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Sounds from The Royal Couple of Thieves

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  1. Autolycus- Now I know what you want. But I'm afraid a broken heart is all I can give you at the moment. 84kb
  2. Autolycus- Well, I applaud your attempt. But it's not quite that easy to catch... the King of Thieves. 138kb
  3. Autolycus- It's embarrassing for Zeus' sake. 29kb
  4. Autolycus- We have an arrangement. I don't steal from him and he doesn't gouge my eyes out with hot pokers. It's worked out very well so far. 141kb
  5. Autolycus- You're trying to use my ego against me. Gabrielle: I didn't think it would work. No, it worked. I'll do it. 102kb
  6. Autolycus- Well, I think I found your disguise. The assistant to Sinteres would wear no less. Gabrielle: Any less and there wouldn't be. 112kb
  7. Autolycus- Of course, the trick in killing someone with an apricot is really in the wrist. The drawback is it kills instantly so there's no time to gather information. So for situations like that, I use a muffin. 263kb
  8. Autolycus- Well, that worked up an appetite. And hunger is the gods' way of saying... eat. 152kb
  9. Autolycus- Yes, you see, a woman's chastity is like a new hat. A beautiful thing that's... going to kill me. 186kb
  10. Autolycus- What took you so long, my dear? Finishing up my laundry? Xena: Yes, you left something hanging on the line. 177kb
  11. Autolycus- Multi-million dinar castle and no closets. 58kb
  12. Autolycus- I am Autolycus, the King... of Thieves. 100kb
  13. Autolycus- Is your life always like this? Xena: Pretty much. Sheesh. 136kb
  14. Autolycus- Go on Xena, I'll hold 'em off. Xena: Are you kidding me? I think I'm kidding myself. Go on, help those people. 90kb
  15. Autolycus- Should I concentrate on anyone in particular? Or do we hate them all? Xena: Every last one. 138kb
  16. Autolycus- Thou shall not covet, thou shall not steal? Who could live by those laws? 161kb
  17. Gabrielle- Oh, I like this ring. Autolycus: That's mine. I got it from a beautiful princess. Was it a gift? You're so young. 130kb
  18. Gabrielle- Is money the only thing in your life? Autolycus: I believe it is. Now, we were talking about a reward. 102kb
  19. Gabrielle- Have you ever had a headache that was so painful you wanted to be dead? Well, I wish I had one of those right now. 100kb
  20. Gabrielle- I wish I'd known he was going to do that. I wouldn't have taken this. Pretty, isn't it? Xena: Gabrielle, didn't you read those tablets? Thou shalt not steal. I promise I'll give it back. As soon as I find the owner. 328kb
  21. Sinteres- Death has a thousand doors to let out life. And Prognese, I've saved one just for you. 166kb
  22. Xena- We need to talk. Autolycus: Talk is cheap. I have an expensive ear. 92kb
  23. Xena- Stick to the philosophy, not the fantasy. 55kb
  24. Xena- What do you think you're doing? Concubine? Autolycus: Oh, c'mon. Do you really think those people would believe that someone like Sinteres would have someone like you, without having someone like you? Just you watch it. 183kb
  25. Xena- Magmar told me his former boss has got a big ego. Almost as big as yours. Autolycus: Nothing is as big as mine. 164kb
  26. Xena- I can't give up. That chest is too important to my friends. Autolycus: Some advice from me to you. Find less demanding friends. 157kb
  27. Xena- By the gods, you're an animal! I like that! 57kb
  28. Xena- Care to explain that? 25kb

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