Zorak's Record Player

I'm evil...

So you decided to help me overthrow your planet, eh? Good... Below are a few of the recordings I've made while sitting in this stinkin' prison pod.

Because most people aren't as intelligent as we mantises, I've divided up the sounds into four parts. I'll be putting up more sounds as I get around to it. Hey, it ain't easy being evil and it takes up a lot of time. But don't worry, you'll get your little sounds when I'm good and ready to let you have it! Er, I mean when I'm ready to let you have them. Heh heh. Just a little Freudian slip there...

Now some of you might be whining right now, "but Zorak, your .wav files are soooo big! I can't download them! Waa waa!" Too bad! Ha! I made them in 11 kHz 16 bit stereo, 'cause I like 'em that way so you'd better live with it! When a mantis does a job, a mantis does it right!

BrakBrak Here's some of the cute things that this would-be villain has said. He's my little buddy
MoltarMoltar My partner in crime, this evil doer can make men from molten lava! He's also got a wife named Linda. Go figure
Blubber BoySpace Ghost Yup, the dolt himself, WhaleBoy is always ready to say something stupid and give me a laugh
Zorak!Zorak That's me you chowderheads and you'd better download ALL of my nuggets of joy! There'll be a quiz after school...


Brak's Boo-hooing


Moltar's Mantras

Blubber Boy

Space Ghost's Stupid Sayings


Zorak's Nuggets of Joy

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