July 21, 2003

Discount on Xena Costumes

I received an email from Todd of toddscostumes.com. He's offering a 15% discount on all Xena items. Check out the information below:


Things are slow this time of year, so I wanted to offer a little incentive for any of you who have been waiting for a reason to order that Xena item you've had your eye on.

For the next week, July 20 - 26, I will offer a 15% discount on any Xena item on my website. To qualify, payment or deposit must be recieved (or postmarked) by the 26th. You can use Paypal right from the website or you can call or email for special arrangements.

Also, the Xena chakrams will only be available for a few more weeks. After that, I will be offering chakrams from the Xena-Hercules store. The price for the new ones will be $399 each. This goes for the Gabrielle sais as well (per pair).

As you know, I rarely do this, so take advantage!

Thanks for your time!

Todd's Costumes

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