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A Soul Reunited (part 2)

by Dr.Bob

Disclaimers: This story contains sexual scenes of two women in love. If this offends you please stop reading and read another story.

[Author's note: Part of this story was written just a few weeks before "Return of Callisto." So, in trying to maintain continuity, in THIS reality, Callisto killed Perdicas the afternoon of the wedding, BEFORE the wedding night. I've yet to meet someone who had a problem with this. ;) ]

Xena hurried into the cave as the rain started to come down harder. She leaned forward, shaking the water out of her hair. "Look, Gabrielle, I'm sorry if I...," she stopped as she looked around, finally realizing Gabrielle was not in the cave. Turning around, she walked back outside into the rain. "Gabrielle?!" she called out the woman's name. She walked over to Argo, who was managing to stay relatively dry, and looked around. Gabrielle wasn't there either. She knew she hadn't passed her on her way from the pool. She quickly walked back into the cave. Looking over towards their things for the first time, her eyes went wide as she noticed Gabrielle's bag was gone. Looking through the large saddlebags, she saw that her staff was gone as well.

"Damnit!!" she cursed aloud as she rose and walked outside again. "Gabrielle!?!" She heard her cry echo off the cliff wall and mingle with the sounds of the storm. There was no answer. She wasn't sure why she thought there might be. She closed her eyes as lightning streaked again across the sky followed by the expected thunderclap. She cursed again as she began to worry. She looked briefly towards Argo and then set off through the woods on her own. Gabrielle couldn't have gotten far on foot.

Exiting the tree line, she ran down the small hill towards the road. She couldn't see very far with the heavy rain coming down steadily. Using her hands to shield her eyes from the downpour, she looked down the road heading towards the northeast, cursing at the limited visibility. She turned and ran up the steep hill they'd crested earlier that afternoon. Reaching the top, she squinted as she quickly scanned the road in both directions, hoping Gabrielle would've had enough sense not to try and walk cross-country in a raging storm. Shielding her eyes again, she stared back down the road in the direction they'd come from, waiting. "Come on, come on, come on....," she grumbled to herself. As the sky brightened from the lightning once more, she quickly scanned the length of the road as far as she could. She took a relieved breath as she spotted Gabrielle in the distance, heading back south.

She took off running, heedless of the quickly muddying road. Her long legs ate up the distance between her and the younger woman. As she got closer, she hollered her name. Either Gabrielle couldn't hear her or she was ignoring her. As she finally caught up to her, she stopped in front of Gabrielle, blocking her path. As she tried to go around, Xena put an arm across her chest, stopping her. "Gabrielle, where are you going?"

Gabrielle continued to try and push past her, looking down towards the ground. "Just let me go. I...can't..."

Xena couldn't make out all of what the woman was saying. "Gabrielle?" When she still wouldn't look up at her, Xena gently placed a hand under her chin. Despite the pouring rain, she could tell that Gabrielle was crying. "Please Gabrielle. Tell me what's wrong."

The woman tried to pull back, shaking her head and looking towards the ground again. "I...can't stay with you any's too hard....I.."

Gabrielle wasn't making any sense. Xena, getting frustrated, grabbed her by the arms and shook her once. "Gabrielle, you listen to me! I've lost too many people I've loved. I'm not going to lose you as well."

She watched as Gabrielle looked back up to her, trying to say something. The woman closed her eyes and started to turn away.

Xena prayed to the Gods she wasn't about to make things worse. She placed her left arm around Gabrielle's waist and used her right to tilt the woman's face up to hers. Before Gabrielle could react, she leaned down and kissed her. Lightly at first, but then deeper. Deep enough that no mistake could be made as to the intent. Xena felt a warmth flush through her entire body. While she didn't feel the woman reciprocate the kiss, she noticed Gabrielle didn't pull away either. Easing back slowly, she stared down at Gabrielle's confused expression. She looked so innocent and timid. Xena felt her heart flutter, realizing she wanted to spend the rest of her life protecting Gabrielle from anything that could hurt her. She raised a hand to the bard’s cheek, touching it tenderly. "Gabrielle,...I.."

They both flinched as lightning struck a tree in the nearby field. Gabrielle hugged Xena tightly as deafening thunder echoed across the night sky. The rain continued to pour as Xena looked down to the trembling woman. "Gabrielle, let's go back to the cave. Okay?"

Gabrielle looked up to her; the confusion still there.

Xena reached down and took her hand. She turned and led the woman back down the road, smiling as she took comfort from Gabrielle's firm grip.


The rain had started to slacken by the time they reached the cave. Gabrielle followed Xena in and went to stand by the fire, not saying anything. Xena threw an armful of wood onto the low flames, glad that she'd gotten as much as she had. She went over and picked up a couple of their blankets. Walking back, she handed one to Gabrielle, "Here. Get out of those wet clothes."

Gabrielle, still staring into the fire, hesitantly took the blanket. Xena watched as she went to the far end of the cave to change. Remaining near the fire, she removed her boots and armor. She then leaned over and wrung out her hair as much as possible. After she'd wrapped the blanket around her, she bent over and picked up her things. As she walked to the back of the cave, Gabrielle passed her without saying a word. She laid out her armor to dry on a relatively clean section of floor. She walked over and did the same for Gabrielle's outfit which the bard had left piled in the corner.

As she came back towards the front end of the cave, she noticed Gabrielle sitting with her back against the far wall. "Gabrielle, come sit near the fire. You need to get warm."

She started to speak but stopped to clear her throat. "I'm fine," she said softly.

"Gabrielle, you're soaked. You need to warm up or you'll get sick. It's a lot easier for you to move to the fire than for me to move the fire to you." She'd hoped to make her smile, but didn't get any reaction at all. "I can carry you, you know?" She watched as Gabrielle timidly rose, walked over, and sat next to the fire, all but her head covered by the blanket. Xena sat down to her left.

After a few moments of silence, Xena turned and pulled their ration bag out from their things. "We've got a good bit of food left if you're hungry?"

"No, thank you," she replied softly, still staring into the flames.

"Wow, Gabrielle not hungry. Maybe we should check and see if Tartarus has frozen over." Xena frowned as she didn't even get a grin out of the younger woman. She realized that Gabrielle hadn't looked at her once since they'd returned to the cave. Xena put away the bag and stared into the fire for a while. She eventually looked outside and noticed the rain had reduced to a light drizzle. She looked back to Gabrielle, who may as well have been a statue. Xena finally broke the silence. "Gabrielle? Gabrielle, look at me. Please."

Gabrielle turned her head slightly and looked sideways to her for a few seconds before staring back at the fire.

"Gabrielle, we have to talk about what happened. Why were you at the pond earlier?" She watched as the woman sniffled. Afraid that she would start crying again, Xena moved closer and rested a hand on her shoulder as she said soothingly, "Gabrielle, I'm not upset with you. Just tell me the truth."

Gabrielle took a deep breath and cleared her throat again. She spoke quietly, "The thunder had woke me up and I got worried when I saw you weren't here. I went outside to find you and ended up near the pool. That's when I saw you... I saw you..."

"Okay, you saw me." She looked carefully at Gabrielle as she asked her next question, "How long were you there?"

"Not long, I..," she stopped as she finally looked up into Xena's stare. "A while," she admitted softly as she stared back into the fire, not understanding why Xena wasn't furious with her.

Xena took a while to muster the courage for her next question. "Gabrielle, why...why were you watching me?"

Gabrielle sat quietly for moment. She finally looked back to Xena and swallowed before asking her own question, "Why did you kiss me like that?"

Now it was Xena's turn to stare into the dancing flames. She tried thinking of something to tell her. She almost laughed as she imagined she could hear Wylan's voice, urging her on, "Go ahead Xena! You can't put the shit back in the horse now." She looked up to see Gabrielle still staring at her. She looked back down, not quite sure she'd be able to say what she wanted eye to eye. She suddenly found that she was having trouble speaking. "I...uh...I've wanted to for a long time. Kiss you, I mean."

"You have?" Gabrielle asked, giggling slightly.

Xena looked up to her. Momentarily thinking she was laughing at her until she recognized the relief on Gabrielle's face. It had been the same kind of laugh you made as a child after you'd cried because you'd thought something would be really bad. Only to have an adult show you that it wasn't bad at all. Seeing Gabrielle smile again was like having a great weight being lifted off of her chest. "Gabrielle, I...," she growled quietly as she looked back down, trying to form the words to explain how she felt.

"Would you still like to?" Gabrielle asked softly.

Xena blinked several times before looking back up to her, "Wh..What?"

"Would you...still like to kiss me?" Gabrielle asked, forcing herself not to look away this time.

Xena only nodded and let out something akin to a sigh, unable to form anything resembling coherent speech.

Keeping their eyes locked, the two slowly leaned closer to each other. They tilted their heads slightly as their mouths drew nearer. Xena closed her eyes as her lips met with Gabrielle's. She went slowly, deciding to let Gabrielle set the pace. She was surprised when she suddenly felt Gabrielle's tongue gently trace across her lips. She opened her mouth slightly, allowing her friend entrance. She heard Gabrielle moan as their tongues met, dancing together.

Xena pulled back slowly, looking into Gabrielle's eyes. A strange euphoria passed through her as she beheld an expression she'd never seen before from Gabrielle, desire.

Gabrielle, her heart racing, leaned forward again, a little quicker this time. She brought her right hand behind Xena's neck as she kissed the woman. Their mouths worked together as she felt Xena's hand run through her hair. Gabrielle kissed her way over Xena's chin, moving down her neck slowly. She grinned as she was rewarded with a moan from her friend. She kissed her way down to Xena's collarbone and worked across to her shoulder, nibbling on it softly.

Xena, her head swimming, pulled Gabrielle back to her lips. They knelt next to each other for several moments, kissing passionately. Xena finally pulled back, trying to catch her breath. As she looked onto Gabrielle's beautiful face, she suddenly found the strength to tell the woman what she'd wanted to for so long. Taking Gabrielle's hand in hers, she placed her other one tenderly against the woman's face. "Gabrielle, I love you."

The woman placed her hand over Xena's on her cheek. "I love you, too. I have for so long."

Xena watched Gabrielle's eyes get watery. "Hey, don't start crying." She leaned in for another quick kiss before pulling back a bit, her face only a few inches from Gabrielle's. "I love you so much." She kissed her deeply on the mouth and worked her way along Gabrielle's cheek towards her ear. "I love you. I love you. I want to keep telling you until you get sick of hearing it."

Gabrielle sighed as she felt Xena nibble on her ear. She whispered back, "Don't tell me. Show me."

Xena pulled back and looked again into Gabrielle's magnificent eyes. The passion she saw there made her heart beat even faster. She leaned in again and started to kiss Gabrielle once more before pulling back. "No," she said, looking towards the back of the cave.

Gabrielle suddenly became frightened as her prospective lover pulled away, "Xena, what is it?"

Xena turned back and smiled reassuringly as she saw the concerned look on Gabrielle's face. She placed a hand back on her cheek. "Don't move." She gave her a quick kiss before she rose and walked off towards the back of the cave.

She watched as Xena gathered up Argo's saddle blanket and placed it flat on the floor not far away. She then took a spare one from out of a saddlebag and placed it over the thicker one. Satisfied that it was close enough to the fire for warmth, she knelt onto the make-shift mattress. She looked up towards Gabrielle, still standing a few feet away near the fire. Keeping their eyes locked, Xena bit her lower lip as she slowly undid the blanket wrapped around her. She tossed it aside and sat back on her heels, spreading her legs wider. She held her breath as she watched Gabrielle's eyes run over her body.

Gabrielle took a few hesitant steps forward and knelt before Xena, not ashamed that she was staring down at the woman's beautiful body. Looking back up to Xena's face, Gabrielle shrugged off her own blanket, letting it fall behind her. She let her arms fall to her sides. As she saw Xena gaze at her hungrily, she felt the dampness increasing between her legs. She also felt a little inferior as she looked down again to Xena's voluptuous figure. She moved closer, placing a hand on Xena's shoulder and tilting her head upward.

Xena lowered her mouth to Gabrielle's. As she kissed her tenderly, she placed a hand behind Gabrielle, gently rubbing the back of her neck. As she placed her other hand on Gabrielle's left breast, she was surprised when the woman gasped and jerked back slightly. She looked down with concern at the woman's worried expression. "Gabrielle?"

"I'm...a little scared," she admitted hesitantly.

Xena started to pull her hand back. "Gabrielle, if you're not sure you want to..."

Taking Xena's hand in hers, Gabrielle shook her head and whispered reassuringly, "No...No, I am sure." She leaned in and gave Xena a quick kiss before pulling back. She held both of Xena's hands as she looked up into the woman's eyes and asked softly, "Xena, please make love to me."

For a few seconds, Xena tried to remember how to breathe. She squeezed Gabrielle's hands as she leaned down to kiss her again. Her tongue met no resistance as it gently pushed its way into her lover's mouth. Gabrielle's tongue met the welcome intruder passionately as a pleasant intoxication passed over her. Xena pulled back slowly, sucking on Gabrielle's tongue delicately, causing the woman to moan. Licking her lips, she smiled down at Gabrielle's beautiful face.

"My heart feels like it's going to burst." She took Xena's left hand in both of hers and placed it over her chest, the feel of the contact sending a shiver through her.

Xena could indeed feel the pounding of Gabrielle's heart under her palm. Her own heart felt like it was rising up into her throat.

Smiling up to her, Gabrielle slowly slid Xena's hand down onto her breast.

Xena needed no more coaxing as she brought her right hand up to Gabrielle's other breast. She squeezed them gently, watching as Gabrielle closed her eyes and tilted her head, sighing passionately. She brushed her fingers over the younger woman's erect nipples, feeling Gabrielle's fingers sliding back and forth on her forearms. She watched Gabrielle's eyes pop open as she playfully tweaked her nipples between her fingers. "Lie down," she softly instructed.

As Gabrielle turned to lie back on the blanket, Xena reached behind her and picked up the one she'd been wrapped in. Rolling it up, she placed it behind Gabrielle's head, wanting her to be as comfortable as possible. She lay up against Gabrielle's side, propped up on her left elbow as she draped her right leg across the bard's thighs.

Gabrielle took in a quick breath as she felt the warm dampness pressed against her leg. She reached her arm up and placed a hand behind Xena's neck, pulling her down into another kiss.

Xena kissed her way over the woman's chin, pausing to nibble it gently. She smiled as Gabrielle giggled. She traced her tongue slowly along her neck, stopping as she got to the hollow where her collarbones met. She planted a long wet kiss on her skin, sucking lightly.

Gabrielle's eyes fluttered as she rolled her head back. She brought her right hand up and ran her fingers through the woman's long black hair.

Taking a deep breath, Xena fulfilled a desire she'd been having for a very long time as she ran her tongue over the small patch of tiny freckles between Gabrielle's breasts. She then kissed her way up the woman's left breast as she fondled the other with her right hand. She took one long luxurious lick across the bottom of the soft mound before focusing on the nipple itself. She ran her tongue across it teasingly a few times causing Gabrielle to moan again. She was definitely starting to like that sound.

Gabrielle began panting as she felt Xena lightly suck on her breast. She was afraid to open her eyes, fearing she might wake up from this wonderful dream. She sighed loudly as Xena bit delicately on her nipple.

Xena closed her mouth around a large portion of Gabrielle's breast, sucking more forcefully, then flicking her tongue across the nipple, then sucking again. Leaning over, she focused on Gabrielle's right breast, giving it equally loving attention. Traveling around the sensitive globe, she placed tiny bites on her skin until she made a complete loop. She then brought her tongue up to her nipple, circling it several times before she closed her lips around it. She alternated again between sucking and licking, watching as Gabrielle's head lolled from side to side.

To Gabrielle, it seemed as if this exquisite torture lasted forever, Xena alternating from breast to breast. Having finally noticed the absence of Xena's touch, she opened her watery eyes to see her friend's face poised a few inches above hers. "I love you," she whispered in a trembling voice as she wrapped her arms behind Xena's head. Xena smiled as Gabrielle pulled closer. As she kissed her again, she removed her leg from across Gabrielle's thighs. She placed her right hand on the woman's stomach and lightly began sliding her fingers downward.

Gabrielle sighed, knowing what was to come. She spread her legs invitingly.

Xena pulled back, wanting to watch Gabrielle's expression as her hand continued its slow trek. She looked into the woman's eyes, sharing the passion she saw there. As her fingers brushed against the soft hairs, she watched Gabrielle shudder. Pressing down farther, she ran her finger lightly down Gabrielle's labia, feeling the moisture there.

Gabrielle closed her eyes as she sucked in a long, deep breath through clenched teeth. As she opened her eyes again, looking up to Xena, she let out a lingering moan.

Xena lowered herself for another kiss, feeling Gabrielle's lips tremble as she continued to lightly fondle her. As she leaned back, she could see Gabrielle wanted to ask her something, but was trying to catch her breath. She stilled her hand, but kept it cupped between the woman's legs.

"Xena?" Gabrielle managed to pant softly.

Xena raised her eyebrows, smiling tenderly.

"I...," she took a few more breaths, building up the courage to finish the sentence. She looked up at the loving expression on Xena's face. "I want to inside of me."

Xena rose to her knees again and used her left hand to lightly caress Gabrielle's cheek. "Gabrielle, are you sure?" she asked.

Gabrielle placed her hand over Xena's, nodding as she lightly bit her lower lip.

Xena leaned over and kissed her, their tongues meeting again. She kissed her way again down Gabrielle's neck and continued down her chest, stopping briefly to allow her tongue to pay its respects to each of her nipples once more. She stopped again as she reached Gabrielle's navel, flicking her tongue inside. She smiled as she watched Gabrielle jerk, giggling lightly. Continuing downward, she satisfied another longstanding desire of hers as she ran her nose through the feathery hairs over Gabrielle's vulva. She inhaled deeply, taking in Gabrielle's sweet scent. Smiling up towards the woman, she pursed her lips and blew through the hairs, causing them to stir and Gabrielle to jerk again, kicking her legs lightly. She studied Gabrielle's thin labia as they began to swell slightly. She smiled as she saw Gabrielle's small clitoris peeking out from under its hood. Like everything else about the woman, the best way Xena could think to describe it, was...adorable. Looking upwards once again, Xena delicately passed her tongue once over the exposed clitoris.

As she raised her arms into the air, Gabrielle rolled her head back and let out a long sigh which ended as a growl. Her breathing became labored as Xena's tongue made long slow passes over her labia.

After kissing her clitoris one more time, Xena knelt between Gabrielle's spread legs, running her palm up and down over the younger woman's vulva. She knew she had to be careful, for Gabrielle's sake. She would try and minimize the unavoidable pain. Biting her own lip, she slowly inserted the very tips of two fingers between Gabrielle's lips, parting them as she went. She watched as her willing partner lowered her arms, crossing her forearms over her eyes. Slowly, she slid her fingers in farther. A puzzled look soon came over her face as her fingers proceeded as far as they could, not meeting the resistance she'd expected. Pulling her fingers out, she bent closer. Using both hands, she gently spread Gabrielle's labia wide, causing the woman to moan again. After inspection, her obvious conclusion had been verified. She removed her fingers and looked down curiously at the woman.

Gabrielle, suddenly feeling very empty, looked up towards Xena. "Xena, what's wrong?" she asked softly, seeing the puzzled look on her friend's face.

Xena blinked several times, shrugging a little, not sure how to ask the question. Or, if there was a question to be asked.

Gabrielle sat up and held one of Xena's hands as she became concerned, "Tell me," she said timidly.

Xena swallowed before speaking softly, "It's just...well, I'd assumed you were still...a virgin."

Gabrielle smiled sheepishly as she blushed. "I am, mostly." She elaborated as she saw Xena looked more confused than before. "About, eight or nine months ago, I got a little carried away and...broke my hymen."

Xena giggled softly and the looked at Gabrielle thoughtfully, "So,... you've never been with anyone before?"

"No. You're my first time," she raised her other hand to Xena's cheek as she cocked her head and smiled tenderly. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

Xena returned the tender smile as she realized yet again how much she loved this woman. She leaned down and kissed her passionately, gently easing her backwards.

Gabrielle sighed as she tasted herself on the other woman's lips. She worked her mouth over Xena's, sucking her tongue gently.

Xena pulled back despite Gabrielle's timid protests. She backed down between the woman's legs, lying down on her stomach. She lightly traced her fingertips along the inside of Gabrielle's thighs, smiling as she was rewarded with a groan. She gently used her fingers to spread Gabrielle's lips apart. Leaning forward, she placed her tongue inside the bard, at first licking just the outer edges. She then worked her tongue in farther, watching as Gabrielle fondled her breasts. She swirled her tongue around inside of her, relishing her friend's flavor as the woman let out a sibilant hiss.

Reluctantly pulling her mouth back, she brought her right hand up in its place. Slowly, she slid two fingers back inside. After they were in, she separated them and slowly rotated her wrist back and forth, watching as Gabrielle, eyes closed, licked her lips and rolled her head backwards. Rising up to her knees again, she leaned on her left hand as she slowly began pumping the fingers of her right hand into Gabrielle. She watched as her friend's hips soon began moving in rhythm with her thrusts, her breath coming in quick pants. Xena realized it wouldn't take Gabrielle much longer as she felt the woman tightening around her fingers. Smiling, she lowered her mouth back down, gently nipping at the inside of Gabrielle's right thigh. She did the same to the left and began alternating between the two, nipping and licking her way closer to her busy fingers. She then licked around her fingers, both sides and underneath. She was very careful to stay away from Gabrielle's clitoris, however.

She watched as Gabrielle bucked her hips harder, still squeezing her breasts. She lowered her head again and allowed her tongue to return to its strategic manipulations. She increased the speed of her hand a bit while keeping her eyes on the enraptured woman.

Gabrielle rolled her nipples between her fingertips as, for some reason, she felt like she was falling backwards. She felt her lungs pumping faster, the blood roaring passed her ears. She started to bring her hands down between her legs when she felt Xena stop her. She looked up to the woman's gentle smile as Xena whispered, "Not yet." Gabrielle reluctantly obeyed her lover as she pulled her hands back up to her breasts. Feeling Xena's fingers continue to play her passionately, she felt herself nearing release.

Xena grinned as Gabrielle moaned loudly. She passed her tongue once again along the interior of the woman's thighs, watching her carefully. She pulled back as Gabrielle let out a series of whimpers. She pulled back her hand as she looked up with concern, afraid she may have hurt her. "Gabrielle, are you okay?"

"Yes, don't stop. Don't stop," the woman managed to pant softly, her eyes still shut tightly.

Xena quickly brought her fingers back to their task, lowering her head closer once more. Gabrielle soon began whimpering again, turning her head to the side. Now knowing that Gabrielle wasn't in any discomfort, she realized that the woman's timid whimpers were the most erotic sounds she'd ever heard. She felt her own body tingle, but selflessly kept her hands on their current mission. She watched as Gabrielle's hands clawed the blanket to her sides. She realized Gabrielle was about to climax as she felt her tightening around her fingers even harder. As she watched Gabrielle's body stiffen, she quickly closed her mouth over her clitoris, sucking forcefully.

Gabrielle's eyes snapped open momentarily before shutting tightly once again. She cried out loudly as an incredible orgasm overtook her. She brought her hands down and held the back of Xena's head as the woman's tongue maddeningly drove her on.

Xena slowed her right hand as Gabrielle started to climax. She continued to suck on her clitoris, causing Gabrielle's body to jerk several times. She felt her lover's warm wetness seep out passed her fingers. She brought her left hand over to gently pinch the woman's clitoris as she lowered her mouth down to capture as much of the salty/sweet fluid as possible, getting a good deal on and around her chin. She closed her own eyes, savoring Gabrielle's flavor as she continued to lap greedily between her legs. She removed her hand and extended her tongue to get some that had slid down under the woman.

As Gabrielle felt Xena's tongue make several long passes near her anus, she let out a high pitched sigh, expecting her heart to explode at any second. She lay there for a good while, allowing her breathing and heartbeat to slow down. As she finally opened her eyes, she looked up to Xena, lying once again near her side, smiling down at her. She reached her right hand over and held one of Xena's. She noticed the wetness around Xena's mouth and chin. "I'm sorry, about...I don't know what came over me."

Xena squeezed her hand firmly as she looked into her friend's eyes. "Gabrielle, don't EVER apologize for something like that." She started to lean down for a kiss, but stopped as she remembered what her mouth had just been doing, not knowing how the younger woman would react.

Gabrielle, reading Xena's thoughts, smirked as she reached up with her other hand and pulled Xena down into a passionate kiss. After a few minutes, she broke off and proceeded to happily lick off the remaining wetness from around Xena's mouth. She kissed her way down under Xena's chin. She eventually pulled back and lay on her side, facing Xena only a few inches away. "I didn't mean quickly."

Xena smiled as she reached a hand up to gently pull back some of the woman's hair behind her ear, "We have all night," she whispered.

Gabrielle shook her head slightly as she ran her fingers over Xena's arm, "Actually we have a LOT longer than that."

Xena smiled and leaned closer for another kiss, sighing happily as Gabrielle's tongue took the initiative and pushed its way into her mouth. She brought her right hand over and started to slide it down Gabrielle's stomach. She was surprised when Gabrielle pulled back, stopping her hand.

"Uh, uh, uh," Gabrielle shook her head and smiled playfully. Feeling bold, she grabbed Xena's other hand and rolled the woman onto her back, finally straddling her stomach. She pinned Xena's arms down flat with her hands near the sides of her head. She looked down at the woman she loved and raised an eyebrow, trying to appear sensual, hoping she was pulling it off. "I think I've neglected this beautiful body of yours long enough."

Having Gabrielle on top of her like that sent a shiver down Xena's chest, stopping between her legs. She started to bring her arms up, to pull Gabrielle closer, but the woman pushed down harder, still smiling sweetly, and shook her head again, "No, no." Xena felt the tingling sensation between her legs growing stronger.

Gabrielle knew Xena could easily throw her off of her anytime she wanted to. Obviously, she didn't. She leaned down and kissed her again, lightly sliding her fingertips along Xena's arms, stopping as she reached the woman's shoulders. She pulled away slowly, smiling down at her friend, now lover. As she looked down towards Xena's ample chest, she finally noticed several small scratches on her breasts, shoulders, and stomach. "Hey, how'd that happen?"

Xena leaned her head forward and followed Gabrielle's gaze, also noticing the scratches for the first time. She lay back down as she smiled up to the younger woman "I must've gotten them when I dove through those bushes."

"Awwww," Gabrielle used the same tone and expression she would as if she were comforting a child who'd injured herself. She leaned forward and planted a few small kisses on one of the scratches on Xena's shoulder. She pulled back up and looked down to Xena, "Feels better?"

Xena could only nod as she bit her lip.

Gabrielle lowered herself again and continued to gently kiss each scratch one at a time. Her heart began to beat faster as she moved onto Xena's breasts. She began to also use her tongue as she worked around the large soft globes. She looked up and blushed as she saw Xena watching her intently. Keeping their eyes locked, she lowered her mouth to Xena's left nipple. She planted a small kiss on it, smiling as she watched Xena close her eyes and tilt her head back. She quickly closed her mouth over the large areola and sucked while flicking her tongue over the nipple itself. She giggled as she saw Xena's head pop back up in pleasant surprise. She continued to roll her tongue over the erect nipple, occasionally biting it softly. Smiling happily, she turned to the other breast. She ran her tongue over another scratch with one long swipe, and then immediately ran her tongue up to the erect nipple. She gently bit it and pulled back, allowing it to pop back out of her mouth. She repeated the process several more times as she heard Xena sigh.

She grabbed the sides of the large soft mounds and softly squeezed them together until she was able to place her mouth over both nipples simultaneously. She let out a small moan as she ran her tongue back and forth over them quickly.

Xena lay back as Gabrielle continued to play with her breasts with child-like fascination. She still couldn't believe this was actually happening. She held her breath as she felt Gabrielle start kissing her way down her stomach. Propping herself up on her elbows, she watched the woman work her way down to between her legs. Her heart began beating faster as she felt Gabrielle's fingers lightly dance through the hairs between her legs.

Although it had been close to two months since she'd shaved Xena back in Thendra, she could see that the woman had been keeping herself well groomed. Reaching down, she ran the fingers of both hands over Xena's flowery labia. She heard the warrior moan as she lightly stroked the large petal-like lips. She could also see the woman's clitoris, surprised yet again at how large it actually was. Looking up to see Xena watching her again, she began rubbing the length of her now slick labia with the left hand while stroking her now erect clitoris with the thumb of her right hand. She continued fondling Xena, smiling as she watched the woman squeeze her breasts between her arms.

No longer able to restrain herself, Gabrielle licked her lips as she lowered herself onto her stomach between Xena's legs. She tossed her hair out to the sides as she brought her mouth forward. She grinned as she inhaled the musky odor between Xena's legs.

Xena managed to prop herself back up on her elbows as she felt Gabrielle's long hair draped over her thighs. Looking down, she shuddered as she saw Gabrielle's lustful gaze directed down at her vulva. As Gabrielle hungrily lowered her mouth closer, Xena held her breath in anticipation. She soon started to giggle, however, as the sight of Gabrielle quickly lapping between her legs suddenly reminded her of Argo going at a saltlick.

Gabrielle stopped as she looked up to Xena, "What? I'm doing it wrong, right?"

Xena leaned forward and placed a hand on Gabrielle's cheek, "No. No, just...slow down. Don't be in such a rush."

Gabrielle smiled back, "I can't help it. I'm excited." She bit her lip before softly saying, "Teach me. Tell me what to do."

Xena smiled down tenderly, "Okay, but first..." She leaned forward and placed a hand under Gabrielle's chin, gently pulling it upwards as she kissed her, another shiver going through her as she tasted herself on Gabrielle's tongue. She couldn't help grinning as she saw the eager expression on Gabrielle's face. "Okay, what you were doing felt nice.."

"It did?" Gabrielle asked, eyes lighting up.

Xena's grin broadened, "Yes, it did. But you don't need to try so hard. Just go slowly."

"Like this?" Gabrielle asked softly as she lowered her mouth down and slowly passed her tongue over Xena's labia, gently brushing over her clitoris. She watched as Xena's eyes squinted. She assumed she must be doing something right.

"Very good. can also try placing these..," she reached down with her right hand and plucked at her swollen labia. "..into your mouth, moving them around."

Gabrielle nodded and again lowered herself. She used her tongue to first separate Xena's inner lips before sucking them into her mouth. She sighed as Xena's taste grew stronger. She flicked her tongue rapidly across the fleshy petals, feeling Xena jerk slightly. She pulled back slowly, sucking on them forcefully as she did so. She looked up to Xena and asked merrily, "How's 'at?"

Xena, breathing heavily, looked down as Gabrielle licked her lips, smiling sweetly again. "Uh-huh, now..," she tried remembering what she was going to say. She lowered her hand between her legs and ran her fingertips over her clitoris. "This is..the clitoris. Pretty much anything to it," during the whole time she spoke, she continued to rub the swollen knob. She noticed Gabrielle watching her fingers with rapt attention.

"Okay, let me try," she said, lowering her head between Xena's legs yet again. She brought her left hand from above and gently pinched Xena's clitoris between her thumb and forefinger. Using her right hand, she rapidly rubbed it back and forth with the tips of three fingers, watching as Xena gasped loudly and slammed her palms onto the blanket. "Wow, got it right the first time," she thought. She lowered herself further and sucked Xena's labia into her mouth again as she continued to stimulate her clitoris.

Xena grabbed two handfuls of cloth as she thought to herself, "I've created a monster."

Gabrielle cheerily continued her semi-skillful fondling, taking increasing pleasure at each passionate sound Xena made. She pushed her tongue farther into the woman, causing her to buck her hips once. She watched as Xena continued to fondle her large breasts. She moved her tongue around faster, tasting more of Xena's salty wetness. She briefly considered asking Xena to suck on her own breasts, like she'd watched the woman do by the pond. She decided not to. Even if she wouldn't be too embarrassed, she wouldn't know how to phrase such a request. She just hoped maybe Xena would do it without asking her. She allowed her tongue to continue its playful teasing as she switched the positions of her right and left hands. She grinned as she heard her willing victim moan loudly.

Xena rolled her head from side to side as she felt herself building towards a climax. Gabrielle's ministrations were driving her wild. The woman's enthusiasm more than made up for any lack of experience. She squeezed her breasts again as she focused on the feeling of Gabrielle's fingers and tongue. She felt her blood race as she drew closer and closer to the edge. She put her arms out to her sides again, clutching at the blanket. A puzzled look soon came over her face as she tried listening over the sound of her pulse pounding in her ears. It sounded like..Gabrielle was..humming?! She looked down, amazed, as she watched the woman's head bob from side to side as she hummed merrily. She watched Gabrielle look up to her and grin from behind the patch of dark hairs between her legs. As she watched Gabrielle raise an eyebrow, she felt the woman bite down tenderly on her labia, causing her to throw her head back and groan loudly. The constant friction on her clitoris was causing her to shudder. As she felt Gabrielle's tongue enter her again, she brought her hands down and gently stroked her fingers through the woman's hair. Her grip grew firmer as Gabrielle brought her closer to a climax. As she soon felt herself on the verge of release, her lungs pumping like a blacksmith's bellows, she managed to remove her hands from Gabrielle by sheer force of will, not wanting to make the woman do anything she didn't want too. She moaned Gabrielle's name loudly as she came forcefully, her body jerking several times.

Gabrielle kept her mouth over Xena's lips as she felt the woman climax. She eagerly swallowed most of the thick salty wetness, only allowing a little to leak down her chin. She watched as Xena's large breasts shook as the woman's body shivered. She continued for several moments until Xena finally lay still on the blanket, breathing hard. She pulled back, wiping her chin and licking her finger. She passed her tongue a few more times between Xena's legs, catching a few stray droplets that had gotten by her. She then lay her cheek on Xena's left thigh, plucking lightly on the now-soaked dark hairs a few inches away.

Xena, who was finally starting to breathe normally again, managed to prop herself up on her elbows. As she looked down to Gabrielle, head resting on her leg, the woman smiled up adorably and said softly, "More please." Xena suddenly felt a burst of adrenalin surge through her body from some hidden reserve, suddenly not caring about her breathing. She squinted her eyes as she gazed at Gabrielle and her nostrils flared.

Gabrielle's eyes went wide as Xena shot forward and picked her up into the air. She let out a surprised yelp as Xena quickly, but gently, deposited her onto her back.

Xena grabbed hold of Gabrielle's thighs as she drove her face in between the woman's legs for the second time that night. She worked her tongue, lips, and teeth, over every sensitive area of her lover's genitalia. Gabrielle couldn't stand up long to this intense onslaught, and Xena soon heard the woman whimpering again. She saw her lover's body stiffen as Gabrielle came, thrusting her hips forward. She continued to push her tongue deeper as the waves of the orgasm washed over the younger woman.

After a few minutes, Gabrielle started to rise, "Xena,.."

"Oh no," the woman thought, "I'm not through with you yet!" She clamped her lips tightly around Gabrielle's now super-sensitive clitoris and sucked forcefully, causing the woman to cry out and fall backwards onto the blanket. As Gabrielle continued to moan, Xena turned her own hips sideways. Detaching one of her hands from Gabrielle's thigh, she lowered it to her vulva and thrust three fingers into her. She quickly stroked them back and forth as she continued to push Gabrielle towards a second orgasm. She watched as the woman pounded her hands several times onto the blanket. She then laughed as Gabrielle clamped her left leg over her shoulder, trying to pull the woman impossibly closer. Xena listened as Gabrielle approached her second release, not with a timid whimper, but with a full blown scream. As she watched, and felt, Gabrielle shudder weakly, she came herself. She let her head rest on Gabrielle's leg as she stroked herself a few more times. Sighing loudly, she managed to crawl up even with Gabrielle and collapse onto her back. She felt Gabrielle take her hand and squeeze it weakly. She did the same.

The two lay there for several minutes, eyes closed, chests pumping, ears listening to the sounds of their labored breathing, the crackling of the fire, and the occasional droplet of water hitting a puddle from somewhere outside. Xena was the first to rise, walking over and grabbing a waterskin. Taking only a sip, she felt the cool liquid run down her throat. She pulled a spare blanket out from their things and walked back over to Gabrielle's still form. "Gabrielle? I brought you some water." She watched as the woman slowly raised an arm without opening her eyes or making a sound. "No, C'mon. Get up," she softly coaxed her.

Gabrielle moaned as she rose. Xena helped steady her when she tried to take a few steps on still-shaky legs and nearly fell over.

She handed her the skin, "You okay?"

Gabrielle smiled back and nodded. She started to guzzle a mouthful but felt Xena's hand on her arm. "Take it easy. A little at a time."

As Gabrielle slaked her thirst, Xena bent over and picked up the blanket they'd been lying on. She then used it to wipe off Gabrielle and then herself before throwing it into a back corner. She knew they both could use a bath, but neither one was in much shape to do anything about it. She spread out the clean blanket over Argo's one. "You can lay back down." She then walked over and threw a large armful of wood into the fire as she returned to the blanket and her new lover. She smiled as she watched Gabrielle raise an arm up to her. Taking her hand, she lay down beside the younger woman, staring at her affectionately. As they lay side by side in silence for a moment, Xena smiled as Gabrielle mouthed the words, "I love you." Xena did the same, causing Gabrielle to grin and cry at the same time.

"Hey, hey," Xena said softly as she wiped Gabrielle's nose and cheek. "No tears, even if they are happy ones." She pulled Gabrielle into an embrace, allowing the woman to rest her head just below her neck, their arms going around each other. "Try and get some sleep."

"I don't think that should be TOO hard. Xena, I love you," she kissed her lightly on the neck.

Xena kissed Gabrielle on the forehead as she stroked the woman's back. "I love you too, Gabrielle." she then lay her head on the rolled up spare blanket, unsuccessfully blinking back a few tears of her own.


Xena hadn't been able to stop smiling since she'd awoke next to Gabrielle earlier that morning. Rising shortly after dawn, through force of habit, she'd quickly and quietly dressed. She'd went out and checked the snares, releasing five of the eight hares she'd caught and dismantling the remaining traps.

After she'd finished cleaning the last hare, she rose and carried the scraps to the hole she'd dug earlier, tossing them in. She then covered it back up, packing it down with her boot. She washed her hands and carried the strips of meat back to the cave where she set them on the spits she'd made. She kept the fire low so she wouldn't have to worry about burning them. Walking back outside, she found another deep puddle and washed her hands again. As she slowly walked back towards the cave, she stretched and took a deep breath of the cool morning air. Staring upwards, she could see the high fluffy clouds linger past slowly. Looking towards the forest, she watched as several bluebirds fluttered from tree to tree, chirping their melodic morning chorus. As she took another deep breath, she tried remembering the last time she'd been that happy.

Her smile broadened as she heard a light snore coming from inside the cave. Turning around, she looked over towards the source of her happiness. Walking back inside, she made her way passed the fire and stood over Gabrielle, staring down lovingly. She quickly removed her boots and leather armor, quietly placing them against the nearby wall. She knelt down and carefully pulled back the blanket, taking a brief moment to stare once again at Gabrielle's beautiful form. As she lay next to the younger woman, being careful not to wake her, she could feel the warmth from Gabrielle's body. She lay on her side with her head propped up on her left hand, gazing down at her newfound lover resting peacefully