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  1. Child- What's this? Diana: This? It's my round killing thing. Gabrielle: Chakram. Bless you. 132kb
  2. Diana- It's like looking in a mirror. Before I've brushed my hair. 102kb
  3. Diana- I was just trying to give it some color. It seemed so awfully dark. Xena: Well, you have to convince people that you're me, and I like dark. 143kb
  4. Diana- This experience - pretending to be you I mean - it'll be good for me. I'll be among the little people, learning of their concerns. Xena: Well, the first thing you should learn is not to call them little people. 237kb
  5. Diana- And now you don't even believe I'm me. You think I'm Xena. Well I can't be Xena 'cos I'm not Xena! Gabrielle: You're not Xena. No! I'm Diana! Oh my goodness. 287kb
  6. Diana- Tell me what to do to be a convincing Xena. Gabrielle: Well, for starters, stop crying. Alright. I'll stop. I'll (sob) try! 231kb
  7. Diana- Why are you throwing those rags on the soil? Gabrielle: It's going to be dark soon. I think we should get some sleep. I agree, but why are you putting those ra... we're sleeping on the ground? That's what Xena does. 254kb
  8. Diana- Boy, I sure am hungry. I could eat a whole pickled croesus on my own. Gabrielle: Couldn't we all. 115kb
  9. Diana- Philomon thinks that I'm a delicate flower. 59kb
  10. Diana- Did I ever tell you that I haven't been outside the castle walls but twice? Gabrielle: More times than you've actually been outside the castle walls. 119kb
  11. Diana- Who is that horrible little man? Gabrielle: He's one of the ordinary people whose simple joy you wanted to share. 113kb
  12. Gabrielle- The woe of hearts long dead, pounds soundly in my head, for a warrior princess lives, in a world of broken... broken... bives? Mives? Sieves? Broken sieves... that could work. 558kb
  13. Gabrielle- Okay. I just wish you would give me some warning when you're going to test me like that. 89kb
  14. Gabrielle- So you're Princess Diana? Who just happens to look exactly like Xena? It's test day, isn't it? Well, you're gonna have to do better than that. 256kb
  15. Gabrielle- You may look like Xena, but you're nothing alike. 54kb
  16. Gabrielle- A girl could get used to this. 27kb
  17. Gabrielle- It's so romantic, isn't it? Xena: Very. I hope I find someone who'll make me smile like that. I'm sure you will. Just don't be afraid to speak up when it happens. Of course, that's never been a problem for you, has it? 283kb
  18. Gabrielle- You had people waiting on you hand and foot. Fulfilling your every whim. Xena: Hey, that's what you're here for. 116kb
  19. Philomon- Stay behind me, this could get ugly. Xena: You have no idea. 147kb
  20. Xena- Well, it's a start. 30kb
  21. Xena- Hold hard and press down here, it'll stop the bleeding. You were so brave. 133kb
  22. Xena- Oh goodie. 39kb
  23. Xena- Don't worry, I'll handle it. 33kb
  24. Xena- Looks like a used chariot salesman. 40kb
  25. Xena- Oh, c'mon, we've all got that evil spot somewhere. 60kb
  26. Xena- Death to traitors in our midst. 39kb
  27. Xena- As you wish. 20kb
  28. Xena- You got that right, Plato. 31kb
  29. Xena- We're leaving here as soon as I can get out of this outfit. Gabrielle: I like it. 75kb
  30. Xena- Didn't anybody ever tell you it's rude to leave before the cake's cut? 70kb

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