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  1. Argolis- You're to little to ride. Lycus: I'm not. Argolis: Are too. Xena: I don't know what you guys are arguing about. But it's going to take more then an arrow to get rid of me. 301 kb
  2. Argolis- Are you gonna fight Cycnus? Xena: If it comes to that. Lycus: You can't go they'll hurt you. 75.4 kb
  3. Cycnus- Kill them all. 13.5 kb
  4. Cycnus- Make me proud of you my son. Make Ares proud. 56.5 kb
  5. Cycnus- The warrior women is Xena. A curse on our family, she killed your brother. 53.8 kb
  6. Darius- I never done this before. Xena: Its all right, I have. 126 kb
  7. Darius- Xena I went to war once, I went to war. I lost everything I was fighting for. Xena: I'm sorry, but you can't make peace with war makers. I know these people Darius, I was these people. Darius: But Xena, something changed you, maybe we can change them. 235 kb
  8. Gabrielle- Then do you know what happend? Xena: Somebody built a boat out of them? 75.4 kb
  9. Gabrielle- Don't forget about me. Xena: I won't. Yeha! 39.7 kb
  10. Gabrielle- I'm sure she will be here any minute. She is very dependable, of course she also takes a lot of risks. 89.3 kb
  11. Gabrielle- Actually I'm not a big drinker. You have any water? You have a very nice establishment. How late are you open? Bar tender: Late 166 kb
  12. Gabrielle- I'm looking for my boyfriend. Big, strong, jealous type, & there he is now, resting. After polishing his giant, lethal, sword collection. 134 kb
  13. Gabrielle- Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you. 45.8 kb
  14. Gabrielle- No, no, I'm not waiting around while you have all the fun. Now come on. Are you just going to stand there all day? 94.2 kb
  15. Gabrielle- Xena, I'm going to fall, hurry. 43.1 kb
  16. Gabrielle- Did you want me to drive? Xena: Not on your life, not on my life. Gabrielle: Yeah. Xena: You sure you don't want a ride? Gabrielle: Not until they make those things closer to the ground. 121 kbs
  17. Lycus- Did you see the way she punched out those guys? zam pow. Do you think she is going to die, Argolis? 190 kb
  18. Sphaerus- So um, how long have we being seeing each other, uh? Gabrielle: Gabrielle. And you fell madly in love with me. Sphaerus: It is no wonder the way you kiss. 135 kb
  19. Sphaerus- What brings you to this place? Gabrielle: I'm looking for my bestfriend. Maybe you seen her? Six feet tall, dark hair, lots of leather, she fights like the Harpies. Her name is Xena. 134 kb
  20. Tynus- We have to talk. Why is that women still here? She's not one of us Darius, she fights. 152 kb
  21. Tynus- Xena, can I talk to you? I may... I may of been guilty of a mis-judgement. Not that we agree with your methods. Xena: You're welcome, and don't worry I'm leaving. Tynus: Fine. 234 kb
  22. Xena- What's the point. Gabrielle: Come on Xena, I believe everyone will find their tree in the forest someday, even you. 164 kb
  23. Xena- I find that the strongest trees in the forest stand alone.Gabrielle: You don't have to be strong all the time, Xena. It's good for the soul to be soft. Xena: Oh Yeah. 188 kb
  24. Xena- Lets find some place for you to wait for me. Gabrielle: Whats wrong with this place? Drunk Man: Hello beautiful. Gabrielle: Another place sounds good. 140 kb
  25. Xena- The arrow didn't pass through. Darius: Good. Xena: No, its bad you'll have to push it through. 277 kb
  26. Xena- So this Giant had me trapped in a box canyon. Argolis: Did he try to step on you. Xena: Yeah sure, he tried, but I was ready for him. I jammed this big um feather. Argolis: You mean you tickled his foot with the feather? Xena: Well not just a feather. See ya gotta remember these guys have really big feet. I used the whole goose. 254 kb
  27. Xena- I don't often share a meal with such good company. Darius: Neither do we. 48.5 kb
  28. Xena- I'm all right. Darius: Are you so brave that you fear somebody caring for you? 42.4 kb
  29. Xena- I ran into a little trouble. Gabrielle: You ran into trouble? That's a surprise. You couldn't send a messenger? I was worried sick about you. Xena: I'm sorry. 105 kb
  30. Xena- Jump! Gabrielle: Are you crazy? Xena: Jump! Gabrielle: If I die, I'm never talking to you again. Xena: Jump, Gabrielle, come on. 92.1 kb
  31. Xena- You call that a jump? Gabrielle: No, it was a frantic leap. 44.4 kb
  32. Xena- Don't tell me that's him? Gabrielle: 'fraid so. Xena: Remind me to talk to you some time about your taste in men. 102 kb
  33. Xena- Whats wrong? Habbard: Stay. Argoli: Dad, she spoke. Habbard: Dad I want Xena to stay. Xena: I wish I could. 123 kb
  34. Xena- Do you ever miss your family? Gabrielle: Sometimes, but not has much when I'm with you.

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