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Sounds from the Greater Good

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  1. Gabrielle- I hate it when you do that. 28kb
  2. Gabrielle- I have to practice. Xena:Not on my horse. 74kb
  3. Gabrielle- Argo doesn't like me. Xena:Sometimes you have to have patience with things that annoy you. Oh, I never said she annoyed me. Xena: I wasn't talking to you. 175kb
  4. Gabrielle- Funny. Very very funny. 49kb
  5. Gabrielle- You stupid, conniving, four foot daughter of a... mare. 90kb
  6. Gabrielle- He must have a guardian morae or something. 37kb
  7. Gabrielle- So I just stand there, and I wave this fake chakram, and give that yell thingy of yours. Salmoneus:And can you give that yell thingy? Aiyiyiyiyi. Salmoneus:This is not going to fool Talmadeus. Aiyiyiyiyi! Salmoneus: See, now that could work. 268kb
  8. Gabrielle- Aiyiyiyiyi. 29kb
  9. Gabrielle- Actually, he got very sick one day, and... well, I thought he would get better, but sometimes it's just what happens with things that you love. Sometimes they just leave you. 262kb
  10. Gabrielle- This is your only warning! Either leave this valley forever, or suffer the wrath of Xena! Up, Argo! 201kb
  11. Gabrielle- Xena, are you going to die? Xena:It's not about me. 64kb
  12. Gabrielle- This is not about you or me, Salmoneus. It's about these people. That's why we're here, why Xena was here. We are staying and fighting for the greater good. 188kb
  13. Gabrielle- (Gab beats up a tree) 235kb
  14. Gabrielle- I have to focus. Focus. Xena said to focus. 171kb
  15. Gabrielle- I'm taking my friend and we're leaving. Got it? 71kb
  16. Gabrielle- Glad to have you back. Don't ever do this again. Xena:Gabrielle, we're in the middle of a fight! 122kb
  17. Gabrielle- The best of friends are made in strange situations. 48kb
  18. Gabrielle- I'm gonna get all soft on you. Xena: Wouldn't want that, would we? 98kb
  19. Guard - He wanted your head by nightfall. It's gonna be the centerpiece on his dinner table. Salmoneus:Wouldn't he like a nice bunch of flowers instead? Orchids are lovely this time of year, and I'd look terrible with an apple in my mouth. 233kb
  20. Salmoneus- You want something done right, you gotta buy the right people. 46kb
  21. Salmoneus- Proud warrioress. 33kb
  22. Talmadeus- Who killed Xena? Salmoneus:I don't know. You don't know? It's obvious, and soon the whole world will know. I killed her! 349kb
  23. Talmadeus- Xena? Salmoneus:Xena? Gabrielle:Xena! 54kb
  24. Talmadeus- Oh, I'm glad you're not dead. It would have robbed me of this. Xena: Well, it would have saved me from your breath. 172kb
  25. Xena- Yell at me later. 20kb
  26. Xena- It's going to get worse before it gets better. 42kb
  27. Xena- What'd I tell you? Focus. 31kb
  28. Xena- It's the greater good. 29kb
  29. Xena- If it does happen, I want to be taken back home to be buried next to my brother Lyceus. 170kb
  30. Xena- I hate uninvited guests. 54kb
  31. Xena- Don't you ever touch my horse again. 57kb
  32. Xena- Think again. 22kb
  33. Xena- When you thought I was dead, you risked your life to try to take me back home. Gabrielle: It was your last wish. For all that you've given me and all the times you've saved my life, I would go to Tartarus and back just to carry it out. 274kb

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