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Disclaimer: I do not own Xena, Gabrielle, Janice, or Mel MCA/Universal does. Teddy and others are my own creation.

Sex/Violence: A little violence but not much

Sorry this is coming so late, I have been very busy this summer and my computer stopped working for a while. But all is well, and I can finally get this out so enjoy!!

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Part   1   2   3

Accidental Find

By Dark_Xena


Part 2

Janice was so excited she talked none-stop the entire flight. She acted like a little kid during Christmas. She could hardly wait to see the scrolls and start translating them. She jumped out of her seat the minute the plane had stopped. "Hold on will you, the scrolls arenít going anywhere." Teddy said as she walked out of the plane.

"We have been searching for them for years." Janice said as she climbed into Teddyís car.


The room was cold, dark, and smelled funny. Taylor tried looking around to see the room but in the darkness she could only make out a few things. What little light that was in the room was coming from a small desk lamp at the other end of the room. The rest of the room was black. Taylorís wrists hurt because of the tight rope that binded them. The rope had begun to dig into her wrists and every time she moved a shot of pain would run through them.

She could hear menís voices in another room but the words were hard to make out. They seemed to be getting closer and then she heard a key unlock the door to the room she was in. Light flooded the room as the door opened and two men walked in. "Hey it looks like the brat is awake" a deep voice said.

Taylor just glared at him and tried to get her hands free. The man laughed at her struggle and said to the man standing next to him "Looky hear we have a little spit fire on our hands."

"My mom will come and get me and when she does you are going to get it." Taylor said as she tried kicking the nearest man.

"You are going to learn some manners little girl." The man growled as he slapped Taylor

Taylorís head snapped back and cracked against the wall. Taylor was engulfed into unconscienceness and the men left laughing.


Teddy finally pulled into her driveway and Janice jumped out before Teddy even stopped the car. Teddy smiled and parked her car and got out to join Janice inside. Teddyís smile quickly faded as she saw her mom lying on the floor. "Mel, Mel come on wake up." Janice said as she shook the fallen woman.

Teddy knelt down beside Janice and tilted Melís head and saw dried blood on the side of her head. "Oh god, we need to get this cleaned now." Teddy said with fear and worry in her voice.

Janice and Teddy gently carried Mel to her bedroom. Teddy gently washed away the dried blood and looked at the small cut that ran down her forehead. It wasnít very deep but a mean looking bruise was starting to form around the cut. Teddy finished cleaning Melís face and applied a Band-Aid to the cut.

Mel began to stir and Teddy leaned over and said "Mom, are you ok? Janice is here."

Melís eyes slowly opened and they sadly looked up at Teddy. "Iím sorry, I tried to protect her. I just couldnít get them away. I am so sorry." Mel said as tears streamed down her face.

Teddy just stared down at her mother with a questioning look on her face. "They took her, Teddy they took Taylor."

Teddyís face went white and in a small voice she said "No"


Through the blackness Taylor heard voices that seemed close. As the blackness faded Taylor realized the voices were inside the room. The light blinded her and she squinted until her eyes adjusted to the light.

"These are worth a fortune, I donít want anything to happen to them" a man said

"I donít know, they just look like a bunch of pictures," another man said.

"You idiot those pictures are ancient Greek writing."

"What does it say?"

"I donít know but I know someone who does."


"Who took her, did you see the person." Teddy asked her mother.

"Mel looked sadly into her daughterís eyes "It was Eric, Iím sorry I didnít know it was him till it was too late."

Mel was surprised to see that Teddyís face showed no sign of emotion. Her dark blue eyes flashed with anger. It was a look that she hadnít seen in a very long time. "Who is Eric?" Janice asked breaking the silence

"Taylorís father" Teddy said with anger dripping form her mouth.

Teddy stood up and tried to organize her thoughts, she need to clear her mind and form a plan to get Taylor back. "Why would he take Taylor and the scrolls?" Janice asked trying to make sense of all this.

"Because she can sort of read them and he now has something to use against me." Teddy said

"Do you have any idea where he might have taken her?"

"Maybe, if he hasnít changed. Which I doubt very much."


"Hey kid it is time we get some use out of you."

"My name is Taylor and I donít want to do anything for you."

"Well to bad you donít have a choice," the man said

The man who had been talking to Taylor motioned for the gut next to him to pick Taylor up. The man did what was instructed and placed Taylor at the desk and untied her hands. He took the rope and tied her feet to the chair, so she couldnít get up. The other man slid a scroll in front of her and handed a pen and pad of paper to her. "Now I want you to translate as much of this as you can and no one will get hurt."

"Oh and donít try anything or your mom gets it."

Taylorís face got hard and she glared at the man next to her. "You canít touch my mom."

"Well I wouldnít try that theory if I were you." The man said as he closed the door leaving Taylor all alone.

Taylor sat staring at the scroll in front of her. She kind of new how to read it but she couldnít read Greek very well. She only knew a few words and the alphabet and that was all. So this was going to take awhile. She sighed and started working on translating the scroll, wishing her mom were here to help her.


The three women were silent as Teddyís car zipped down the street. Each was lost in their own thoughts and worries. Suddenly catching everyone off guard Teddy turned the car down an old dirt road that leads to what looked like nowhere. "Are you sure you know where you are going?" Janice asked sounding a little skeptical.

"Yea, this is the way to Ericís house. If you can call it that."

Finally Teddy slowed the car and stopped behind a group of very over grown bushes. On the other side stood a decent sized house that was in dire need of a paint job and repairs. A beat up truck sat out front, and light was coming from what was probably a TV room. Teddy checked the small gun she kept with her at almost all times. She surveyed the area and quickly formed a plan. "I will take the back, mom you take the side, and Janice you take the front and be careful." With that the group spilt up and made their way to the house.


Taylor sat at the desk trying to go as fast as she could. She had only translated a little bit of it, but it was definitely a Xena Scroll. The writing was not the same as the others and it talked more about Gabrielle than Xena. So Taylor thought that maybe Xena had written it herself.

Taylorís neck was beginning to hurt from bending it so long. She wanted her mom to rub it for her to get the kinks out and then she wanted to climb into her arms and stay there forever. Taylor knew her mom was going to find her so she just kept trying to read the scroll.


Teddy walked quietly to the back of the house to look for a window. She saw part of one sticking out form beneath a mass of vines. She pulled the vines away from the window and saw her daughter sitting at a desk hunched over a scroll. She tried the window but it was stuck because of the vines. She pulled some more vines out of the way and tried the window again. The window squeaked open as Teddy slowly opened it.

Taylorís head jerked up and saw her mother climbing through the window. Taylor wished she could run up to her but she was tightly tied to the chair. She opened her mouth but Teddy singled her to stay quiet. As Teddy made her way to her daughter she heard a click of a gun behind her.

She spun around to see Eric holding a gun, which was pointed at Taylor. "Stay right where you are or I shot her." Eric said flicking the gun at Taylor.

Teddy, not showing the fear she felt and keep her voice very calm said, "You donít have the balls to do it."

"Do you want to test that theory?"

"Fine what do you want?"

I want you to translate the scrolls so I can find out where the great Warrior Princessís final resting place is."

"Why do you care"

"Because the discovery of the Warrior Princessís final resting place has alluded some of the best archeologists in the world. And that discovery can make me a fortune."

"Mommy I want to go home"

"SHUT UP brat!!" Eric yelled letting his defense slip ever so slightly.

Teddy took that opportunity to move closer to her daughter. But she was stopped short when Eric realized he had slipped. He regained his attention and pointed the gun straight at Taylorís head. "I told you what would happen if you moved." Eric said and smiled as her pulled the trigger and a shot rang out.


To Be Continued...

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