Lucy Lawless
the New Adventures of the Black Stallion


These pictures are from Lucy Lawless's guest role on The New Adventures of the Black Stallion in 1992. The episode is called "Riding the Volcano." Lucy played Sarah McFee, a horse trainer who was breaking a horse named Volcano, a nasty critter who kept throwing her. She ran into the star boy (whatever his name is) who helped her learn that the best way to train a horse is with love, and not with a whip. Sarah then trained the horse and when it came time to sell the horse, she told the buyer that she wouldn't sell Volcano because he was such a wonderful horse. Foo-boy was excited, but then Sarah asked for $2,500 dollars more and sold Volcano, telling foo-boy that "A girl's got to make a living". Foo-boy left then, older and wiser.

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lucybs01.jpg lucybs02.jpg lucybs03.jpg lucybs04.jpg lucybs05.jpg lucybs06.jpg lucybs07.jpg lucybs08.jpg lucybs09.jpg lucybs10.jpg lucybs11.jpg lucybs12.jpg lucybs13.jpg lucybs14.jpg lucybs15.jpg lucybs16.jpg lucybs17.jpg lucybs18.jpg lucybs19.jpg lucybs20.jpg lucybs21.jpg lucybs22.jpg lucybs23.jpg lucybs24.jpg lucybs25.jpg lucybs26.jpg lucybs27.jpg lucybs28.jpg titlebs.jpg titlebs1.jpg

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