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She'd often wondered what things would be like if she and Gabrielle would become intimate. Now that it HAD happened, she was amazed at how natural it all felt; lying next to her like that, for instance. Of course, it was easy to feel secure in a cave in the middle of nowhere. But the rest of the world was out there. They both had family and friends. She wasn't worried about herself. She'd never much cared about what other people thought of her. Except for a certain few. But Gabrielle had a family back in Potidaea. However the woman wanted to handle it, she knew she would be there to support her. She wondered briefly what Hercules would have to say about her new love interest. She looked off through the mouth of the cave as she remembered another morning, waking in his strong arms. She looked down as she felt Gabrielle stir slightly, the thoughts of Hercules fading away. She would always cherish the times they'd spent together and always be grateful to the man for helping her turn her life around. But, he was in her past, and the sweet, beautiful young woman lying next to her was definitely her future.

She grinned as she watched Gabrielle's nose wiggle. She had probably smelled the meat cooking not far away. She watched as the woman slowly opened her eyes, blinking them a few times.

Gabrielle turned her head and looked up to see Xena smiling down at her. She smiled back tenderly. "Hey, good morning," she said softly, pulling a hand out from underneath the blanket to hold Xena's.

Seeing the love in her eyes, her sweet smile and hearing her soft voice, Xena thought that maybe spending the rest of their lives in that cave might not be such a bad idea after all. "Good morning," she offered back, lacing her fingers with those of her lover.

Gabrielle glanced towards the fire before looking back at Xena. "How long have you been up?"

"A while. I had some stuff to do. But, I wanted to make sure I was right here when you woke up."

"I'm glad." Gabrielle said, smiling again.

Xena briefly wondered if she knew what that smile did to her. She started to lean down for a kiss, but was startled when Gabrielle gently pushed her back.

"No. Wait," Gabrielle rolled over the other way, looking for something. She stretched and picked up the waterskin they'd used the night before.

Xena watched as she took a mouthful, swished it around in her mouth, and then spit it out towards the back corner of the cave. She couldn't help grinning as Gabrielle lay back down, smiling up at her. "Gee, that was attractive."

Gabrielle smirked up at her. "Shut up and kiss me," she instructed, placing a hand behind Xena's head and gently pulling her down.

They kissed slowly, tenderly. Xena gently pushed her way into her lover's mouth, allowing her tongue to embrace Gabrielle's. She sighed as she felt the younger woman's breasts under hers. They continued the delicious kiss for several moments as they held hands.

Xena slowly broke away, letting out a giggle as Gabrielle sucked on her lower lip. She looked down at Gabrielle' warm smile, feeling a wpnderful wave of contentment wash over her. She jerked slightly at the unexpected touch of Gabrielle's other hand on her thigh. She smiled as Gabrielle put on an innocent expression while her hand tried to push its way through her closed legs. "Uh, Gabrielle? Breakfast will be ready soon."

"So, I'm not very hungry," she said as her hand continued in its persistence.

Xena let her eyes go wide in mock disbelief while at the same time clenching her legs tighter, enjoying the frustrated look on Gabrielle's face. She pulled her hand up and placed it on Gabrielle's brow. "No, it doesn't feel like you have a fever."

"Ugh," Gabrielle let out a soft gasp as she gave in, content to lightly run her fingers through the patch of hairs available to her. She grinned as she noticed the effect it was having on Xena. "Okay, fine. I guess I can wait until after breakfast," she then said with a sigh and pouted her lip.

Xena rolled her eyes, not allowing herself to be swayed. Smirking, she looked back down at her new lover.

Seeing that her ploy wouldn't work, Gabrielle resigned herself to enjoy the moment. She sighed, "I wonder if I'm dreaming?"

Grinning impishly, Xena pinched her on the arm.

"Ow. What'd you do that for?"

Xena made an innocent face of her own. "You said you wanted to know if you were dreaming."

"Well, you could've just told me and I would have taken your word."

Xena shrugged slightly as she grinned down at Gabrielle again, lightly tracing her fingertips through the soft hairs on the woman's arm. The grin turned to a giggle as a random thought ran through her mind.

"What?" Gabrielle asked curiously.

"It's nothing."

"Tell me," Gabrielle said as she raised an eyebrow and grabbed a few fingerfuls of the hair she'd still been playing with up to that point.

"I was thinking about the look on Wylan's face if he could see us right now."

"Wylan?! What made you think of him all of a sudden?" Gabrielle asked.

"Well, he sort of figured we'd end up like this eventually," Xena replied, grinning as she imagined the string of "I told you so"s she'd have to put up with the next time she saw him.

"Really?" Gabrielle asked, totally surprised.

"Yeah, he kept urging me to tell you how I really felt. He said that it was obvious you felt the same way. But...I was afraid," she held Gabrielle's hand again.

Gabrielle squeezed Xena's hand comfortingly. "He never mentioned a word about it to me."

"I know. I made him swear not to." She continued as she saw Gabrielle about to ask why, "Because, I needed to know for sure how you felt. Like I said, I was afraid of losing you."

"You'll never lose me. I can promise you that," she smiled up tenderly and brought Xena's hand up to her lips, kissing it lightly. "However, I'll have a few words for Wylan the next time we see him."

Xena smiled at the image of Gabrielle scolding Wylan, hands on hips, staring up at the much bigger man. She giggled, "I'm sure he'd love to hear your puppy imitation."

"My WHAT?!" Gabrielle asked, staring curiously up at Xena.

Xena's smile grew. "Your puppy imitation. Right before you...... You let out these little...whimpers."

"I do NOT," her eyes going wide as she protested. "You're making that up."

"Nope," Xena continued to smile as she shook her head. "Let's see. They sort of sound like..," she looked towards the back of the cave, trying to remember exactly how the sound had went. She made a few attempts, not quite getting it right. She smiled again as she looked back down to see Gabrielle blushing.

"I don't do that," the bard said, sounding a lot less sure this time.

"Um-hmm," Xena nodded her head.

"Fine, I'll try and stop myself in the future," she said with a smirk.

"Hey, I never said I didn't like it," Xena said. "I think it's... cute."

Gabrielle looked up at her with a raised eyebrow, "Really? 'Cute?'," she smiled as Xena nodded, biting her bottom lip. "Well, did they sound something like this?" she asked before letting out a few whimpers of her own.

Xena shuddered slightly. While not the same as the night before, they were reminiscent enough to send a tingle through her.

Gabrielle grinned as she saw Xena's eyes close. She continued her little whimpers as she rolled over onto her side and propped herself up on her elbow, facing Xena. As Xena looked back at her, she let her tongue hang out and panted a few times. Leaning in closer, she began her whimpers again as she planted little kisses all over Xena neck.

Xena, her eyes closed again, rolled her head to the side, giving Gabrielle free access to her neck. She moaned as Gabrielle made a few long swipes with her tongue and then continued her whimpering. She realized now, as her arousal increased, that maybe she should never have told Gabrielle. Her resolve broke as she heard Gabrielle issue a few cute barks. She pulled back and then brought her mouth to Gabrielle's, kissing her passionately. She slid her hand up the woman's arm, over her shoulder, and rested it on her neck. She then kissed her way over Gabrielle's cheek, making her way to the woman's ear.

Gabrielle shuddered as she felt Xena's tongue flick across her ear several times before the woman finally sucked the lobe into her mouth. Suddenly getting a mischievous urge, she lightly put her left hand on Xena's shoulder, pushing her onto her back. She then leaned down and started kissing Xena's neck again, this time making the kisses long and luxurious. She smiled as she heard Xena sigh. "You like that?" she asked as she continued her way to Xena's chest.

"Mm-hmm," Xena moaned softly, eyes closed and head back.

Smiling, Gabrielle pulled away and sat up. "You know, now that I think about it. I AM sort of hungry."

Xena's eyes popped open wide as she stared up to Gabrielle, looking across at the fire. "Tough," she exclaimed as she grabbed Gabrielle and rolled her over onto her back, taking satisfaction in the girlish squeal she let out. "You little tease," she said half-accusingly as she threw aside the blanket that had been covering them.

Gabrielle felt her heart flutter as she saw the lustful look on Xena's face. She lay her arms behind her head, freely offering her body up to her lover. She closed her eyes as Xena's hands firmly gripped her breasts. She sighed as she felt the woman's tongue on her nipple.

Xena growled slightly as she heard Gabrielle's passionate cry. She sucked on her right nipple while fondling her left one. She could feel them both getting harder under her tongue and between her fingers. She switched breasts, watching as Gabrielle's chest rose and fell quickly. She gingerly plucked at the woman's nipple with her teeth, staring up towards her as she heard Gabrielle moan again. She lowered her right hand between Gabrielle's legs, which parted invitingly. As she draped her right leg over the woman's left one, she slowly inserted two fingers into her, relishing the damp tightness. She worked them back and forth as her tongue continued to caress Gabrielle's breasts. As she heard Gabrielle's moans become more intense, she spread her own legs, suddenly wishing her left arm wasn't pinned under the younger woman.

As if sensing her need, Gabrielle rolled onto her side and brought her left hand between her legs, bringing her face even with Xena's. She stared into her lover's eyes as she inserted two of her fingers into Xena. She matched the pace of the fingers working between her own legs. She loved the feel of Xena's large breasts pressed up against hers. She leaned over and kissed Xena's inviting lips, moaning as she worked her tongue around in her lover's mouth.

Xena felt Gabrielle's hips thrusting to meet her hand as she kissed her passionately. She sighed as Gabrielle's thumb began brushing her sensitive clitoris. They separated and stared into each other's eyes, their fingers continuing to bring each other closer to release. She watched Gabrielle's eyes close as she slowly lowered her head towards Xena, resting against the woman's neck. Xena grinned as she heard Gabrielle whimper softly again. She could feel the younger woman tightening around her fingers as her whimpers turned into a long moan. She suddenly felt Gabrielle's body jerk as the younger woman came. To her credit, she didn't stop her fingers, but continued to slide them inside of Xena. As she felt the increased wetness between Gabrielle's legs and the woman's warm breath against her neck, she climaxed as well.

Gabrielle looked up as she felt Xena shudder. She slowed the speed of her hand as she brought her face close to Xena's, kissing her lightly.

The two lay in an embrace, feeling the beat of the other's heart against their own chest. Gabrielle snuggled her head under Xena's chin, softly kissing her on the base of the neck. "Xena?" she asked softly.


"Do you smell something burning?"


Gabrielle giggled as Xena rolled away and hurried over to the fire, turning the spits over. She sighed as she watched the woman's large breasts sway with her movements. Standing up, she stretched lazily. Reaching down and picking up one of the cleaner blankets, she draped it over her shoulders as she walked over and slid on her boots. "I'll be back in a second," she told Xena as she headed outside.

"Okay, it'll be ready in a little while. Be careful, it's pretty muddy out there." Xena finished washing her hands and walked towards the back of the cave. She picked up her armor and briefly considered putting it back on. Shrugging, she opted for one of the blankets instead. She wrapped it around her and sat back near the fire, taking a long drink from a nearby waterskin.


Gabrielle walked out of the woods, carefully navigating her way around several large puddles. She made her way to the edge of the pool and crouched down to wash her hands. Resting on her right knee, she shrugged the blanket back over her shoulder and brought a handful of water between her legs. She jerked slightly as the cool water came in contact with her still sensitive genitalia. She took a few handfuls, washing her now soaked crotch liberally. "Well, cleanliness is next to Godliness," she thought to herself. As she slowly rubbed her labia, she giggled and asked aloud, "I wonder what horniness is next to?" She smiled as she stood and draped the blanket back over her shoulders, wondering if `horniness' was an actual word or not.

She began walking back towards the cave when she stopped next to the large boulder Xena had been using the night before. As she remembered the experience, BEFORE Xena had tackled her to the ground, she felt the familiar "itch" return between her legs. As she was about to walk away, she spotted something that made her giggle, a slow smile spreading across her face.


Xena looked up as Gabrielle returned with a huge ear to ear grin.

"What are you so happy about?" Xena asked suspiciously.

Gabrielle stopped and looked down at her, trying to look innocent. "I happen to be in love, okay?" She leaned over and kissed Xena quickly on the cheek before sitting down next to her. "Why must you always assume I'm up to something?"

Xena looked sideways at her. "History, experience, my instincts, common sense,..."

"Okay, okay. I was just thinking that maybe we should stay here one more night."

"Oh really?" Xena asked with a raised eyebrow, not telling Gabrielle that she'd already decided the same thing. She thought it would be interesting to hear Gabrielle's reasons.

"Yeah. You see, it's a few hours to noon already, and we wouldn't be able to get very far before sundown. We still have a good bit of food left. Plus, it IS real muddy out there. I figure we can let the sun dry the ground and by tomorrow...Well, I just think it would be safer that way."

She watched as Gabrielle nodded solemnly as if the woman had just explained the meaning of life itself. "Okay, if you think it would be best," she said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Really?" Gabrielle asked with suspicion this time. That had been FAR too easy.

Xena nodded. "Here, eat some breakfast." She passed her a chunk of bread and pointed towards the spits.

As she chose a sizeable piece, Gabrielle finally realized how much meat was actually there. "We caught a few, huh?" she asked before taking a bite.

"I let five go."

Doing the math quickly in her head, she asked, "Well how many snares did you set?"

Xena shrugged as she swallowed a bite of the stringy meat. "I don't know. A couple dozen."

Gabrielle's eyes went wide. "Why'd you set so many?"

"Well, yesterday afternoon there was this woman that decided it would be a good idea to prance around naked. It got to the point where I couldn't think straight anymore. So, I went set a few snares to get my mind off her."

Gabrielle smiled as she suddenly remember how strange Xena had been acting the afternoon before. "Really? Because I was here all afternoon and I sure don't remember seeing her." She giggled as Xena fixed her with an unreadable stare. "You know, I had hoped you would join me."

"Gabrielle, in the state I was in, if I had joined you, I would have JOINED you."

"Yeah, and that would have been a real shame," she said with a semi-straight face, causing both to giggle afterwards.

As they enjoyed the rest of the meal, Xena noticed Gabrielle's wide grin return from time to time. "Listen, we'll need to gather some more firewood for tonight." She glanced over to the pile against the wall. "We might have enough as it is, but I'd just as soon get some more. Everything's wet outside, so we can gather some and leave it out in..," she stopped as she looked over and noticed Gabrielle grinning at her again. "Gabrielle, what's the matter with you?"

Gabrielle swallowed the last piece of bread and shrugged, "What?"

"Gabrielle?" Xena asked with a parental tone.

Gabrielle blushed slightly as she looked back up to her. "You know, you left something outside last night."


Still blushing, Gabrielle reached inside her blanket and pulled out the rod. "It was sitting right where you'd left it." She handed it to Xena.

Xena smiled sheepishly, Uh...thanks." She suddenly felt stupid about her embarrassment. After what she and Gabrielle had done the night before, and earlier that morning, what did she have to feel embarrassed about in front of the woman?

"You mind if I ask you a question?"

"No, go ahead," figuring she'd ask anyway.

"Did you make that thing?"

Xena put it aside as she took a drink from the waterskin. "No, it was a gift."


Xena smirked at Gabrielle. She obviously wasn't going to let it go. "It was a gift from..Helen."

Gabrielle's eyes went wide. "Helen!? Helen of Troy, Helen!?"

"Yep," Xena replied, staring into the fire. "We were close once, and when she..."

Gabrielle interrupted her, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. How close?"

"We..were..lumbbbder," she said the last as she wiped her mouth with her rag.

"I'm sorry. I didn't catch that last word."

"Lovers. Okay? Helen and I were lovers for a short time." She hoped Gabrielle wouldn't get upset.

"Wow," she said quietly, staring into the fire herself. "You and Helen. Yeah, I can see that. She gave it to you the last time we saw her?"

"Yeah, she called it a lonely woman's best friend. After she decided to leave Troy behind, she figured she wouldn't need it anymore. She gave it to me."

"I know it kinda looks like wood. But why is it so heavy?"

"It's petrified wood," Xena replied. She looked back at Gabrielle and noticed her staring curiously at the rod. "Hey, how long have you known about this?"

"A few months. Remember when we were in Thendra, and I offered to oil your saddle."

Xena nodded, vaguely remembering the night.

"Well, I found it inside."

Xena noticed her blushing again. "And you used it?"

Gabrielle let her mouth hang open. "I would NEVER do something like that with one of your belongings. That's a very private type of thing. I wouldn't even have considered it. I'm not the kind of person to..,"

Smiling, Xena cut her off, "You were afraid I would've noticed.

"Yeah, that's about it," Gabrielle admitted softly.

"Uhm...You know? You're...welcome to use it whenever you want," Xena offered.

"I'm not sure. I think maybe you'd have to show me how to use it properly." Gabrielle said as she stared back into the fire with the barest hint of a smile on her face.

"C'mon Gabrielle. It's not exactly alchemy we're talking about here. You just..," she stopped as she thought about what Gabrielle had just said, finally understanding the request. "Sure, I'd be happy to. When do.."

"Right now," Gabrielle said excitedly before Xena could finish the question.

"Uhh..Look, how about you go start gathering some of that firewood while I salt and put away this meat and check on Argo. Then, you and I can go spend a while at the pool."

"Awww," Gabrielle whined. She suddenly pouted and let out a few whimpers, looking across at Xena innocently.

Xena smirked as she realized Gabrielle was just pushing it. "You know? That might be more effective if you don't start using it EVERY time you want to get your way."

"Allllriiiight," Gabrielle groaned. She hopped up and went to the back of the cave to get her clothes and dress. As she started to walk outside, she stopped near Xena, "One more thing." She crouched down and gave Xena a brief but passionate kiss, placing a hand softly behind the woman's head. She pulled back and looked Xena in the eye. "I love you."

Xena couldn't help blushing. "I love you too, Gabrielle." She smiled as Gabrielle walked out of the cave, whistling merrily. She shook her head slightly as she realized she definitely hadn't been that happy in a long time.


It wasn't long before Gabrielle had gathered several armfuls of firewood, spreading them out to dry in the bright sunshine. She walked back to the cave where she found Xena, dressed in her leather armor again, cleaning her shinguards.

Although she'd seen her return, Xena decided to have some fun with the bard. She kept her attention on polishing her greaves,

purposely avoiding looking up to her. She had to fight a giggle as she saw Gabrielle, out of the corner of her eye, start to rock back and forth on her heels impatiently.

Gabrielle cleared her throat softly and frowned when Xena didn't look up. She cleared her throat again, much louder.

Xena barely suppressed her laughter as she managed to look up to Gabrielle with a straight face. "Oh, Gabrielle. Hey, I didn't notice you come in." She went back to her work.

"Uh...I gathered up some wood," Gabrielle said with a hint of frustration.

That's nice," Xena said half-apathetically. "Did you put it out to dry in the sun?"

"Yesss," Gabrielle replied, looking around for the rod but not seeing it anywhere.

After a few moments of silence, Xena asked without looking up, "Did you need something, Gabrielle?"

The woman let out a soft groan. "Uh, didn't we make plans to do something a little while ago?"

Xena looked outside, as if trying to concentrate. "We did? Hmm. That's funny. I don't remember anything." She looked back up to see Gabrielle's face, a mixture of emotions. She finally smiled and giggled, not being able to help herself.

Gabrielle squinted as she looked down at Xena, "Oh, you little shit!"

Xena smiled sweetly up to Gabrielle as she put aside her things and then rose. "Do you want to stay in here and insult me or do you want to go by the pool?"

Gabrielle shrugged as she smirked up to the woman. "The pool. I can just as easily insult you over there." She watched as Xena gathered up all of their blankets. "What are you bringing those for?" she asked with a big grin.

"To wash. Why else?" she replied with a smirk of her own as she walked passed Gabrielle. She looked back at the grumbling woman as she reached the mouth of the cave, "You coming?" She turned around and noticed all the branches spread everywhere. "You think YOU got enough firewood?" she called back over her shoulder, remembering Gabrielle had asked her the same question the day before.

As Xena reached the edge of the pool, she tossed the blankets into the water. She then walked over towards the boulder and began removing her boots and armor. She looked over to Gabrielle, "C'mon, aren't you going to help me wash the blankets?"

"I guess," Gabrielle said gloomily, noticing Xena hadn't brought the rod. She kicked off her boots and joined the woman in the center of the pool.

Xena looked up, a little disappointed that Gabrielle was still in her clothes. "You know, I don't mind if you take off your clothes."

"No, it's okay," Gabrielle said, still frowning as she began scrubbing one of the blankets, forcing herself not to look at Xena's breasts.

After they'd washed them for several minutes, Xena wrung them out one at a time and went drape them over the bushes at the edge of the clearing to dry. As she waded back into the pool, she noticed Gabrielle was still standing in the center with her arms folded, pouting like a four year-old. She walked over and sat next to her. "C'mon. Go get undressed and come back in," she said looking up to her.

"No," she said softly, looking off towards the forest.

Xena started rubbing her left foot along the front of Gabrielle's legs near the bottom of her shins, "Please?"

"No," Gabrielle said again, deciding to stay upset.

Xena brought her right foot up and began rubbing the back of Gabrielle's legs near her knees, "You sure?" Xena asked.

"I said NO," Gabrielle said stubbornly, still not looking at her.

"Okay. But remember, I gave you a chance."

Just as Gabrielle looked down to the woman, Xena, keeping her legs stiff, rolled over to her left. Gabrielle screamed as she went face first into the pool. As Gabrielle sat up in the water, clearing the wet hair out of her eyes, she opened them to see Xena a few inches away. Her anger disappeared as she saw the caring expression on the woman's face.

"What's wrong Gabrielle?" Xena asked sincerely.

Gabrielle looked down into the water as she spoke softly, "Well, you said we'd..."

"It's in my left boot," Xena interrupted her.

"Really?" She asked, smiling as she let out a little giggle.

"Mm-hmm," Xena replied as she reached over and began pulling Gabrielle's top over her head. She was surprised that, with four hands, it took them that long to get her underwear and skirt off.

Gabrielle tossed her things onto the bank. She turned back to Xena and wrapped her arms around the woman's neck, pulling her closer for a kiss. Gabrielle opened her mouth as she felt Xena's tongue press against her lips. She allowed her own to slide slowly along her lover's She sighed as she felt Xena's hand sliding over her back. She pulled away slowly, looking into Xena's eyes. "In your boot, huh?" she asked, smiling.

"Yeah, but we don't...," she stopped as Gabrielle hurriedly stood and made her way over to the boulder. "..we don't have to be in any hurry," she finished the sentence under her breath. She stood and wrung some of the excess water out of her hair. As she began wading towards the bank, she spotted Gabrielle returning with the rod, a wide grin across her face. "Okay, Gabrielle. Let me see it."

"Nope," Gabrielle replied softly, hiding the rod behind her back.

Xena raised an eyebrow as she took another step forward, noticing Gabrielle back up a few. "Gabrielle, give it to me," she said, her voice low, as she took another step closer.

"Uh-uh," Gabrielle replied, biting her lower lip and shaking her head slightly as she slowly backed away.

Xena, reading Gabrielle's playful expression, felt her pulse quickening. She watched as Gabrielle suddenly bolted towards the bushes, letting out a squeal. She jumped out of the water and sprinted after her, watching as she disappeared behind one of the large shrubs. Xena followed her into the leafy maze, preferring not to go THROUGH any of the bushes again. She could hear Gabrielle giggling somewhere up ahead. As she slowly walked around one of the shrubs, she spotted her about fifteen feet away. The excited look on the woman's face made her own heart beat faster. As she took a step forward, she watched Gabrielle bolt towards her left. Xena did the same, figuring she could cut the woman off. As she made her way around the large cluster of bushes, she was surprised to see no sign of her. Stalking forward, she tried peering through the branches for any signs of movement.

"Yooo whooo!?"

Her head snapped up as she heard Gabrielle's cry from somewhere near the pool. She'd doubled back. "Clever girl," Xena said softly. As she stepped into the clearing, she spotted her on the opposite side of the small pond. She slowly moved closer, her eyes narrowing onto the excited woman.

Gabrielle felt her pulse racing as she watched Xena stalk forward like some large predatory cat, a feral smile across her face, her large breasts swaying hypnotically. Her feet shifted nervously as she watched for the woman to make her move.

Xena, getting more excited as she watched Gabrielle's movements, feinted to her left and then bolted towards her right.

Gabrielle squealed again as she slipped but managed to keep the pool between her and her pursuer.

Xena stopped as she stared across at her prey. "C'mon, Gabrielle. You're just making this harder on yourself."

Gabrielle, shaking with excitement, replied, "Hah, you have to catch me first."

Xena let out a low gravelly laugh as she slowly began circling the pool in the other direction, watching as Gabrielle matched her movements She figured she could probably jump the length of the pool, but she would need a running start. Besides, she had a better idea. She took off running again, but stopped as she got to the backside of the pool. "Damnit!!" She dropped to one knee and grabbed her right ankle, keeping her head bent down.

"Xena?" Gabrielle's playful expression disappeared as she looked across at the woman who appeared to be in pain. She ran around towards her, "Xena, what happened? Are you okay?"

Xena smiled as she heard Gabrielle's concerned words. "Ah, so trusting," she thought to herself. She kept her head down, letting her hair hide her face as she clutched at her foot. She watched from the corner of her eye as Gabrielle came by her side.

"Xena?" Gabrielle asked softly, moving in front of her.

Xena waited until the woman placed herself between her and the cliff wall about a dozen feet away.

As Xena's head suddenly whipped up, Gabrielle let out another squeal, her eyes going wide. She backed up several quick steps but soon realized she had effectively trapped herself near the rock face. She looked back to Xena, advancing slowly with the same catlike grace. "That's no fair, you cheated," Gabrielle protested nervously as she took another step backwards.

Xena let out another low chuckle, "ALL's fair in love and war, Gabrielle. Be happy this is love."

Gabrielle took another step back. "Uh, okay. Here you go. All yours," she tossed the rod to Xena who easily plucked it from high out of the air without taking her eyes off Gabrielle. "Uhm..I love you."

"Really?" Xena asked, her voice still low, her eyes still narrow. She continued her slow advance. "I wonder if you'll love what I'm going to do to you?" She watched as the younger woman's breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing.

Gabrielle, her back pressed against the stone, shook excitedly as the woman drew ever closer. She gave in to the delicious fear, knowing full well that Xena would never actually hurt her. "Please be gentle," she asked meekly.

Xena came to within a foot of the woman. "Gentle?" she purred the word. Her hands shot forward, coming to rest against the stone on either side of Gabrielle and causing her to yelp and jerk as her eyes went wide again. Xena moved in closer, watching as the bard turned her head to the side. She brought her face a few inches from Gabrielle's. She let out a long low growl, smiling as she heard Gabrielle giggle nervously.

Gabrielle shivered as she felt Xena's breath on her neck, letting out a soft moan as she heard the warrior issue another low growl. She turned her head back as she felt Xena pull away slowly. She looked down to her lover who still had the same predatory expression on her face. She watched as the older woman lowered herself between her legs, which she willingly spread at the unspoken command.

Staring up at the woman, Xena lowered her face down between her legs. She could smell Gabrielle's aroma as she drew nearer, being careful not to touch her. She brought her mouth right over her quarry's vulva Again, being careful not to actually touch her.

Gabrielle closed her eyes as she felt Xena's hot breath now wash over her genitalia. She brought her hands above her as she once again turned her head to the side.

Xena continued her torture, pulling back whenever Gabrielle pressed her hips forward. As the woman's moans became more insistent, she finally touched her, strategically flicking her tongue right onto the woman's clitoris. Xena quickly put her hands on Gabrielle's waist as she watched the woman's legs buckle. As she helped steady her, she looked up into Gabrielle's beautiful eyes, glassy with sexual desire. She stood and brought her mouth to her lover's, accommodating Gabrielle's tongue as she felt it push its way passed her lips. Suddenly remembering the rod in her right hand, she bent lower without breaking off the kiss. Reaching down, she gathered Gabrielle into her arms. Letting out a pleasant sigh as she felt the woman's arms slowly move around her neck. Keeping one eye open, she carried Gabrielle around the pool towards the large boulder.

Gabrielle broke the kiss for a moment to catch her breath. Smiling sweetly, she leaned up again and raised her lips to the woman carrying her.

As she reached the slab, she turned and sat back on it near one corner. Putting down the rod, she pulled back from Gabrielle's delicious mouth. Sitting with her behind on the edge of the stone, she turned Gabrielle, instructing the woman to lay back against her and spread her legs over hers.

Gabrielle felt Xena's breasts against her back, the nipples now hard. She draped her legs over her lover's, just behind her knees. She looked down and watched as Xena's hands moved around her waist and slid between her legs. She let her head fall back against the woman's shoulder as she felt her lover's fingers work over her labia. She rolled her head to the side as Xena's mouth moved onto her neck, kissing it wetly.

Xena reached over and picked up the rod while she continued to stroke Gabrielle lightly with her other hand. She brought the wand up to her mouth and traced her tongue over its length. She realized it probably wasn't necessary, feeling the wetness on her fingers. She leaned her mouth closer to Gabrielle's ear, tracing her tongue across it delicately. "Ready?" she whispered.

"Uh-huh," Gabrielle moaned softly, barely nodding her head as she concentrated on the feeling of Xena's left hand between her legs.

Looking down over Gabrielle's shoulder, Xena lowered the rod between her legs. She expertly used the fingers of her left hand to gently spread Gabrielle's labia. Using her right hand, she slid the slick length of the rod back and forth over the younger woman's vulva, smiling as she felt Gabrielle lock her feet behind her calves, spreading her legs even wider. Slowly, she gently inserted the tip of the rod into Gabrielle, twisting it back and forth as she went. She felt Gabrielle push back against her. "You okay?" she asked softly.

"Yes," the woman whispered back, lightly placing a hand on Xena's arm.

She slowly pulled the rod back out after only going in half its length. Being that this was Gabrielle's first time, she wanted to go

slowly and see how much of it the younger woman could take comfortably. She raised her left hand to Gabrielle's chest, gently cupping her breast. She softly kneaded the firm flesh, feeling the hard nipple under her palm. She moved her hand to the woman's other breast as she continued to bring the rod in and out of her, slowly increasing in speed and depth. She watched Gabrielle raise her free hand and place it over hers, feeling the woman squeeze it, and in turn her breast, harder. She allowed the bard to manipulate her hand. Seeing Gabrielle's inviting neck again, she lowered her mouth to it and ran her tongue slowly across the woman's soft skin, getting another soft moan out of her. As she planted a long wet kiss over her jugular, she had a sudden flashback of their encounter with the Bacchae almost a year earlier. She couldn't help remembering the intense sensual feeling she had experienced as Gabrielle had fed off of her. Even though it had very nearly cost her her life. A loud sigh from the woman snapped her out of her trance.

Gabrielle rocked her hips, trying to push against the steady hardness between her legs. She let her head fall back once again as Xena continued to kiss her neck. "Faster," she whispered hoarsely. She jerked slightly as she felt her lover comply with her wishes. She turned her head upwards, leaning back to seek out Xena's mouth. She raised her right hand and placed it behind Xena's head as their lips met. As she felt Xena's tongue enter her mouth, she sucked on it gently, feeling an intense warmth pass over her. She continued the passionate kiss for several moments as Xena deftly worked the rod into her. As Gabrielle felt release fast approaching, she suddenly felt a painful cramp building even faster in her right thigh. Unlocking her feet from behind Xena's lower legs, she extended them out straight and gasped when she suddenly felt herself sliding downward. She stopped as she felt Xena's left arm grip her firmly around the waist. "I got you," she heard her lover whisper into her ear before the woman kissed it lightly.

Xena moved the rod faster as she felt Gabrielle's body start to tremble. She kissed her way along the woman's jaw, working back to her soft lips. She kissed her lightly on the mouth, but pulled back teasingly each time Gabrielle sought to deepen the kiss. She couldn't help giggling as she felt the woman's hand behind her head again, pulling her down. Xena soon heard and felt Gabrielle moan again, pushing her breath into her. She moved the rod even faster, feeling the sweet resistance between her lover's legs. Gabrielle let out another lingering sigh which she cut short as her body suddenly stiffened. Xena slowed the rod's movement as she felt Gabrielle climax, using her fingers to work it steadily as she brushed her thumb delicately over the woman's clitoris. They continued their passionate kiss, the bard's hand unnecessarily holding Xena's mouth to hers. As she felt the woman relax against her, she slowly withdrew the glistening rod and started to bring it up to her mouth.

Opening her eyes, Gabrielle reached over and stopped Xena's hand, redirecting the wand to her own mouth. As she stared up at the woman, she placed it into her mouth, sucking off the salty wetness while being careful not to swallow. With it still between her lips, she slowly rose off of Xena and turned to face her. She pushed the woman back gently and climbed on top of her, looking down. Finally removing the rod from her mouth, she lowered her face to Xena's. As their lips met, she used her tongue to push her flavor into Xena's mouth, sighing blissfully as they mutually savored the taste. As they continued the kiss, Gabrielle brought her hands down to Xena's ample chest. Taking a large globe into each, she squeezed them softly, feeling the weight push back against her palms. Using only her fingertips, she lightly plucked at the woman's erect nipples. She smiled as Xena let out a sigh. Pulling back, she looked down into her lover's eyes, seeing Xena's smile match her own.

"Slide back some," she told the woman. As Xena complied, Gabrielle lowered her mouth to Xena's right breast, lightly tracing her tongue across the nipple. She couldn't help feeling, again, slightly inferior as she continued to fondle Xena's breasts. She rolled the nipples between her thumbs and fingers as she slid her tongue in between, over Xena's breastbone, up to her neck and chin, finally coming to rest in Xena's mouth. After an exquisitely long kiss, she crawled backwards, pausing to take a playful bite on the underside of one of the woman's breasts, causing her body to jerk. As she came to rest with her head between Xena's legs, she took in a deep breath through her nose, the heady scent causing her own body to tingle. She passed her tongue in one slow luxurious sweep over the length of Xena's vulva, ending with a wet kiss on the woman's swollen clitoris. Her eyes narrowed as she watched Xena's head roll to the side, letting out a groan. While keeping her mouth on Xena's most sensitive feature, she slid over to her left so that her body was now orthogonal to Xena's. She slowly pulled away, sucking forcefully as she did so. Taking the rod in her right hand, she used her left to gently spread Xena's petal-like labia apart. As she brought the tip of the still wet rod to Xena's opening, she looked down to see the woman staring at her, eyes slightly glazed. Biting her lower lip, she slowly slid the wand into Xena, grinning as her lover's eyes closed and her head rolled backwards. She slowly slid the rod back and forth as Xena had done to her. Releasing her labia, Gabrielle rubbed her palm in a circular motion over Xena's now erect clitoris, taking satisfaction from the groan the woman issued. She slowly increased the speed of the rod as she felt Xena's hips buck slightly. She watched as Xena's large breasts swayed with her movements. She repositioned her left hand and rapidly flicked the tip of her middle finger back and forth on her lover's increasingly sensitive clitoris.

Xena released a cross between a growl and a sigh as Gabrielle quickened her hand yet again. She brought her hands down to her chest and grabbed her breasts firmly, feeling the erect nipples between her fingers. She suddenly felt Gabrielle's mouth on her clitoris once again. As she felt the woman's tongue press against her, she sucked in a ragged breath through clenched teeth. She moved her hips faster as she felt herself racing towards release. She lowered a hand and held the back of Gabrielle's head, feeling the woman's long hair on her stomach and thighs. After a few moments, she gently pulled Gabrielle up to her as a sudden desire to feel the woman's lips pressed against hers flushed through her. She smiled as she saw Gabrielle's smiling face lower to hers. She pushed her tongue into Gabrielle's mouth, seeking out the younger woman's own. Her body jerked once as she felt herself nearing the edge. She watched as Gabrielle eased back only a few inches, staring into her eyes. As she started to cum, she kept them open, wanting Gabrielle to see the pleasure she was giving her.

Gabrielle, propped up on her left hand, watched as Xena's body shook. She continued pushing the rod into her lover as she saw Xena's eyes glaze over further, the look of ecstasy on Xena's face sending a bolt through her. After a few moments, she started to pull the rod out completely.

"Please don't stop," Xena panted loudly, finally closing her eyes as a tear slowly leaked down the side of her face.

Eyes narrowing again, Gabrielle began quickly pushing the wand in and out of Xena once again. She lowered her mouth to Xena's breast, briefly having trouble positioning it over the woman's erratically moving nipple. Once she had it between her lips, she opened them as wide as she could while sucking forcefully. She managed to get all of the areola into her mouth, chewing on it lightly. As she continued to flick her tongue across the nipple, she could feel Xena tightening again on the rod in her hand. She looked up as she heard her lover call her name.

Xena reached up with both hands and pulled Gabrielle down to her. As a second orgasm engulfed her, she kissed the woman strongly, working her tongue around inside her mouth, moaning loudly. After several moments, she finally released the bard. She looked up and read the questioning gaze on her lover's face. "No, I'm done," she said in between breaths. She raised a shaky hand to her forehead as she waited for her heartbeat and breathing to slow at least somewhat. She looked up and giggled as she saw Gabrielle happily licking the rod like a child with a piece of candy. "Don't I get any?" she asked softly.

Gabrielle handed her the rod. "Here, you can lick the spoon." She let an impish smile spread across her face, "I'm gonna lick the bowl." She let out a giggle as she quickly lowered her head between Xena's legs.

"Gabrielle," the woman protested weakly. She tilted her head back as she felt Gabrielle's tongue diligently work over her very sensitive genitalia. She let her fatigued arms and legs go limp, not that she had much choice, leaving herself at Gabrielle's mercy. She moaned loudly as the woman continued to lap hungrily at her.

Gabrielle worked her tongue deeper into Xena, trying to get all of the salty fluid that she could. She looked up passed the patch of dark hairs, letting out a devilish chuckle as she noticed Xena breathing rapidly again. Raising an eyebrow, she brought her right hand up to gently stroke Xena's now super-sensitive clitoris. Her eyes narrowed as she heard Xena moan her name loudly. She used her tongue to make long deliberate strokes, her body tingling as Xena continued to groan. She slid her tongue back inside of her lover. She listened as Xena's moans became continuous, her head slowly rocking from side to side. Xena's third climax took Gabrielle by surprise as the woman's body jerked once and sank back down. She passed her tongue over her a few more times and mercifully pulled back. Crawling up beside her, she propped herself up on her left elbow, staring down at the exhausted swords woman. She felt a slight thrill, realizing she was the reason Xena was in that condition. She brought her right hand up and gently traced her fingers across Xena's brow, smiling as the woman sighed. "You wanna go again?" she asked with a devilish tone.

Xena's eyes popped open and went wide as she looked up to Gabrielle, shaking her head, "No, please," she begged.

Gabrielle smiled tenderly, "Okay, you can rest. She watched as Xena closed her eyes again. She looked passed her towards the pool. "Let's go wash."

"Sounds good, but you're gonna have to carry me," Xena replied, her eyes still closed.

"It's okay. I'm in no hurry," Gabrielle said softly as she pulled closer to Xena. She gently rested her head down on the woman's chest, listening to her breathing. She smiled as she felt Xena's hand lightly stroke her hair. "What are we going to do for the rest of the day?"

Xena let out a soft chuckle. "After THAT?! Not much."

"How about we go take a walk after we bathe. Maybe look for some fruit tress." Gabrielle asked softly, lightly tracing her fingertips over the curves of Xena's breast.

"I don't see why not. But, let's just rest here a little while longer."

"Okay," Gabrielle replied, smiling mischievously as she let her hand slowly slide lower.

"Gabrielle?" Xena asked, a warning in her tone.

"What?" the woman asked innocently.


Dusk descended upon the quiet landscape, throwing a deep orange hue across the western horizon. Xena, leaning back comfortably against a large log they'd rolled into the pool, looked into the near cloudless sky, watching as the first stars made their nocturnal debut. She closed her eyes, listening to the sounds around her. The insects had just begun their night concert, the chirps and clicks echoing through the forest not far away. She also heard the small ripples in the water created as Gabrielle lazily moved her arms back and forth on the surface of the pool. She looked down at the woman, seated between her legs, reclining back against her chest. "Hey, you're pretty quiet," she said softly, lightly rubbing Gabrielle's stomach where her arms were resting.

"I was just thinking about something," Gabrielle whispered back, not wanting to break the quiet moment.

"Oh?" Xena inquired as she raised a hand slowly out of the water and held it over Gabrielle's right shoulder, watching as a few drops of water fell off of her fingertips to slide down Gabrielle's arm.

"Remember when we freed Prometheus?"

"Um-hmm," Xena replied, again wetting her fingers and doing the same before replacing her arm back across Gabrielle's waist.

"I was thinking about something I'd told Iolaus."

Xena shifted as she heard the man's name, remembering how she'd seduced him to try and get him to turn against Hercules, his best friend. Then, when her plan hadn't succeeded, she'd tried to kill him. He said he'd forgiven her. She hoped one day she would be able to forgive herself. She also knew Gabrielle had been strongly taken with him.

Gabrielle, feeling the woman fidget, placed her arms over Xena's. "When you and Hercules had left us behind in that cave, I'd told him a story. Once, a long, long time ago, all people had four legs, four arms, and two heads. Then, the Gods, jealous at how happy mortals were, threw down thunderbolts, splitting all of them in two. This left everyone with two legs and arms and one head. But, the separation left both sides with a desperate yearning to be reunited with the other because they each shared the same soul. And that is why all people, spend their lives searching for the other half of their soul." She paused before continuing, "I'd told him that story, thinking that I'd found the other half of my soul. What I don't think I realized until now, was...that I already had." She squeezed Xena's hands as she turned to look up to her.

Xena felt her heart flutter as she looked down and saw the love in Gabrielle's eyes. "Oh Gabrielle," she whispered as she lowered herself for a tender kiss.

Gabrielle, feeling Xena's hand start to slide down between her legs, stopped her gently as she pulled away from her lovers mouth. Looking up into Xena's beautiful face, she shook her head as she smiled softly, "No,..just hold me." She turned around and lay back against the woman, resting her head against her chest.

"Forever," Xena whispered as she crossed her arms again over Gabrielle's stomach, kissing her lightly on the top of the head.


Gabrielle took another bite of her apple before tossing the core outside to Argo who was standing near the mouth of the cave. "I knew we'd find some fruit." She took a drink from the waterskin. "I think I've had enough hare to last me a while, though."

"Well, we had to finish it before it went bad," Xena said as she likewise tossed her core to the horse outside.

Gabrielle crawled over on her hands and knees to gather some wood from the pile against the wall.

Xena stared intently at the woman's shapely rear as she picked through the branches.

Crawling back over on her knees, Gabrielle threw a handful of the sticks into the flames. She took another drink from the skin and lay down near the fire with her head not far from Xena. "I think I'll be able to sleep well tonight," she said right before letting out a yawn.

Xena raised an eyebrow as she looked down at the woman, watching the firelight shimmer off of her coppery hair. "I hope you weren't planning on turning in early."


"I still have to pay you back for what you did at the pool this morning."

Gabrielle blushed and giggled as she continued to stare into the flames. She stopped as she suddenly deciphered Xena's tone. She turned and looked up slowly to the nearby woman, spotting the lustful predatory expression she'd seen earlier. She started to get up. " know? Maybe I should go check on Argo and see...Hey!?" she yelped as Xena's right hand shot out and grabbed her ankle in a tight grip.

Xena narrowed her eyes as she looked hungrily at the woman. "Oh no. There won't be a chase this time," she slowly pulled Gabrielle by the foot onto the nearby blanket, the woman's nervous giggles making her heart beat faster. Licking her lips, she crawled up Gabrielle's body, stopping with her face a few inches above the woman's.

Gabrielle felt her body tingle as she looked up at Xena. She took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. "Okay, let's see what you got," she said in a sultry tone as she spread her arms wide, giving her body to the woman.

Xena's eyes went wide as she let out a low chuckle. She ripped open Gabrielle's top and grasped her breasts, smiling at the excited squeal the woman issued. She lowered her mouth to her lover's in a passionate kiss as she felt Gabrielle's arms around her neck.

Outside, Argo stared on as she finished off the last apple.


"Hey, wait up," Gabrielle called after Xena as she walked down the hill to catch up to the woman and Argo.

Xena took a deep breath as she saw the warm smile on Gabrielle's face. She turned and looked down the road to the northeast, figuring they should easily be able to make it to Thermopylae by nightfall.

"You know, we should remember where that cave is in case we pass back this way again. Here's your knife."

Xena smiled as she turned back to Gabrielle, taking the dirk and placing it back in her boot. "For a while there, I thought you'd decided to stay. What did you need the knife for?"

Gabrielle smiled and replied, "Some personal business."

Xena decided to let the cryptic answer suffice. She looked first to Argo then to Gabrielle, "You wanna ride?"

"No, I think I'll walk for awhile." She giggled before continuing, "After last night, I'm just surprised I CAN walk."

Xena, deciding to walk herself, pulled on Argo's reins as she followed Gabrielle. "Me too. I must be losing my touch." She smirked as Gabrielle stopped and turned to face her. The smirk changed to a smile as she took Gabrielle's offered hand.

As Gabrielle turned to continue down the road, she stopped when she felt Xena pull back. Turning around again, she looked up into Xena's face as the woman came closer.

Looking down at Gabrielle's soft smile, Xena leaned over and kissed her tenderly. She pulled back, staring into the woman's beautiful eyes. "I love you," she said softly.

"I love you."

Xena turned as they heard Argo snort loudly. She looked down at the animal. "Yeah? Well, get used to it." Her smile broadened as she felt Gabrielle squeeze her hand.

The pair set off down the road hand in hand, prepared to face whatever the Fates had in store for them, together.


From the forested hillside above, the lone hare watched the two of them walk off. It then lowered its head to nibble on the dew covered grass at the base of a nearby elm tree, oblivious to the freshly carved initials a few feet above.


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