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Disclaimer: I do not own Xena, Gabrielle, Janice Covington, Melinda Pappas, etc MCA/Universal does.

Sex/Violence: None

Authors Note: This is an uber story, it is also my first attempt at fan fiction, so comments are greatly appreciated.
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Accidental Find

By Dark_Xena


Part 1

"No! That is unacceptable I don’t care how many times you have tried. Try again and this time don’t take no for an answer!" Teddy Grey pushed the "end" button of her cell phone a little harder than necessary. Her blue eyes flashed with anger. Sometimes she just couldn’t stand being around people. She took a few deep breaths, turned and walked down the steep hill into the dig site. They had been digging for almost a week and found very little. But she knew that this would take time, nothing came easy in archeology. Teddy and her team arrived in Greece a month earlier in search of the Temple of Artemis that the Amazons built. Teddy had been fascinated with the Amazons as long as she could remember, and this would be the find of a lifetime if she pulled it off. "Teddy! We might have found something!!" A voice called from the middle of the sight.

Teddy made her way over to the origination of the voice. It was Brian the son of the guy who was funding this dig. Teddy tied her jet black hair back and kneeled down to get a closer look. It looked like some kind of metal plate with intricate designs all over it. Teddy took a brush and gently brushed away some of the dirt covering the metal. She tried lifting the plate but it wouldn’t budge. She grabbed a small shovel and dug around the plate. But it wasn’t a plate it was a box that was decorated with all sorts of symbols just as elaborate as the lid. They lifted the box from the dirt and brushed off the rest of the dirt, and then Teddy lifted the lid and looked inside. Inside in a neat pile lay tightly rolled scrolls. Teddy reached in and gently took out a scroll. She untied the leather string and slowly unrolled the parchment; Teddy let out a gasp. "What is it, what’s wrong?" Brian asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"Get my bag." Was all Teddy said, she couldn’t take her eyes off the scroll she held.

Brian ran to the tent, which had all off Teddy’s things. He grabbed a large black bag that Teddy used to carry artifacts. He brought it back to Teddy and she began to put the scrolls in the bag. Once she had put all the scrolls in the bag she got up and started to walk away. "Keep digging I have to go home." And with that Teddy walked back to her truck and called for her plane to be ready by the time she got to the airport.

Teddy arrived at her home in Virginia early the next mourning. She quietly made her way in and set the bag on the kitchen table. "Mommy!!" Teddy turned to see her daughter Taylor running toward her. Her long auburn hair was a mess and she looked like she had been up for a while.

Teddy lifted Taylor up and gave her a big hug. "What are you doing up this early?"

"She is just like her mom, she always gets up too early."

Teddy set down Teddy and smiled "Hi mom, I found something you might want to see."

"It couldn’t wait till next week, when you were supposed to get back."

"No this is something that couldn’t wait." Teddy said as she opened the bag on the table.

Teddy lifted out one of the scrolls that she had found at the site. She handed it to her mom and watched her blue eyes light up. She gently opened the scroll and her face paled and she had to sit down. "Wh... Whe... Where did you find this."

"We found it at the Temple site that I was digging at, I thought you might want to see these."

"Would you get me the phone please"

Teddy handed her mother the cordless phone and sat down across from her mother, as her mother quickly dialed the number even Teddy knew by heart.

"Janice, hi it’s Mel." "Yea I know it has been awhile." "Well if you would stop complaining I will tell you the reason I am calling. You will never guess what I have sitting right here in front of me. The last of Gabrielle’s scrolls."

Teddy could her the whoop that Janice gave and she smiled as Mel started yelling at Janice to calm down. Even in their old age those two still had a lot of spunk. "You really need to see these........ I am sure she would be happy to fly you here." "OK I will ask her." Mel looked at Teddy and said "Would you go and fly Janice here so she can get a look at these?"

"Of course it is not that far, an hour tops. Tell her I am leaving for the airport now."

"She is leaving for the airport now. Yea I will see you in awhile."

Mel hung up the phone and picked up the scroll she had been looking at. "Grandma, what are you looking at?" Taylor asked

Mel picked Taylor up and set her in her lap. "This is a scroll, it is like a book. It belonged to a very famous storyteller. Her name was Gabrielle and she wrote stories full of adventure and fantasy. Me and Aunt Janice have been looking for these for years."

"Like the stories you tell me?"

"Exactly, in fact some of those stories are hers"

"Wow, and mommy found these."

"Yes she did"

Just then a knock came at the door. Mel placed the scroll back in the bag and slowly got up to get the door. She opened it up and her face paled. "Grandma who is it?" Taylor asked from the hallway.

The person at the door pushed past Mel and went toward Taylor. "Taylor RUN." Cried Mel.


To Be Continued...

Part   1   2   3

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