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  1. Ascalus- How did you get this far? I had guards posted. Xena: Oh, they're lying around somewhere. 87kb
  2. Cortese- Recognise me, Xena? It's been a while. Xena: Cortese. 23kb
  3. Cortese- I want them for execution by morning! Ascalus:What time? 23kb
  4. Gabrielle- Now how did I do that? 23kb
  5. Gabrielle- So he's the one who made you so, you know, aggressive? 82kb
  6. Gabrielle- Did you see that? 15kb
  7. Gabrielle- I can still feel that warrior fever just coursing through my blood. 67kb
  8. Gabrielle- Well, if you shot ten arrows at me, how many do you think I'd miss? Xena: Only one. That could be a problem, huh? 126kb
  9. Gabrielle- I've got a bad feeling about this. 38kb
  10. Gabrielle- You're full of surprises. 41kb
  11. Gabrielle- Thigh? Breast? Who wants what? 43kb
  12. Gabrielle- Come on, this is supposed to be touching! I mean, a brother and sister who haven't seen each other for years should have more to say to each other than just... Xena: So, you're an assassin now, huh? It's a start. 224kb
  13. Gabrielle- Argo is... fed. 31kb
  14. Gabrielle- Oh no, that's your way of saying, it's too dangerous to be around me right now Gabrielle. Well have you ever considered there isn't a safe time to be around you? Now that village doesn't need my help but you might, and I'm going with you. So if that's all, I'll just be practising with my staff. End of discussion. I'm sorry you had to witness that, Toris. 434kb
  15. Gabrielle- Are you alright? You took so long. 48kb
  16. Gabrielle- I know, it's easier to get two in than three. I'll just go guard some villagers or something. Even if they're not in danger. 193kb
  17. Gabrielle- Not happy news. 24kb
  18. Gabrielle- What are you going to do? Toris: We could have murdered him, but we didn't. Murder. You can't just murder someone. As if you know the difference between murder and justice. 174kb
  19. Gabrielle- Two of us? Yeah, well, right, but mostly Xena. 69kb
  20. Malik- Retreat! Everybody out! 129kb
  21. Toris- There was only one thing left to do. That was to take Cortese to the grave. The grave that I should have had. The grave that Lyceus has now. 199kb
  22. Toris- Maybe you could come with me. Xena: No, not yet. Besides Gabrielle and I are headed the other way. I understand. 187kb
  23. Xena- I'm counting on it. 40kb
  24. Xena- Right to it. I like that. 71kb
  25. Xena- I have my ways of getting in. 32kb
  26. Xena- I'm not that trusting. 27kb
  27. Xena- We can't kill them. They're the good guys, remember? 53kb
  28. Xena- I said it was cunning, I didn't say I liked it. 48kb
  29. Xena- You listen to me. I already lost one brother to that madman and I'm not going to lose another. 124kb
  30. Xena- Things don't always work out the way you want. 46kb
  31. Xena- Take a good look at my chakram, Cortese. It'll be the last thing you ever see if you don't tell them now. 147kb
  32. Xena- I guess you had other things on your mind. 44kb

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