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Watch out for ghosts in your browser! Mr. Stay Puft has a lot of sounds for you kiddies to listen to while he demolishes the city, now be good little tykes and start downloading! Run from the mighty Gozer
Don't cross the streams! Now Mr. Stay Puft might be a little delayed tonight, but don't worry, sequels always seem to spring up, and there's a revolving door in monster heaven.

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Totally Awesome 80s Site of the Day
Totally Awesome 80s Site of the Day

December 9, 1997

Ghostbusters 555-2368

Ghostbusters, we're ready to believe you!

Pete Venkman


Ray Stantz


Egon Spengler

Winston Zeddemore


Dana Barrett

Louis Tully




Download the Ghostbusters theme song in mp3 format.

Quicktime Clips

These clips are at Voyager's laserdisc site. It's the same clip, the "He slimed me" scene, you just choose the size of the image you want to see, either the small or large viewing area.

large sized clip

3.7 megabytes 30 seconds long
small sized clip

1.6 megabytes 30 seconds long

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