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Sounds from Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards

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  1. Euripides- There are stories of the warrior princess that are so cold, as to chill the heart. 147 kb (download .mp3 68 kb)
  2. Euripides- That is the story of the killer known as Xena. 65 kb (download .mp3 30 kb)
  3. Euripides- The cadence of your words played havoc with the fallen visage of my yearning spirit. Gabrielle: Huh? I liked it a lot. Thanks. 184 kb (download .mp3 84 kb)
  4. Euripides- Has he shielded his orbs? Gabrielle: Oh yeah. 51 kb (download .mp3 24 kb)
  5. Gabrielle- You know, it's not polite to interrupt a bard when she's relating a heroic tale. 81 kb (download .mp3 38 kb)
  6. Gabrielle- I like stories. 18 kb (download .mp3 9 kb)
  7. Gabrielle- Okay, so he irks me a bit. 32 kb (download .mp3 15 kb)
  8. Gabrielle- Am I supposed to pass up my shot at a dream come true? Xena: Nope. No one should pass up their dreams. 106 kb (download .mp3 49 kb)
  9. Gabrielle- You'd hardly notice I was missing. Xena: Even if I had an army around me, I'd still notice you were missing. 144kb (download .mp3 66 kb)
  10. Gabrielle- I specifically asked for the double bed with a view. 45 kb (download .mp3 22 kb)
  11. Gabrielle- All artists suffer for their art. 33 kb (download .mp3 16 kb)
  12. Gabrielle- I can't argue with that. 21 kb (download .mp3 10 kb)
  13. Gabrielle- Inside all of us, there's a yearning to do good. To be good. And it's the same with the warrior princess. 175 kb (download .mp3 80 kb)
  14. Gabrielle- If that's enough talk about my best friend, I'd like to get some sleep. 71 kb (download .mp3 33 kb)
  15. Gabrielle- Most people think of death as the end, when in fact, death can be the beginning. 122 kb (download .mp3 56 kb)
  16. Gabrielle- I think if you had a little more character stuff, and a little less action, you might live through the competition. 102 kb (download .mp3 47 kb)
  17. Gabrielle- It's not the end of the world. 35 kb (download .mp3 17 kb)
  18. Gabrielle- This is the story of two friends. 92 kb (download .mp3 43 kb)
  19. Gabrielle- What is your real name? In case you get famous or something. Homer: Homer. But Gestatius wants to call me the Blind Bard, because I close my eyes. Homer. I like it. 288 kb (download .mp3 132 kb)
  20. Gabrielle- This is gonna make a great story. 45 kb (download .mp3 21 kb)
  21. Homer's Father- And besides, being a bard is not for young ladies. Stories of housework are just not popular. 130 kb (download .mp3 60 kb)
  22. Stallonus- The moral is, Actilleus kills all the bad guys. 66 kb (download .mp3 31 kb)
  23. Xena- I guess I don't have to ask if you're interested. 42kb (download .mp3 20 kb)
  24. Xena- You're a good storyteller. 32 kb (download .mp3 15 kb)
  25. Xena- You want some company? 21 kb (download .mp3 10 kb)
  26. Xena- I only remember one story told me when I was young. It was about two orphans who decided to search the world for their families. And it's all about their adventures, and how they kept searching. But the part I remember most is the end. And when the first man... Gabrielle: Reached the end of his journey, he found himself at the beginning. The family he had sought had travelled the world with him. The only family he'd ever known, ever needed, was standing right beside him. I know the story. Thanks for being my family. You're like a sister to me. Now go get your dream. 896 kb (download .mp3 407 kb)
  27. Xena- So who won? Gabrielle: I did. Then what are you doing here? Well, I know this is going to sound stupid, but I realised that while they're telling adventures, you and I can be living them. Well, it's good to have you back. 297 kb (download .mp3 136 kb)

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