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Sounds from Cradle of Hope

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  1. Gabrielle- Did you sleep okay? Xena: Like a rock. You? On a rock. 109kb
  2. Gabrielle- What's that? Is that a cat? A big cat. Or a griffin. Yeah, a big griffin with a cat in its mouth. Xena:Shhhh. Maybe not. 332kb
  3. Gabrielle- You are just the most precious little thing! Yes you are. Xena, can we keep him? 162kb
  4. Gabrielle- You know, Gabriel's a nice name. Then of course, Xenos is good too. 142kb
  5. Gabrielle- He's cute, isn't he? I'd like to say he has my nose. What can I say, he does! 141kb
  6. Gabrielle- I was only trying to help. 24kb
  7. Gabrielle- Whatever. 10kb
  8. Gabrielle- You know there's a reward out for us? The word has it it's over a thousand dinars. I'm tempted to turn myself in. 115kb
  9. Gabrielle- You fight, I talk. We each have our gifts. 62kb
  10. Gabrielle- Does it all happen because of fate? Or is it just chance? Xena: I think it all happened 'cause you slept on a rock. 139kb
  11. Gregor- I know who you are, and you disgust me. You swept across countless nations and saw the world tremble at your feet. But my people are not going to be your next victims. If it means my death, or the death of this child, so be it. 411kb
  12. Nemos- You spoke of pleasure? Xena: And you spoke of pain. 166kb
  13. Xena- Hey, sleepyhead, wake up. 41kb
  14. Xena- Why's he crying? You holding him wrong or something? 65kb
  15. Xena- I take it you're in charge. 41kb
  16. Xena- Didn't your mother ever tell you not to turn your back on a lady? 75kb
  17. Xena- Don't even think about it. 41kb
  18. Xena- Something about our baby bothering you? 45kb
  19. Xena- You're smarter than you look. 31kb
  20. Xena- Good work. 17kb
  21. Xena- You alright? 13kb
  22. Xena- My pleasure is yours, my lord. 47kb
  23. Xena- There are many things I'm not certain of, Nemos. But I'll bet my life this'll surprise you. 154kb
  24. Xena- If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already. 44kb
  25. Xena- Name him Gabriel. 25kb
  26. Xena- You ready to go? 18kb

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