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  1. Alcton- But I'm not a mystic anymore! Shopkeeper: A Griffin can't change it's feathers. Mystic, Ex-Mystic, it's all the same. Out! 75 kb
  2. Alcton- In a dream vision, I saw a warrior who could travel the dream passage and defeat Morpheus. You must be the one. A woman with a dark past, strong and brave. Xena: I'm the one. 273 kb
  3. Gabrielle- Think you're man enough to test my blade? Do you?! 42 kb
  4. Gabrielle- Your type are all cowards. I met and defeated tens of hundreds of your type. 66 kb
  5. Gabrielle- So c'mon. Make your move. Or are you waiting for me to make the first move. First mistake? Well that's your first mistake waiting for my mistake. 'cuz I don't make mistakes! 137 kb
  6. Gabrielle- Ha! Let that be a lesson for you. 26 kb
  7. Gabrielle- You're waiting for the right moment to say 'I told you so' aren't you? Xena: No. I'm waiting for you to say it for me. 73 kb
  8. Gabrielle- I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe something like, 'Xena needs my help' or 'I wonder if I can take some of the heat off of Xena. 77 kb
  9. Gabrielle- Weapons master: You don't look like a fighter. Sure, that's your strength, like a beautiful seed hidden in an eagle's dung. Nice image. 95 kb
  10. Gabrielle- Oh, how cure. It's a breast dagger. Oh. You mean it's designed to pierce the breast into the heart of your enermy. 83 kb
  11. Gabrielle- It's just this mountain air. I feel motivated. Xena: You didn't find a sorcerer to enhance your motives did you? No, will you get over it? 80 kb
  12. Gabrielle- Ha. It's not like your breasts aren't dangerous enough. 28 kb
  13. Gabrielle- That was a joke, you can laugh. 22 kb
  14. Gabrielle- Now you got the wrong girl. Take my word for it. I'm not the wifey type. I sleep late, I don't know a lick about housework, and children, look at these hip bones, no way. 132 kb
  15. Gabrielle- They're going to sacrifice me, they're going to sacrifice me not, they're going to sacrifice me... Xena: They're not going to sacrifice you. 99 kb
  16. Gabrielle- I don't suppose you'd let me sleep a little longer, would you? I mean, I hate to show up the blushing bride with circles under my eyes. Just another 7 or 8 hours. 112 kb
  17. Gabrielle- Which ever one of you is the best fighter, I'll take you on first. And then the second, and then, well, the easy pickings. So, who is it? Who's the best? 117 kb
  18. Highwayman- Oh we're but poor men trying to scrape an existance in this evil world. 36 kb
  19. Xena- This is not a play thing. 24 kb
  20. Xena- You're lucky the tree was unarmed. You could've been hurt. 33 kb
  21. Xena- Don't confuse defending yourself with using a weapon. When you pull a sword you have to be ready to kill. 49 kb
  22. Xena- People are always too quick to go for their sword, it should always be the last resort. 44 kb
  23. Xena- Alright, the rules of survival. #1, if you can run, run. #2, if you can't run, surrender, and then run. #3, if you're out numbered, let them fight themselves, while you run. #4, Gabrielle: Wait, more running? No, 4 is where you talk your way out of it, and I know you can do that. 242 kb
  24. Xena- It's wisdom before weapons Gabrielle. 25 kb
  25. Xena- Highwayman: You're Xena aren't you? Do you really want to find out? 34 kb
  26. Xena- What's the matter with you? Gabrielle: What do you mean? I dunno, you just seem... bigger. 97 kb
  27. Xena- Morpheus. I won't do it. It's a trick. You're tying to slow me down. You're using the past of a Xena long dead. I'm not her anymore! 225 kb
  28. Xena- Nothing surprises me anymore. 29 kb
  29. Xena- Evil Xena: We were so happy all those years, don't you remember? Putting fear into all. Pushing aside all who stood in our way, taking what we wanted. Those were the days. That wasn't me. That was never who I really was. Evil Xena: Oh. Well let me ask you this. Back then didn't it feel right? Everything we did felt right, it felt good. But it wasn't. Evil Xena: You think this goody goody act of yours is going to last? There's no glory in being a hero, ask around. You're weak without me Xena, but the fire is still there. Join me. All though this dreamscape passage, I've had to fight people I killed before. And I couldn't bring myself to kill them again. But as I face you, I realized that it can only mean one thing. Evil Xena: Yes? Means what? Tell me. It means I finally get to kill you. 762 kb
  30. Xena- Evil Xena: You can't defeat me. I'm stronger, I've always been stronger. You're just a dark reminder of a disease I once had. If you were that strong I would never have left you. But I did. 131 kb
  31. Xena- Evil Xena: No no, my sister. You can't leave. You still haven't found the key. You take for granted all your gifts and talents. Me. Everything you are today came from me. Every spark of noble quality that made you a great leader. Me. The strength that made men tremble at your name. It all came from me! You understand? I understand. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't exist. Wether I like it or not you're the key. You're the key. There's only one way out of this dreamscape. You. You're the key to my nightmares. And no matter what part of me you think you are. I control you. 879 kb
  32. Xena- How much do I owe you? Shopkeeper: Owe me? After taking away the fear of the Mystics? After making this vally a safe place to raise a family? 10% off everything. 130 kb

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