He looked up at the bard and smiled." Terius my daughter, Forgive me," he said, before closing his eyes and heading to wherever lunatics spend eternity.

Xena sheathed her sword and closed her eyes asking forgiveness from her friend of long ago. "Find peace old man," she said throwing a cloak over the fallen figure from a time long ago.

Cyrene could not contain the small child any longer. She burst out the door and ran to the warrior stopping only a few feet away. Xena turned and looked at her daughter.

"Momma," the little girl whispered, not quite sure if her presence was welcome.

The warrior mother saw the innocent face of her young daughter looking up at her. Xena let out a long breath and dropped to her knees, allowing the child to fall into her embrace.

"Are you Ok Momma?" she asked as she saw a tear fall down the warrior’s cheek.

"I am now little one...I am now," Xena said softly, holding her child closely.

"Are you mad at me?" Tarren asked, staring longingly at the chucks lying in the dirt at the warrior’s feet. She wanted them back, but wasn’t sure if this was a good time to bring it up.

Xena shook her head and picked the wand weapons up and handed them to her young daughter. "No I’m not mad at you," she said cradling the injured youngster.

"Am I in trouble?" the child asked quietly.

Xena smiled. "Brat you are always in trouble," she said with a laugh, caressing the child’s cheek.

"Can I have a pony?" the little girl asked with a sly grin.

Xena stopped and stared in disbelief at the youngster’s persistence. The warrior mother laughed and then answered finally, "No pony!"


Chapter 9 – Forever Together

Tarren lay squirming on the bed as the warrior placed the poultice on the injury.

"Will you stay still," Xena ordered. The anxious child just stared at the faces of her mother, Cyrene, and Gabrielle.

"I want to go on the picnic," the child whined.

The older woman smiled, "Don’t worry little one. There will be plenty of picnics for us to go on when you are up and around," the grandmother said softly.

Xena carefully bandaged the wound. "Now you are gonna have to stay in bed for the rest of the day, and I don’t want any arguments. Your head has a bad bruise and you have to stay still to let it heal. No getting up," the warrior mother ordered, gently fingering the youngster’s chin.

The child said nothing but looked longingly out the window wanting to go play. "Can I have a pony?" she asked with a mischievous glint.

Xena looked at her mother and the bard who both chuckled at the request. The warrior frowned as she stared at her daughter. "No, for the very last time, you cannot have a pony," she gently scolded.

The child started to get out of the bed. "If I can’t have a pony then I’m getting up," the youngster said with a smirk.

The warrior mother gently pushed her back onto the large pallet. She quickly held up

her hand with the tiny scars in the center and pointed to it. "Tarren tell me what you see," she said quietly.

The youngster smiled eagerly at her mother. "We played this game already Momma. I see that my mom loves me," the child said quickly, happy with herself for knowing the answer.

The warrior nodded. "Very good little one. That’s right. What else do you see?" she asked.

The child looked at the hand again and shrugged. " I dunno what?" she asked with a confused look.

Xena grinned and lowered her face so close to her young daughter’s that they were nose to nose. "You see the hand that’s gonna warm your backside if you try to get out of this bed again before I say you can," she warned, tenderly rubbing the child’s face.


Tarren’s smile disappeared, "Yes Momma," she moaned and the warrior mother smiled. "Good now you lie here and relax. Gabrielle will tell you a story and then I’ll come back in and stay with you in a bit," she said quickly.

The child grabbed her mother’s hand. "You won’t be long will ya Momma?" she asked with pleading innocent eyes.

Xena shook her head and kissed the youngster’s forehead. "No honey just long enough to take care of Argo." she said with a gentle smile.

Gabrielle touched Xena’s shoulder, and the warrior stood looking into the swollen face of her young friend. "How are you doing?" she whispered to the bard.

The young woman nodded. "I’m Ok. It takes more than a mad man to knock an amazon queen down warrior," she said quietly.

The warrior wrapped a loving arm around her friend, grateful for everything she always was and would be for the warrior and her daughter. Gabrielle smiled. "Hey relax warrior you don’t think some big guy knocking me around is gonna hurt me do ya?" she asked with a tender look.

Xena shook her head and caressed the wound on the young woman’s face. "When I come back, you’re my next patient," she said pointing to the small swelling on the bard’s cheek.

Gabrielle nodded and then sat beside the child ready to tell her story. Xena slipped out of the room before Tarren could notice.

"Gabby you don’t look so good," Tarren whispered, gently touching the bard’s face.


Gabrielle kissed the youngsters hand. "Hey brat you are not exactly looking like a 100 dinars yourself, " she whispered fighting back a tear. The bard quickly crawled on the pallet next to the child ready to begin telling a wondrous tale.



"Can I have a pony?"

The bard smiled. "Switching strategies hey kid...Well it won’t work...No pony...yet," she said with a playful giggle. Tarren smiled broadly knowing that she had found a new allie in her fight for her pony.


Xena strode out to the barn and unsaddled Argo and began rubbing her down. The warrior was quiet and stoic and lost in thought. She turned quickly when the small figure of her mother came up behind her.

"Are you all right daughter?" she asked.

"Sure, Mom...I’m not the one who got hurt."

Cyrene took her daughter’s arm and forced her to face her. "Xena I am your mother and you can’t hide from me anymore than Tarren can hide her pain from you. I see the wound inside."

Xena dropped the brush to the ground and slumped to her knees. "Mother I nearly lost her. I nearly lost her again, "the warrior daughter said with a broken voice. Cyrene held her daughter’s head in her hands burying it deep within her chest, stroking the Xena’s head lovingly.

"No did what every mother does. You protected her. Xena every day we walk on this earth we stand the chance of something taking our life from us. It’s just part of the fate’s wishes. That child is alive and well because she has a mother that loves her. Don’t think of what might happen, daughter. Be thankful for what did not. She is your daughter Xena and I cannot think of better hands for her to be in and a better person to raise her than you. I am very proud of you my daughter...very proud." Cyrene said holding her chin high in the air as she spoke.

Xena looked at her mother astonished by the words she was hearing. "You’re proud of me?" she asked. Cyrene nodded. "Of course daughter you are my greatest accomplishment."

Xena held her mother not wanting to let go...feeling safe in the arms of this woman who now loved her unconditionally.



Cyrene gently closed the door after the sleeping forms of her daughter and granddaughter neatly sleeping in each other’s embrace.

Gabrielle turned to the older woman, "Both sound asleep?" she asked.

"My daughter is exhausted and the youngster is wide awake I am sure," the older woman said with a chuckle.

The bard smiled as she followed Cyrene back to the kitchen for some tea. The older woman sighed. "Well I guess after all that’s happened you three will want to get going as soon as the little one is well."

Gabrielle shook her head and sipped at her tea. "Well actually Cyrene, Xena and I were talking about it and since we have no dragons to slay or warlords to crush at the moment, we thought we’d stay a bit longer."

The older woman smiled at the news.

"Xena’s birthday is coming up next week, and I think she would much rather spend it here than anywhere else," the bard said with a quick smile.

Cyrene jumped back with excitement. "Child I cannot remember the last time Xena spent her birthday here. We can have a party."


Gabrielle’s face went blank. "A party? Uh...You know Xena ...she’s not big on parties."

Cyrene shrugged. "Oh we’ll...we’ll just have a small party."

The bard shook her head knowing better than to try and argue with the warrior’s mother,

"Ok if you insist. You’re the boss Cyrene."

The older woman nodded. "That I do... and that I am," she said with a wide smile. Soon the two women were lost in gentle laughter as they began planning a warrior birthday bash.


Xena rolled her eyes gently as she stared at the child nuzzled closely at her side. "I know you are not asleep Tarren," she said with a twisted grin.

The youngster’s eyes popped open. "How’d you know?" she asked, disappointed that she had been discovered.

The warrior grinned. "I have many skills little one. Besides I’m your mother. Haven’t you learned that you can’t hide anything from me?" she teased.

Tarren giggled rolling on her side to face the warrior. "Hmm I guess not. Can I get up now?" she begged.

Xena shook her head. "No, you can’t get up now. You have to stay still until I am sure your head wound is healing," she ordered, tucking the little girl safely under her arm.

It had actually been more than a day since the child had been hurt and the warrior felt confident that the wound was healing, but she felt better with the youngster lying safely at her side.

"But I wanna get up!" the child whined.

The warrior held her hand up in the air showing the little girl the small scars again, reminding the child of all they represented.

The youngster groaned and sulking buried her head in her mother’s chest, pulling the blankets over her head so as not to be seen. Xena chuckled at the action and slowly peeled the blankets away until she could see her daughter’s blue eyes looking up at her.

"Tomorrow you can get up and run around and see what kind of trouble you can get into, but right now I want you here with me," the warrior said quietly pulling the child beside her.

Tarren pursed her lips together in a smirk. "Well if you can’t live without me," she said with a quick grin.

Xena nodded. "No I can’t...not for a minute you little monster," the warrior said squeezing the child tightly.

Tarren smiled at her mother’s desire for her company, but then quickly became lost in a passing thought. "Momma why did that man want to hurt us?" she asked remembering the large mans fist falling against her face.

Xena’s hold tightened on her daughter and she stroked the youngsters wound gently.

"Sometimes people get lost Tarren, and they can’t find their way back. His heart was lost in a time long ago, and he was not able to escape the pain and anger of his own failings, so he wanted to hurt other people hoping it would set him free. Do you understand?" she asked slowly.

The youngster shook her head. "Nope, not at all! But it doesn’t matter cause you stopped him Momma, and Grandmother did pretty good... for an old woman that is."

Xena smiled to herself hearing her daughter refer to Cyrene as Grandmother for the first time. She was sure in time that they would all find a neutral ground on which they could strengthen their bonds as a family.

"Yeah she did pretty well, but I wouldn’t let her hear you call her an old woman Tarren," she said with a chuckle.

The child raised her eyebrow and shrugged not sure why the facts would bother the old woman. However having found Xena’s word’s safer to follow than to ignore the child made a mental note. "No calling the old woman... an old woman."


Xena lay back and thought about her mother. The woman who had raised her, had taken care of her, had been a mother first and foremost, risked her life in true warrior fashion to save the ones she loved. She smiled realizing for the first time that she had as much to learn about her own mother as Cyrene had to learn about her.

"Momma?" the small voice whispered again.

"Yes Tarren," the warrior said wearily, wishing the child would go to sleep.

"About the pony?" the child whispered softly.

The warrior smiled in the darkness of the room and turned on her side to face the youngster. "Tarren taking care of another living thing is a big responsibility and not one you are old enough or ready for. It is a privilege you have not yet earned little one, so NO PONY!" she said firmly, playfully poking the youngsters side.

The little girl shrugged knowing she would have to find more wisdom and better weapons for this battle to be one. "Momma?" she whispered again and the warrior frowned at the still wide-awake youngster.

"Yes Tarren," she said softly, not wanting the little girl to hear her impatience.

"Which am I a responsibility or a privilege?" the child asked not sure which was better.

The warrior mother smiled broadly as she thought about the question. Xena pulled the youngster into her arms holding her in the air above her. "You my little princess are both!" she said bringing her little girl close to her chest for a gentle hug. "You are definitely both!"

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