October 16, 2003

Xena Season Two DVD out

Yep! Head over to Amazon.com and pick up the Xena Season Two DVD Set. Right now it's listed at $52 with free shipping! YIYIYIYIYI!!

Personally I thought that Season Two was the best season of Xena, hands down.

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Lucy in TV Guide Insider

Lucy was in this week's TV Guide Insider. They don't archive these so I've posted the text below:

Lucy Lawless Meets Tarzan!

by Daniel R. Coleridge
Travis Fimmel and Lucy Lawless

Actress Lucy Lawless concluded her six-year saga as Xena: Warrior Princess in 2001. Where is she now? TV Guide Online rang up her celly to ask! "At this moment," she says, "I'm having my hair done in Beverly Hills for the show." She means the WB's Tarzan (Sundays, 9 pm/ET), where she plays Travis Fimmel's newspaper mogul aunt, Kathleen Clayton. Is this rich lady role easier than living in Xena's tough skin?

"It's very lovely," Lawless coos. "I'm luxuriating in comfort. Nobody's telling me to 'Lie down in that pool of blood.' I could not be happier."

Still, the 35-year-old mom of three isn't committed to Tarzan beyond this season. That's because she's signed a development deal with the WB to find her own series to star in. Another action show? "No!" she scoffs. "Possibly a combination of comedy and drama. I've turned down a slew of action television ideas. I've kinda done that. I will always be grateful for the chance to play Xena, but how am I going to find a better action role than that?" (By the way, Xena fans, Season Two just came out on DVD.)

Speaking of her old show, Lawless and Kevin Sorbo are currently suing Universal Studios the company behind Xena and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for breach-of-contract. As previously reported, the stars claim they've been denied their fair share of the popular action series' profits. "What we're talking about is our percentage of the merchandising," she says. "It's just anything that came out of the Xena franchise. I guess we haven't yet participated in any of the profits, if there are any profits to be had. So that's what we're looking into. We're just having a proper look at the books."

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October 02, 2003

Lucy Lawless & Kevin Sorbo sue Universal


From Yahoo News:

LOS ANGELES - Hercules and Xena are joining forces in a lawsuit against Universal Studios over pay.

"Xena: Warrior Princess" star Lucy Lawless (news) and "Hercules" star Kevin Sorbo (news) filed separate breach-of-contract lawsuits Tuesday accusing the company of denying them money from the adjusted gross receipts of their syndicated shows. The two are represented by the same attorney, who filed the suits at the same time.

Sorbo and Lawless said they had agreements with Universal entitling them to a percentage of the receipts, but that Universal has improperly reduced the receipts and increased distribution expenses and production costs to deny them the money.

Lawless said she was entitled to 5 percent, and Sorbo said he was entitled to 8 percent.

Universal spokesman Jim Benson said the company hadn't seen the lawsuits and doesn't comment on pending litigation.

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