Lucy Lawless on the Ray Bradbury Theater


Lucy Lawless had a role on the show The Ray Bradbury Theater on the episode "Fee Fie Foe Fum" (1992). She played a disgruntled housewife married to a hideous man who was in love with his new garbage disposal that could grind up anything. Lucy's mother lived with them and soon her mother's pets started to disappear. There's some fun twists and eventually Lucy and her husband leave.

Note: This was a copy from a copy sort of thing so the pictures aren't as sharp as I'd like, but they don't look too bad. Unfortunately the sound was really low on this so I was unable to make any sound clips. - Tom

lucyrb01.jpg lucyrb02.jpg lucyrb03.jpg lucyrb04.jpg lucyrb05.jpg lucyrb06.jpg lucyrb07.jpg lucyrb08.jpg lucyrb09.jpg lucyrb10.jpg lucyrb11.jpg lucyrb12.jpg lucyrb13.jpg lucyrb14.jpg lucyrb15.jpg lucyrb16.jpg lucyrb17.jpg lucyrb18.jpg lucyrb19.jpg lucyrb20.jpg lucyrb21.jpg lucyrb22.jpg lucyrb23.jpg lucyrb24.jpg lucyrb25.jpg lucyrb26.jpg lucyrb27.jpg lucyrb28.jpg lucyrb29.jpg lucyrb30.jpg lucyrb31.jpg lucyrb32.jpg

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