Unsorted Xena Sounds - First Season

  1. Lucy Lawless: From a local promo for the show Hear her real accent! - Not from her Letterman appearance 642 kb
  2. Adiminius- I hate jugglers... be glad you're not a mime 302 kb
  3. Autolycus- Yes, you see a woman's chastity is like a new hat. A beautiful thing that's-- going to kill me 442 kb
  4. Autolycus- Of course the trick in killing someone with an apricot is really in the wrist... so for situations like that I use a muffin 574 kb
  5. Autolycus- Now my problem is a vexing one. Kill you and ruin a beautiful starry night or just injure you to prove a point 349 kb
  6. Charon- Now looking to the left you will see the Caves of Despair... and coming just up ahead on the right you will see the Hanging Gardens of Disgusting Diseases 377 kb
  7. Cortiz- Recognize me Xena? It's been a while 136 kb
  8. Cortiz- I want them for execution by morning. Guard: What time? 216 kb
  9. Damon- You fools! You let women and children and old men kick your behinds! Now take this village or die by my blade! 334 kb
  10. Darius- Everyone out, out! Kids: Do we have to? Dar: Yes. Kids: We always miss everything good 291 kb
  11. Darius- I don't think I can do that. Xena: Do it 144 kb
  12. Diana- Amazing... It's like looking in a mirror... before I've brushed my hair 485 kb
  13. Diana- (What's this?) It's my round killing thing. Gab: Chakram. Di: Bless you 297 kb
  14. Diana- I can't pretend to be Xena without you giving me a few pointers. I haven't been out of the castle in years... Gab: You're not Xena! Di: No I'm just (sob) Diana! Gab: My goodness, the resemblance is amazing 1359 kb
  15. Diana- Tell me what to do to be a convincing Xena. Gab: Well for starters, stop crying. Di: Right, I'll stop. I'll (sob) try 485 kb
  16. Diana- I was just trying to give it some color, it seemed so awfully dark. Xena: Well you have to convince people that you're me, and I like dark 315 kb
  17. Diana- Why are you throwing those rags on the soil? Gab: It's going to be dark soon. I think we should get some sleep. Diana: I agree, but why are you putting those ra-- we're sleeping on the ground?! Gab: That's what Xena does 560 kb
  18. Diana- Boy I sure am hungry. I could eat a whole pickled croasis on my own. Gab: Couldn't we all 302 kb
  19. Gabrielle- I've got a bad feeling about this 54 kb
  20. Gabrielle- Well if you shot 10 arrows at me, how many do you think I'd miss? Xena: Only one. Gab: That could be a problem, huh? 151 kb
  21. Gabrielle- Come on, this is supposed to be touching... a brother and sister who haven't seen each other for years should have more to say to each other than-- Xena: So you're an assassin now. Gab: It's a start 489 kb
  22. Gabrielle- .... have you ever considered that there isn't a safe time to be around you... if that's all I'll just be practising with my staff... 1054 kb
  23. Gabrielle- The woe of hearts long dead pounds soundly in my head.... Gab's poem 1025 kb
  24. Gabrielle- Argo is.... fed 87 kb
  25. Gabrielle- Oh, I know it's easier to get two in than three. I'll just go guard some villagers or something. Even if they're not in danger 416 kb
  26. Gabrielle- Not happy news 54 kb
  27. Gabrielle- It was just a thought 81 kb
  28. Gabrielle- My name is Gabrielle 68 kb
  29. Gabrielle- So he's the one who made you so, you know, aggressive? 197 kb
  30. Gabrielle- What we have here is a failure to communicate 153 kb
  31. Gabrielle- Now how did I do that? 84 kb
  32. Gabrielle- Did you see the nosebleed I gave him? There was blood everywhere. Then the next thing I saw was you, which is a very pleasant sight 464 kb
  33. Gabrielle- Xena look! How cute! 100 kb
  34. Gabrielle- I missed something 74 kb
  35. Gabrielle- This one actually says Mt. Olympus on the bottom. Storekeeper: Oh, you're right! I've obviously been "ripped off"! Damned unscrupulous artisans! 377 kb
  36. Gabrielle- You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course you're not like most girls 219 kb
  37. Gabrielle- Can I ask you about your labors? Herc: ...Actually Iolaus is the one to ask. You see he knows all the facts and he loves to hear himself talk 442 kb
  38. Gabrielle- Your father? Zeus? The King of the gods? The maker of all creations? Herc: Yeah. Gab: Hmm. He's about as talkative as you are. Xena: Yup 457 kb
  39. Gabrielle- I'll just... uh... don't mind me, have fun 161 kb
  40. Gabrielle- Wing? Thigh? Breast? Who wants what? Xena: He likes drumsticks 245 kb
  41. Gabrielle- Excuse me? 44 kb
  42. Gabrielle- What are you going to do? Torus: We could have murdered him, but we didn't 146 kb
  43. Gabrielle- I have to find out what's going on with me and I have to do that at home. Xena: But you're coming back, right? Gab: I guess that depends on what I learn 455 kb
  44. Gabrielle- I can't endanger you, don't you see that? I'm just a liability. Xena: It's a risk I think I can take. Gab: But I can't 447 kb
  45. Gabrielle- Why did I just freeze up? Xena: I don't know, you're burned out. It happens 300 kb
  46. Gabrielle- (Xena: C'mon we've been in tighter spots that that) Yeah, yeah you are right. Since hooking up with you, well, I've nearly been eaten by Cyclops and I was almost forced to marry Morpheus, and practically squashed by a Titan 647 kb
  47. Gabrielle- (Xena: Hey, you all right?) Yeah, yeah I'm good. Considering I was almost roadkill, I'm perfect 329 kb
  48. Gabrielle- Xena look out! 65 kb
  49. Gabrielle- (What brings you to this place?) I'm looking for my best friend. Maybe you've seen her? Six feet tall, dark hair, lots of leather, she fights like the harpies in a bad mood. Her name's Xena 531 kb
  50. Gabrielle- Of course I have to decline. What would people think? I mean me, a young innocent girl taking gifts from a swarthy stranger? The gossip alone would send this town reeling. Thug: Is that yes? Gab: Well, not in the customary sense of the word 765 kb
  51. Gabrielle- And I'm looking for my boyfriend. Big, strong, jealous type. And there he is now! He's resting after polishing his giant, lethal sword collection 606 kb (Gabrielle means me, of course ; )
  52. Gabrielle- So Zeus in his appreciation turned the two lovers into oak trees. And then do you know what happened? Xena: Somebody built a boat out of them? 368 kb
  53. Gabrielle- Come on Xena, I believe that everyone will find their tree in the forest some day 220 kb
  54. Gabrielle- What's wrong with this place? Drunk: Hello beautiful (burp) Gab: Another place sounds good. Drunk: C'mon bardie, tell me a story 302 kb
  55. Gabrielle- Don't forget about me. Xena: I won't. Yah! 162 kb
  56. Gabrielle- Gabrielle's piping from the Prodigal 1.17 MB
  57. Gabrielle- What's going on Xena? 47 kb
  58. Gabrielle- You have a very nice establishment. How late are you open? Innkeep: Late 291 kb
  59. Gabrielle- Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you. Xena: I ran into a little trouble. Gab: You? Trouble? That's a surprise. You couldn't send a messenger? I was worried sick. Xena: Sorry 571 kb
  60. Gabrielle- Oooh Meleager... ah the gods preserve me.... oh the gods!... Ah yes!... Oh!... No wonder they call you the mighty! 992 kb
  61. Gabrielle- You might be surprised 76 kb
  62. Gabrielle- You son of a -- (whinny) 134 kb
  63. Gabrielle- C'mon we've gone this far. Let's give these sons of griffons a welcome they'll never forget. Now what do you say? (Cheers) 345 kb
  64. Gabrielle- Act don't react 65 kb
  65. Gabrielle- (Lilla: Do you think someone killed him?) No if they killed him they would have left the body, minus the head of course as proof 227 kb
  66. Hercules- He's brave of heart... and hard of head 184 kb
  67. Iolaus- I wanna know if you've seen a friend of mine. He's tall, broad shoulders, big arms... very handsome... Storekeeper: Hercules! I haven't seen him but I have the cradle he was nursed in! 550 kb
  68. Marcus- You know him? Xena: I killed him. Marc: Oh 317 kb
  69. Mezentius- This Xena is a strange woman. I like her... energy 216 kb
  70. Mezentius- Your friend can be quite insulting at times. Marcus: Perhaps, but I found it best to listen when Xena speaks 326 kb
  71. Meleager- (burp) Greetings good people of .... Potedia. Sorry about yesterday's illness, but I'm fit now and ready to do battle with.... someone 1064 kb
  72. Meleager- Where's my money? Mayor: Well it's right here in the strong box. If you recall you get half up front and the rest when you finish the job. Mel: Ah, right. Just checking 592 kb
  73. Meleager- I'm awake, I'm awake. I'm well aware of my surroundings. Where am I? Porter? Pewter? Potuhickey? Gab: Poteidia. Mel: Potedia 652 kb
  74. Meleager- Yeah, well, you guys are going to have to buy some decent weapons. I'd say a rack of Spartan javelins would do quite well, the kind that can shoot through 15 sheets of seige wood, with that awful whistling sound, scares 'em every time. That's what you're gong to have to buy 678 kb
  75. Meleager- What in the name of Zeus are you doing? Gab: What does it look like? I'm rescuing you. Mel: That's not what it looks like. Gab: Maybe not, but it will now that I'm on the inside. Mel: You have a plan? Gab: Any minute now 590 kb
  76. Philemon- Stay behind me- this could get ugly. Xena: You have no idea 295 kb
  77. Torus- You murdering Harpy! 60 kb
  78. Toxeus- Tell me who got the pleasure of killing you? Xena: No one. My horse threw me and I broke my little neck 420 kb
  79. Toxeus- It's great to be wicked and dead! 88 kb
  80. Xena- It's sizzling tonight, don't you think? 87 kb
  81. Xena- Your blood flow has stopped and you're doomed to die a painful death... 147 kb
  82. Xena- That neat battlecry 71 kb
  83. Xena- C'mon, we've all got that evil spot somewhere 99 kb
  84. Xena- (Who are you, you're not the Princess!) You got that right, Plato 193 kb
  85. Xena- (How did you get this far? I had guards posted!) Oh, they're lying around somewhere 205 kb
  86. Xena- (I think we can take them out) No, we can't kill them. They're the good guys, remember? 216 kb
  87. Xena- Nothing like a good ambush to liven things up, huh? 216 kb
  88. Xena- So show me around 76 kb
  89. Xena- We talk now 76 kb
  90. Xena- You're going to cut your throat and jump. That's overdoing it a bit, don't you think? 197 kb
  91. Xena- Gabrielle this is Marcus. Gab:Oh I've heard so much about you. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet before you were... killed 302 kb
  92. Xena- Wait here 45 kb
  93. Xena- Oh. Goody 119 kb
  94. Xena- Looks like a used chariot salesman 97 kb
  95. Xena- Death to traitors in our midst 108 kb
  96. Xena- As you wish 44 kb
  97. Xena- Didn't anybody tell you it's rude to leave before the cake's cut? 162 kb
  98. Xena- I have my ways of getting in 151 kb
  99. Xena- (Darius: That's good.) No, its bad 173 kb
  100. Xena- Boo! Girl: (gasp) 54 kb
  101. Xena- Right to it. I like that 141 kb
  102. Xena- So this giant had me trapped in a box canyon... I jammed this big ... feather... well, not just a feather. You got to remember these guys have really big feet. I used the whole goose 975 kb
  103. Xena- What? 44 kb
  104. Xena- I've never worn anything like this before 143 kb
  105. Xena- (Gab: Didn't happen to you) No, that's why I always try to remember 'Act don't React', go with your gut 356 kb
  106. Xena- It was just one incident 141 kb
  107. Xena- I can't help you with this 76 kb
  108. Xena- You're going to have to figure it out yourself 108 kb
  109. Xena- Where will you go? Gab: The only place I know... home 263 kb
  110. Xena- Everybody out! 55 kb
  111. Xena- Well I don't think a dress is going to change their attitude toward me. Darius: Oh you'd be surprised by the power of this dress 246 kb
  112. Xena- You're not only scum, you're dreamers 145 kb
  113. Xena- (So what do you say, shall we be civilized about this) Why start now? 294 kb
  114. Xena- Gusty move! Gab: That was gutsy, huh? I didn't freeze. Xena: No you didn't 248 kb
  115. Xena- Fight now, talk later 65 kb

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