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Sounds from Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

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  1. Gabrielle- And the only chance I'd get to see Helen. The face that launched a thousand ships. Xena: A thousand warships. 136kb
  2. Gabrielle- I don't need food if you don't. 22kb
  3. Gabrielle- Perdicus? Perdicus: Gabrielle. Xena: You two know one another. 71kb
  4. Gabrielle- I'm the one who told you those stories. And that's all they were - stories. 87kb
  5. Gabrielle- Go home before something happens to you. Perdicus: I'm sorry Gabrielle, but you can't tell me what to do anymore. 153kb
  6. Gabrielle- I don't know, she's not much for parties. 45kb
  7. Gabrielle- Do you want to go back for the horse? It's bound to be a collector's item. Xena: Only if you're going to pull it. 207kb
  8. Helen- Every day another soldier dies for my happiness. I can't live with it anymore. 82kb
  9. Perdicus- Welcome to Troy. 22kb
  10. Perdicus- With your fighting skills, I'm sure you'll be welcomed by Commander Deiphibus. Xena: Who's she? 85kb
  11. Perdicus- Last time I saw you, you were sprinting out of town. 68kb
  12. Xena- Forget it. 13kb
  13. Xena- Are your boots laced? 18kb
  14. Xena- Don't worry, if anyone asks I'll say you tried to stop me. 48kb
  15. Xena- Wait here. 11kb
  16. Xena- Good idea. 18kb
  17. Xena- She's like family. 17kb
  18. Xena- What do you think you're doing? 25kb
  19. Xena- The war will go on without you, Helen. Let it. 83kb
  20. Xena- What do you want to do? Helen: I don't know. No one's ever asked me that before. 165kb
  21. Xena- Beware Greeks bearing gifts, Paris. 48kb
  22. Xena- We both know that horse is a trick. 35kb
  23. Xena- You don't owe me an apology. 35kb
  24. Xena- Thanks for the lift. 27kb
  25. Xena- Run for your miserable lives. 41kb
  26. Xena- Leaving so soon? 28kb
  27. Xena- What's next for you? Helen: I don't know. But for the first time it's my decision. I know you'll make a great one. 230kb
  28. Xena- You take care. 15kb

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